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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter26a


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter26a

Theme: Heartless Love



” give the phone to my dad “Ben told Gina after he’s finished conversing with her.

” are you sure we’re going to be safe, I can just call the nearest police station and inform them of the situation ” Mr Oladele said to Ben as soon as Gina handed him the phone.

Cyber and Snap had earlier discovered that P2 was already close to there house earlier before she received a call which made her abandon the plan of going to the house.

This was fished out In the course of trying to trace her movement which made them started from the genesis which led to the unraveling of her locating the house.

Tho they got stuck on the third mainland where P2 from inside the ocean had shot a rope from one of the guns she had on her, and through the aid of this gun and rope, she was able to get herself out of the ocean and that was the end. She brought a tablet which she had on her bike, she was still operating it when every means of which Snap and Cyber were getting footage of her, all suddenly lose connection.

After series of hacking by the two, they couldn’t get it back to function and they’re unaware of wherever she must have gone to after riding off the bridge, but her getting detecting the house is a course for alarm

” don’t try it dad, it’s gonna get messy ” Ben replied.

” just wait for Snap’s call while you’re all inside one your cars inside the underground garage, after his call , call your guards to leave the gate open, and with all the speed the car can muster, drive out of the house towards the location I’m gonna send to the car’s GPS ” Ben informed his dad.

” how are you gonna know the car we’re going to take ” Mr Oladele asked looking perplexed.

” you don’t need to worry dad, just follow my instructions and I promise y’all are going to be safe ” Ben replied.

” tell everyone that I love them and I’m sorry, and remember dad, no one except you should have her phone with her” Ben added with a warning note.

” okay son ” his dad said before he hung the call.

It was the second day after Ben’s alliance with Toy and Cyber.
Snap to the surprise of Cyber and Toy had gotten to their apartment situated in Lekki which they thought was impossible .

None out of the four of them was able to sleep as they faction out plans to go about their missions and like Ben had thought, Toy was really helpful, with the stunning ideas he’s rendering .

Snap and Cyber only added to the group when they suggest the kind of technologies to use at the appropriate time.

” do you think she’s gonna notice the call ” Snap asked no one in particular as the questions was directed to all.

” I don’t know but we should hope she does and if she’s good as I thought her to be, she should do” Ben replied before toy or Cyber could do.

” hope so ” Snap said

“But about your peeps i’m going to get with Cyber, don’t you think it’s kinda dangerous going with Cyber alone, we’re only skilled with computers not weapon ” Snap added with a concerned tone but Cyber and Toy suddenly exchange stare before they suddenly bursted into laughter.
Ben and Snap stared at the two of them with a surprised expression.
Cyber, still laughing stood up and exit the scene and reappear with a carton in his hand.

He dropped it in between the three as he unloaded its contents..

” wow” Snap exclaimed as he picked one of the drones Cyber unloaded from the carton..

” that’s Karma 404, has the shooting power of a machine gun with minimum bullets of one thousand, also has a grenade launcher with seven rounds capacity ” Cyber stated its properties proudly as Snap stared widely at the one in his hand.

” wow, this awesome, I like it” Snap said as he examined the drone.

” do we really need this ” Ben asked with a blank expression as he seemed not to be impressed by the weapon.

” if you want your people out in a piece ” Cyber said staring at Ben

” then yes, we f-----g need it ” he added with a smirk.

” and we’re going to be careful while using it so you don’t need to stress yourself over it ” Snap added dropping the drone back into the box.

” alright,just make sure you get everyone here safely ” Ben said.

” okay bro, let meet here safe and sound ” Snap said before he stood up and carried the box heading for the exit as Cyber followed him.

All what they needed has already been loaded into Snap’s van.

” let’s do this bro ” Ben said stretching his hand towards Toy, who held it then place a light peck on it.

It was the first time mask agents gone rogue will be working together and I’m sure they’re both kinda nervous but they aint showing it.

They dressed almost the same and with their helmet on their head, no one can phantom Toy from Ben as they took to their bikes.

Snap and Cyber were already gone before Ben and Toy head out to get their bikes and embark on the mission.


” it’s time sir, after driving out of the gate, take your left turn, drive straight, the first corner on your right axis, you’re going to see a dark van, park beside it ” Snap divulge to Mr Oladele at a go and hung the call without inquiring if the innocent man got the information he passed.

” is that the call we’re waiting for ” Ben’s mom inquired after noticing his husband looking perplexed.
She’s sitting beside Mr Oladele while Gina and Sandra were sitting at the back seat.

” yeah ” Mr Oladele replied.

” out of the gate, go right, no left, drive straight ” He murmured looking perplexed before he ignited the car.
He click on the remote controller in his hand and the garage door started sliding up by itself, he revved the car loudly before he nosed the car out of the underground garage, driving fast on the sloppy way out of it.

The gate was already opened and like someone chased by danger, Mr Oladele drove out.

” their it is ” Mr Oladele said as he sighted the dark van where it was parked.

Snap on seeing them, swiftly open the van’s door, then waved at them.

Mr Oladele parked behind it as everyone got down and entered the van.

” Hi ” Cyber greeted them as they all entered, they all shot Snap a wierd stare.

” he’s with us ” Snap said as he ushered the four of them to their seats and asked them all to put on their seatbelts which they all did.

Cyber activate the four Karma 404 with them and with a humming sound, they started defying the law of gravity and flew out of the van.

” long time Gina, how are you feeling now ” Snap asked Gina.

“I’m doing great ” Gina replied raising the hand she’s inflicted with gun wound up to backup her claim.

” thought Ben is going to be with you ” Ben’s pops said staring at Snap.

” no Sir, he’s got other pressing issues to attend to but he’s going to meet us at home ” Snap replied, he caught Sandra staring at him and he smiled at her.

” your phone sir ” Snap said to Mr Oladele and he handed it to Snap.

” hope no one is with phone again ” Snap inquired as he connected the phone to his laptop.

” yeah ” Mr Oladele replied.

” I knew, they’re already tracking his phone ” Snap said to Cyber.

” get the locations of those who’ve got the IP address of the phone and their locations , let know what we’re up against ” Cyber replied Snap.

They kept their voice volume at minimal so as not to let their guest get frightened, especially the females.

” wow, looks like we’ve got a battalion coming for us ” Snap exclaimed as he saw the agents tracking the phone.

” I’m sorry sir but we’ve got to drop your phone ” Snap said to Mr Oladele and without waiting for his approval, he opened the van’s window and flung the phone out.

” what ” Mr Oladele exclaimed in terror.

” it’s needed Sir for y’all safely ” Cyber swiftly said.

” but who’s driving this van, been staring at the driver’s side for some time now and it looks like no one is there ” Ben’s momma uttered her first word since she’s gotten inside the van.

” it’s on automatic driver ” Snap replied with a smile

” obstruction in front ” a robotic voice suddenly voiced out inside the van as the van came to an halt by itself.

Panic was vivid in the eye of Sandra, Mr Oladele and Ben’s momma, only Gina and the guys were calm.

” show me the front view ” Snap ordered no one in particular but his laptop heed the command as it showed him the footage of the front view.

The road was lined with riders, as they covered every inches of the road.

Snap and Cyber knew what it meant at once, it’s a call for surrender, their plan is kidnapping not annihilation.

” the back view ” Snap commanded once again and it was the same as the riders also got the road lined from behind barring them from running away.

” this shouldn’t happen, did we got played ” Cyber asked rhetorically, looking confused

” does your Karma got us covered with the numbers ” Snap asked Cyber as he started activating all the van’s weapons.

” hello security, need your service urgently on the Rosebud avenue, we’re danger ” it was an odd atmosphere as everywhere became awfully silent as every eye inside the van turned to the courier of the voice who happened to be Sandra with her phone glued to her ear.

” what have you done ” Snap asked in a dramatic manner as he fought the urge to scream at her.

” what’s your phone doing with you, thought I asked everyone to drop their phones ” Mr Oladele asked angrily.

” now it’s gonna get messy ” Cyber said with a calmed voice

To be continue…

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