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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter25


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter25

Theme: Heartless Love



” Precious ” Ben called out with a surprised expression,lowering his guard as he seemed completely confused , but she swiftly shot him on his chest and blood sputtered out of Ben’s mouth as he stared at P2 with a shock countenance as he staggered behind a little, bracing himself from falling down with the support of the rail.

P2 suddenly lowered the gun staring at Ben with a curious eye as she heard him called Precious but swiftly pointed the gun towards Ben again, as she made attempt to pull the trigger, Toy swiftly flung a knife at her which she swiftly caught few inches from hitting her.

Toy swiftly ran towards Ben and pushed him off the rail as he also followed him and they both landed inside the water

P2 swiftly got off the bike, dashed to the rail but Toy had already dragged Ben off to the bridge’s underneath where he already had a speed boat waiting for him in case he had to resort to plan c because of Ben.

P2 moved back a bit then picked her speed as she dashed towards the rail, placed her right leg on its top using it to propelled herself upward as she gymnast herself, holding her legs as she did multiple front flips, then freed her leg when she’s few meter from dropping inside the ocean, propelled her hand upward then dived inside the water.

She had already dived and wasn’t able to control herself from going down before she saw the boat which Toy was already about to start it.
She swiftly swam to the surface but it was already too late as Toy was already far gone.

She swiftly tried to target the speed boat but it was impossible as she frustratingly slammed her gun on the surface of the water.


Ben’s p.o.v

All seemed like a dream to me, I wouldn’t miss Precious for anyone even if I had seen her fifty years later, she could have aged but not to my eye and the oddest thing about the event was that Toy was the one to save me and Precious was the one making an attempt on my life, but I couldn’t blame her, I know what the mask was capable of doing, especially with a deadly weapon like her. But how she’s still alive was still a mystery to me.

” how are you doing ” Toy asked me after I woke up from sleep.

After we escaped from P2 who was keen on killing me with the help of the speed boat which was surprisingly waiting for us on the ocean.
On the shore we parked, a car driven by Mr Dandy was already waiting for us.
And the funniest thing was that Mr Dandy was a young handsome guy, probably of same age with Toy, I knew at once that it was the effect of special effect make-up but couldn’t make any remark then because of my travail. I was injected by Toy as he soon as he helped me into the car and that was all I could remember before I finally open my eye and find myself inside a room with Toy standing beside me because he already knew when the sedative was gonna wear out.

” better ” I answered him as I checked where I was out.
I was surprised not to be feeling any form of pain.

Remembering the incident that happened, I swiftly checked my chest but no gun wound was on it nor do I feel any pain.

” already took care of that ” Toy said as he noticed that I was checking it out.

” that b---h really f----d you there even with the scaly bullet proof you had on, the bullet was able to penetrate it ” he added staring at me.

” cut to the cheese , I don’t think you saved me because you need a chit chat partner , so get to the where you say what you want and if you’re gonna torture me to get it out, then let give it a go ” I said to him sitting up on the bed. I only had a white singlet on with a short.

” I love your audacity, keep it up, it’s gonna take you to places ” he said taking his seat beside me.

” you’re right,I’m not looking for a chit chat partner but I think we can form a tag team partner whereby we both work together to achieve our goals ” Toy added shocking me.

” what ” I exclaimed with a snort.

” why will you go against mask and form a team with me when you gat no shit with them ” I added staring at him.

He smiled as he stared at me for few seconds.

” I’ve got an intuition that the final contest to select the last fight is another kind of entrance contest into another organization ” he started.

” I think the last five kids that lose in the contest and killed by final standing five are always scooped away and rescue for another purpose but it has only been a mere intuition which Cyber and I has no proof to back it up and after many failed attempts to validate it, we accepted defeat that my intuition was wrong and stopped investigating ” he added pausing for a while.

” so why do you need me ” I asked him.

” you seem to be in haste boy, chill, we’ve got the whole day to ourselves ” he said with a smirk.

” the b---h that shot you, she’s your roommate that you killed in the final contest right ” he asked with a mischievous smile, but I kept mute staring at him.

” I don’t forget someone whose face I’ve seen before and I recognized her the moment she parked that bike and was aiming for your life, the deadly stare she got when she was fighting you in that ring, she’s still got those attributes and I’m sure she’s the one and I’m also sure you recognize her the moment you set your eye on her, your expression said it all so I didn’t get the wrong person ” he enunciated widely focusing his stare on me trying to read me, my reactions, moods and change in emotion but I showed none.

” so what’s the deal ” I asked him with an indifferent tone.

” good, looks like we’re in the same boat now ” he said with a ridiculous smile.

” I’m sure she’s not working for mask, and based on Cyber investigation then, it looks like mask has a partnership with another organization which they supply with weapons {agents} and if that b---h ”

” don’t call her a b---h again ” I interrupted him angrily.

” change in emotion, looks like you still love her ” Toy teased laughing but I just stared at him feeling the urge to grab him by his neck and strangle him to death.

” back to business, that bitc, sorry, Precious, she’s not working for mask and that means only one thing, she’s working for another organization closer to mask and they gave her the mission of eliminating you because she has no memory of you again , which means her memory was cleared, a feat that could possibly have happened to every kids that lose in the final contest like Katherina and she might probably be alive ” he explicated like someone who’s done his assignment overnight.

” is that her name, your partner that you had to kill in the final contest which made you paired me with Precious for the final contest ” I asked him trying hard to keep my emotion at bay.

” Spike must have told you that I always fix the match because I have the seal with me and probably ask you to take it from me which is why you drift away from your mission, going against one of mask’s rules, that cranky old guy ” he said laughing hysterically.
I could feel myself boiling up and my hands itched to strangle him, but I had to control myself, at least, to hear his deal.
Having him in my team isn’t a bad idea as I’m at less odd compare to those who I’m up against.

” but I’m sorry for doing that ” he said as he suddenly stopped laughing.

” I was only making the pairing then for fun so that I can have a replay of what happened to me and push myself to the extreme, and become the best agent as I promised Katherina, you can say it’s just a way to remember the promise i made to her but I’m sorry ” he added emotionally and I felt all the anger I was harboring against him melting away.

That was when I knew that what I really wanted wasn’t revenge but an apology for what he did, a sincere one and he seemed to be sincere with the one he offered. Tho I kept mute and didn’t utter a word as I stared at him.

” what’s your deal and plan to confirm if Katherina is also alive and how are we going to destroy mask ” I finally talked when he seemed to be expecting me to say something.

” we’re going to kidnap your girl using you as a bait and we’re going to make her remember you so that she can give us the information I need and concerning your mission to destroy mask, you’ve to let me in on your plans first before I can give you hints and support on how to go about it. ” he enunciated calmly.

” we’ve got a deal ” I said as u folded my hand into a knuckle , raising it up and he hit it down with his fist in order to sign the deal.

” I need a phone and clothes ” I told him standing up.

” let’s go ” he said smiling as he stood up and head to the door and I followed.

” I don’t think I need to introduce him but here’s Cyber the greatest hacker in Africa ” he said when we got to the sitting room where Cyber was watching a movie on the TV, tho he paused it when he saw us coming .
Beside him was a pair of jeans and T-shirt which he threw at me and I caught it as I started wearing it.

” we both know that the young hacker he’s got is already crawling behind me to snatch that title from me ” Cyber said humorously.

” like he’s also crawling to get my title from me too ” Toy added pointing at me and I smile while Cyber was laughing.

” we’re all going to be working together now ” Toy said handling me a phone to show that he trust me.

I click Snap’s emergency digits on it and called it.

” do you got him ” I asked as he picked the call.

” Ben ” he called out shakily.

” idiot, I’m still alive, so do you got Charles ” I asked him.

” wow, yeah I’ve him with me he’s even right in front of me now ” Snap replied excitedly.

” good, track this phone and get here now, you’ve got only an hour to get there, we’re few steps from shutting down mask ” I told him before hanging the call before he start asking questions.
I wanted to feed him with his own poison and make him know how I always feel when he put me in suspense.

” That’s my hacker I just talked to and he’s going to be here soon ” I said to Toy handing him the phone.

” that’s impossible, that phone can’t be traced by anyone ” Cyber said to me.

” challenge accepted, wait for it ” I replied Cyber.

” now, let’s go over the aces I got over mask while we wait for Snap” I said to Toy as we settled down and I started bringing the two of them up about my plans but made sure I skipped some parts, you can’t blame me but you didn’t find it easy to fully trust them tho my instinct told me I should .

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