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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter24


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter24

Theme: Heartless Love



Snap worked on the slisp while Ben tried to overrun the mask agents behind him.
Cornering into one of the local road in Mushin , he rode faster, dwelling on the highest speed of his bike but the bikes at his back were not giving it to him easy as they’re always behind him no matter the road he take to.

He was only trying to buy Snap time to override the slisp, he knew without him overriding it, he’s got no place to escape to.

” how’s it going over there ” Ben asked Snap as he saw through his side mirror that none of the agents were behind him again.

” it’s a war here, I think I’m against millions of hackers, I couldn’t get into it, just drop the gadget” Snap replied Ben.

” keep on trying, you’ve got this ” Ben encouraged Snap as he dropped the call.
He reduced his speed as he swiftly had a brief chat with his brain.

” if Snap hasn’t override it, then, where could they be ” he asked himself as he review the map of the place in his head.
Before any mission involving places he’s not familiar with , Ben always make sure to have a copy of the map of the place in his head through rigorous cramming.

” shit ” he exclaimed as he swiftly turn back, knowing fully well where they could be coming from.

He understood fully their plans at once to lay an ambush for him at the three way junction a little bit ahead of him.

He was sure they would have gotten that their plan didn’t work as the helicopter in the sky was advertising his location to anyone who cared for it.
He thought of dropping the gadget with him but decided against it as he continued racing to safety.

Going back through the way he had passed earlier, he started hearing distance roaring of high powered bike, he knew at oned that another ambush has already been placed as plan b if the first one was detected .
Mask wouldn’t underrate P1,he’s one of the smartest agent they’ve got and they know about his swiftness in thinking.

With the soundwave, he was able to deduce that only three bikes were waiting for him.

Few meter to the location, he parked his bike, swiftly took off the native dress he was wearing, revealing the black leather cloth beneath with his two favorite guns fixed to its sides.

He tightened the helmet to his head, clipping all available clips attached to it.
He wore his black leather glove which only covers his palm but leaves the fingers in view.

He pressed a key on the bike and the bike’s machine gun propelled out beside the front tyre, rolling as its got itself loaded with bullets.

He revved the bike loudly as he suddenly accelerated towards the direction without caution.

The mask agents awaiting Ben in ambush were also ready for him as they revved their bikes also with guns in their hands and the diffrent kind of guns and missile launcher fixed to the bikes, ready for action.

Viewing the location from afar, he could easily tell where the ambush await him.

Four big houses formed a ring, with the road passing through them, he knew torrents of bullets were gonna be flowing soon as soon as he’s in the ring.
Going back wasn’t an option because the level of ambush readied for him is sure to take his life.
On about getting to the middle {ambush point} he swiftly pulled the brake, slowed the bike down a bit, swiftly climb the tank and did a backflip off it at once.
Still rolling in the air, he swiftly press a button on the boot he was wearing and little skate tyres appeared underneath it, Ben landed on it at once and followed the bike from behind and a quick glance at his back he saw two bikes racing towards his direction from afar.

Ben’s bike on getting to the middle was hit at once be three missiles from different directions.
The bike exploded at once and Ben slowed his speed on his skate shoe in order not get thrown away by the force of the explosion.
He increased his speed when the force was at minimal, decreasing it when he got to the middle, the three bikes on seeing him aimed at him at once but Ben was swift with his reflex, bending down to the last bit and above his chest went the three missiles, two exchanged owners.
It hit the two of them facing each other and their bikes exploded along with them while the third hit one out of the bikes coming from behind but because of the closeness of the second to him, the force pushed it away and it crashed into one of the buildings nearby, Ben swiftly propelled himself upward and flew over his exploded bike and targeted the last agent’s who was still on his bike chest with his gun, he knew he would be on bullet proof but the force of the bullets pushed him off the bike.
Ben swiftly skated to him before he could get up, he deactivated the skate shoe as he got to him, dragged him up, then snapped his head through the helmet on his head.

He dragged his bike up and got on it , started it and raced out of there.

” I’ve override the slisp ” Snap informed Ben

” cool, can you control the helicopter from there, it’s giving my location out ” Ben told Snap.

” no, I can’t, the helicopter doesn’t have the elastic manual control ” Snap replied Ben.

” wow, it’s gonna be a tough one then ” Ben said with a stressed up tone as he was already hearing the sounds of oncoming bikes from his back.

” I got an idea ” Snap said excitedly

” what’s that ” Ben asked.

” park now, one of my drones is few meters away from you, just place the gadget on it, I’m gonna activate the drone’s magnet so that it will be able to bring it here safely without it getting off from it” Snap told Ben.

” cool ” Ben said parking at once.
In few seconds he could see the drone.
The drone lowered to his level and he brought out the gadget from the bag, he attached it to the drone and cornered into another road while the drone continued on the road he was moving on earlier.

” your plan is working, he’s gonna be on the third mainland bridge soon ” Cyber informed Toy.

” good, told you he’s gonna try to fake everyone when he’s discovered that the helicopter is the real issue not the slisp ” Toy replied Cyber with a proud countenance.

” you’re the best, I won’t even think up to that if you had not ” Cyber said praising Toy.

” don’t lose him, in case he decide not to follow up with plan a, plan b need to be place into motion at ones ” Toy said to Cyber.

” never gonna lose him , the micro drone is a leach, never gonna release him ” Cyber said with a hysterical laugh.


” the coordinate is off” P2 informed her instructor.

” yes, was about to call you before your call came through ” the instructor replied P2.

” he’s gotten a way to override the slisp we’re using to track him but we still got a way we’re keeping tab on him ” the instructor added

” how ” P2 asked

” he’s trying to kidnap an helicopter, so we’re using the helicopter to track him right now, gonna start updating you where exactly he is ” the instructor replied.

” you’re all dummy, if he’s smart to override a slisp, then will he be foolish to go along with the helicopter ” P2 said with a blank expression as she brought her bike to an halt.

” send me the map of the place of his last location before the slisp was override ” P2 ordered the instructor.

” done ” the instructor said.

P2 started operating the wrist watch on her wrist, the watch suddenly metamorphose into a wider screen with calibration.. She was very fast as she swipe it and clicked on some things on it.
She had a wicked smile on her lip as a red dot appeared on the map that was appearing at a corner on the watch.

She continued her journey as she made the watch return to its normal position.


It was too late for Ben to notice the sharp sprinklers on the third mainland bridge.
The Sharp sprinklers are sharp object used mostly to punctuate tyre, almost invisible to eye especially when the sun is at it’s peak.

His bike’s tyre deflect at once , knowing what could be the cause of the incident, he swiftly stop the bike and got off it.

Ready for whatever it is that’s coming, he brought out two guns, brought out its cartridge then jammed it in back.

Just then, he saw an oncoming bike coming towards him with full speed, but parked few distance away from him.
The rider took off his helmet and smiled awkwardly at Ben.

Ben reciprocated the smile as he saw who the rider was.

” Snap, you there ” Ben repeated through his intercom but got nothing.

He was gonna ask Snap if he’s got a safe haven behind him but Cyber was doing a great job in making any sort of communication around that location useless, using the ocean beneath the bridge as his beneficiary.

Toy got off the bike, removed his helmet, dropped it on the bike and starter walking closer to Ben.
The more closer he got, he dropped every weapons on him.

He was finally standing in front of Ben and they both stared at themselves.

Toy had already made an intersection far ahead on the bridge diverting all the vehicles that were supposed to be using the lane to the second lane. So the other lane was used for two purposes.
Tho only few vehicles were passing, no traffic was conjured through his act.

Toy hit his head subtly signalling to Ben to take off his helmet which he did.

” we meet again boy ” Toy said to Ben as soon as his helmet was off his head.

” you can say that ” Ben replied him.

” you know what kid, I really like and adore you because you seemed to be another version of me tho I learnt that Spike trained but it’s still not a reason for that ” Toy said to Ben staring at him.

” you’re mistaken bro, I’m a better version of you ” Ben said smiling.

” funny kid, no mask is better, a better mask is a useless mask and you’ve got a weakness which makes you extremely useless and weak ” Toy said to him.

” no, having a weakness doesn’t makes me weak but strong, and also a purpose to thrive on no matter what ” Ben replied him.

” hahahahahahahah ” Toy laughed hysterically.

” looks like Spike’s blood has gotten mixed with yours but I still like you compare to that old guy but you’ve pissed off those you shouldn’t piss off but you’ve proven to me that you’re a warrior and I’m gonna make you die like one ” Toy enunciated with a dreadful smile.

” got any last prayer ” Ben asked throwing the two guns in his hand behind him as he folded his hands into a fist.

” good kid, let’s do this ” Toy said as he also folded his hand into fist.

Ben was the first to launch an attack but Toy was swift to guard it with his hand, and punched Ben on his face, Ben swiftly got hold of himself as he raked Toy off the ground.
Toy fell to the ground but swiftly got up with two kicks flying in the air but Ben guard it with his elbow but the force pushed him back.

” getting tired kid ” Toy teased with a smile and Ben smiled back.

Toy motioned to Ben to come forward and he was wrong to obey as Toy suddenly did a rotational front flip kick, hitting Ben on his head.
Ben staggered back as his eye started getting blurry, he shook his head to get a clear view but it wasn’t working as Toy’s figure was duplicating itself in his eye.
He tried launching weak attack towards Toy as he saw him moving closer to him but none touched Toy.

Toy moved closer to him and landed him a punch on his cheek and an upper cut followed which made Ben landed on his back.

The sun shone brightly on his eye and he swiftly shot it, he opened it again and the sky suddenly got clearer to him, he touched his lip and he felt blood on it.
He got some of the blood on his finger then brought to his view.

He did Chinese get up and he was on his feet with new surge of strength circulating through him.

Toy moved closer to him and tried to punch him again but Ben guard his attack with his left hand, repelling his attack with a punch on Toy’s face with his right fist, he dragged him forward, got hold of his right hand and used it to get to his head, locking his leg around his chest as he swiftly punched him repeatedly on his head.
He’s already cause a lot of damage to Toy’s head before Toy could finally shove him off his head.

Toy looked worn out as he support himself with the rail used in barricading the bridge so that people won’t fall inside the ocean beneath it.

Ben lifted his trouser up a bit and took the gun he had clinging unto his leg out.

” I’ve got a reason to be alive and that’s what makes me stronger than you ” Ben said as he pulled the gun trigger and was about to shoot Toy when he suddenly heard the roaring of an oncoming high powered bike.

The rider had no helmet on and was also a female .
As the bike got nearer Ben was shocked to see who the rider was.

P2 made sure to be close before she finally located the bike’s brake , held its tightly as the bike screeched loudly before it came to an halt.

She brought out the 94 inch caliber roller skit edition.
A gun rumored to be able to infiltrate any bulletproof vest and glass with a shot.
It was last seen in an auction event in Saudi Arabia where it was been auctioned as a rare gem, but it was stolen and ever since then, the thief and the gun hasn’t been located.

” Precious ” Ben called out with a surprised expression,lowering his guard as he seemed completely confused , but she swiftly shot him on his chest and blood sputtered out of Ben’s mouth as he stared at P2 with a shock countenance.

To be continue….

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