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The Land Of No Return-Prologue


The Land Of No Return-Prologue

By Aderibigbe Ayomide (oko Adesewa)08105835201

I was in the army when the war started. I was a captain of the task force Dagger, and I have six soldiers in my command, they are my team…i gave the orders and they follow.

My name is Jack, I’m a U.S army under the leadership of General Holland. Before the war, I lived peacefully with my family, I had a daughter and a beautiful wife… They were all I got and all I live for.

I have a house in Charlottesville where I lived with my family and my base was at Fort Lee.

On the 9th September 2003, there was terrorist attack on the USA embassy in Afghanistan leading to the death of 30 Americans and the adoption of three scientist…that was when the call came in.

I was building a small cage for my daughter puppy when I saw the news on the television. The following day, I received a call from my base requesting my full report back on base.

I knew it’s a call for mission, I wasn’t scared of going, but I was scared of telling my wife.
“Lillian… I got a call from base yesterday and… I gotta go… It’s an order…” I said with a rather shaking voice to my wife Lilian.

” are you leaving again? ” she asked with her eyes almost filled with tears.

” yes… ” I replied slowly.
” can’t you say No, your daughter and I need you now than ever . ” she said pleadingly. I moved closer to her holding her softly by her shoulder.

“I’m sorry, it’s an order I can’t refuse. But I promise I will return back home to you and Linda ” I said as a place a kiss on her lips.
I teamed up with my team at Fort Lee, as we began making preparation to Afghanistan where we will be given our mission and order.

Let me introduce you to my team. I have Tony Packs, my shield. I call him that because he used to be the one covering fire for me. He’s a lieutenant and also a good spot man that can shoot at every corner and angles.

I have Scott, our sniper. He can shoot from 40,000 yards away. He’s good and well trained.

I have Bonner our tech guy. He’s good at diffusing bombs. And he trow the grenade well.

I have Morgan, the machine guy. He’s big and he carries the big guns. Like the machine gun.

I have stagg, our medic. He’s a trained doctor in the field of war and also combat trained.
And lastly I have Derick, He is combat trained and a very intelligent soldier that understands six languages, including Arab.


On the 11th of September, we landed at the U. S military base in Afghanistan where I met with General Holland with my lieutenant, Tony. We moved into the intelligence section where we received the mission details from Gen Holland.

” The USA embassy was attacked by a group of terrorist led by Mazar. An Afghanistan General, now declared wanted by the US military force. He is holding three US scientist in hostage, which names are Robert Harvey a male scientist, Carlson Edward a male botanist and Ann Kiessling a female scientist.

We got no words from him after the adoption, which means he’s using them to create a weapon we have no idea about. Could be a nuclear weapon, so It would be bad to underestimate him, he have heavy forces with tanks and some bloody trained tangos.

This is simply an extraction mission. You and your team will sneak into their territory and bring out our people . We are going to be here to back you up with air support and every other things needed .

Here’s the plan, we gonna drop you into Northern Afghanistan. There, you’ll meet up with a CIA operative who will take you to our secret agent at Kabul. Her name is weden, she’s an Intel that knows all the way in and way out there in Afghanistan. The password is “Who got You pregnant ” once you tell her the password, she gonna take you in. She will take you to Mazar military camp where the scientist are being held captive. Once you are out of the camp with the hostage, call for air strike. We gonna come in and blow the place up. Also your air support comes from B-52s at 35,000 feet. You should be far away not to get your ass blow off. And for close range missile fire, you got the black hawk to fuck them off.

I would like to remind you again that this mission is a classified mission. Captain Jack, you and your team will be the first respondent to the attack made on the U.S embassy. You got two weeks.

Any questions… In absence of non.
You are wheels up at 2200. Dismissed. ”

Gen Holland said as we both saluted then I head out of the camp.

I met with my team where I addressed them on the mission.
"At ease soldiers " I ordered and they obliged immediately.

" hope you guys have your pants on... "

"What if we haven't " stagg cut in.
“ Then you will have to listen to this with your bare ass. listen up guys… We are in. We are on an extraction mission to extract three of our scientist. We are up against an Afgnistan warlord. Mazar by name, he got about 50,000 paid soldiers and an undetermined number of part time militia. He got missiles, armours, rockets, mortals ,machine guns… We are outnumbered.

We got a CIA operative to meet and an agent who will show us our hell. I will still like to know who got the bitch pregnant. who got you pregnant is actually the code call.

Now gentlemen listen, once we land we are about nine hours away from help. Which effectively means it doesn’t exist. We are on our own.

We need to understand that capture is not an option here… The only way home is wining.
We go in tonight single ship, no back up. So police your gear and get some rest ”

I said, and they all head in various direction getting their neccesary equipment.

When night arrived, I watched my team saddling up and also as they write their death latter.

” ain’t you writing a letter? If you die that’s a letter you and your wife are gonna wish you wrote ” Tony said when he realized I wasn’t writing a death letter.

” I made her a promise I’m coming home, I ain’t writing her a letter that says I broke it ” I replied then I moved away from him.

” Now guys, we’re moving out at 2200, saddle up, the chopper Is waiting for us. We got a minute left to take off ” I said as they all marched out to the chopper.

“hey bogeyman !!! What do you have for us, what’s your cruising altitude ?” I asked one of the pilot just as my team entered the chopper.

” that’s a good question, it must be above 10,000 feet cos the mountains we’re flying over are 10,000 feet. The sandstorm would ruin the engines and missiles have been fired from the peaks. we gonna be flying at an attitude of 25,000 high. We can’t fly Chinook at 10,000 ” he replied.

“oh shit… Guys we gonna go hypoxic. It’s a 9 hours flight so sit tight. ” I said to my team.

We all settled down as the chopper began to gain height. After we are all settled, I gave the departing speech to my team.

” Now listen up gentlemen, the most important thing a man can take into combat is a reason why. Which we all know . This gonna be over in two weeks, but the only way back home is wining. Now let go fight and win!!! ”

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