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The Land Of No Return-Chapter6


The Land Of No Return-Chapter6

Theme: (You speak Rabbit)

By Aderibigbe Ayomide (oko Adesewa)08105835201

Everything seems wierd, turning away from the direction of the sea laid thousands of giant trees. Much bigger than the statue of liberty.

 I was still feeding my eyes on the giant tree when I observed a strange movement right behind me.

I was about turning when I saw the expression on Ann face. And that was a terrible expression, because I read fear.

" captain don't move, there's a... I don't fucking know what this is. But it's right behind you captain " Scott alerted in a trembling voice. I read his own fear too, and that was when I knew we are up against something.  something i would say big, cos his shadow was right in front of me, and it covered mine.

 My men pointed their rifle at the so called being behind my back, but they were too scared to shoot. I slowly position my hand on my rifle, turn off the safety. Then I began communicating with my men using eye contact.

"Oh my God. It's a Kakamora " Ann muttered slowly.

"Ka-ka what? Light him up!!! " I ordered and with a swift, I rolled forward to my men creating enough space for them to shoot freely at the Kakamora.

I turned back to see the Kakamora, and I almost shrink with fear.
It has a head as big as a polar bear, it teeth were out and long like a bull shark. It has human shape, just that it got more muscle than a normal human being.

  We shoot at it repeatedly non stop, till we finally had him.
I move closer to have a near look at the dead corpse. It was an imaginable being. His skin was covered with hard fins which made it hard for bullet to penetrate into his body. A barrette pistol wouldn't take him down, cos his body was covered with a metallic fin.

"What the hell is that? " Bonner screamed out loudly.

" that is a Kakamora. One of the ancient specie that has gone into extinction. I do hear stories about them when I was little. My researches on Melissa made me know all this monster creatures. This looks like the female. The male are said to be twice as big as the female... "

" Doctor Ann,  we ain't here for lecture. We need to keep moving. We definatly can't stay here. If these monster keeps coming out of that physically red sea. I wouldn't want to see a male Kakamora. So let get going. We heads into the woods. Bonner, see if you can contact HQ. We head west "
Just as I finished giving orders, I noticed a light movement in the woods, but I wasn't able to capture a face. But I know something was watching us, I just don't know what. In a place like this, no one knows what.

All our comms are down, we lost contact with the base, literally we are on our own.

 We head into the woods since we can't stay at the shore, and also, the Kakamora was a warm welcome. We don't know what is up ahead. But I never stop motivating my men. "Take down every cocksucker "

 It was 7am in the morning. We don't  know what day it is, but we all remember fighting in Afghanistan two days ago.

 We found the woods quite interesting and friendly, we came in contact with some animals that doesn't seems to be a predator.
We took watch at night, and whenever the sun comes out, we keep moving.

We have three hostages on board with us, they kept slowing us down, but we can't complain, we ain't rushing to anywhere either.

The woods was dominated with some monster creatures, like the chameleon that can transform into any animal that it sees. Except humans, it can't transform to us. Or is it monsters butterflies with golden wings. Or should we say the night flies that glitters every night.
 Scott  was lucky to have a camera, so he took pictures of this beautiful creatures.

Day five and no sign of human being, still no contact with the HQ. And the forest seems not to have an end.

i sat down to have a little chat with Tony while others are having a nap break.

"What do you think Tony, this is the fifth day, no humans, no sign of settlement or maybe we are lost in the jungle "

" I'm confused as you are. I can't find our location on the map , all bearings plotted, all longitude lines, nothing give us an answer to where we are. Everyone back home would assume we are dead... "

"Ain't we? " I cut in. " Ann said we traveled back in time to 500BC. So we are literally dead "

" I don't believe every words that comes out of her mouth " Tony defended.

" believe it or not. The shit here are real. I have this feeling that someone is watching us, like spying on us "

" I took twice a watch at night. Didn't see anything. What was it like? " Tony asked.

" I don't know, it very fast" I replied. Ann joined in, holding a pair of inditical eggs.

"What are these  eggs ? " Tony questioned.

" they ain't eggs. They are mammals. They are rare specie of a swamp bee. They are wingless, no proboscis. Ten times faster than a winged bee. Yet they both feed on nectar. So far, I realize that the world was once a beautiful place. "

"Yeah...  beautiful just that we have a Kakamora wanting to eat our asses " Scott bang in as he directed our view towards a Kakamora standing thirty feet away from us.

" that's definitely the male one" Tony let out surprisedly.

"All men in position we have a company!!! "

We stood our ground pointing our rifle at the Kakamora, whom seems to be observing us one after the other.

" what do we do captain? " Morgan asked.

"Ready the rocket launcher. This seems bigger than the first. If he makes a reckless move. Don't hesitate to open fire. "

"Roger that sir" he replied.

" he must have been tracking us.I'm very sure he ain't cool with us. We killed his girlfriend. He must be very pissed " Tony said as he pass the rocket launcher slowly to Morgan.

The Kakamora made a loud groan like a gorilla, then he approach us with an unimaginable speed.

"Fire!!! " I ordered and we all open fire at him.

Something I would call his tounge came out of his mouth which looks sticky and long. One of the scientist Mr Robert was unfortunate to be hiding behind one of the trees.
The Kakamora cramp  his tongue at him and we watched as his skin dried up to his bones. It was an horrible sight, and a horrible death for a scientist. All that was remain of him, was just a fossil.

The Kakamora focused it gaze at Weden and began running towards her. I repel him back with a grenade which put him out of balance.

"Morgan Now!!! " i screamed out while Morgan quickly aim the rocket launcher at the Kakamora. While the Kakamora was still trying to get back on his feet, Morgan blow him up and the Kakamora fell dead. Actually, fell dead in pieces.

 Ann was seen crying cos she lost her partner Mr Robert. We tried to buried  What was remain of him, even if it's just a fossil.

We were still moaning the death of Mr Robert when we got surrounded by hundreds of human soldiers.

 They wore a chain amour,  armed with spear and swords. Some of them are with arrows, I guess those are the archers.
They are extremely tall and there's something a little bit wierd about their ears.

We were surrounded uniformly,  They used  a long shield as a defense while they aim at us with their spears and arrows.

"Battle formation " I muttered and my men rapidly aim back their rifle at them.

No words was said. After a brief moment of silent, they began closing in with us.

"Stay the fuck back!!! " Morgan screamed out.

They stopped on their track for some seconds then they began moving in with us again.

"I won't repeat myself. Back the fuck off!!! "
Morgan screamed again but they didn't stop until they are few feet away from us. They made way and a young lady came forward, walking majestically towards us.

I was pretty sure non of them know what a rifle is. Cos if they do, they would have been careful.

" captain I swear I'm gonna kill this rabbit people if they move any closer than this" Scott said as he hold his gun more firmly.

"Rabbit people? How do you know they are rabbit people? " I questioned inqusitively

"They have rabbit ears" he replied.

The lady move closer to us without fear then she said some words we couldn't process.

" ba'c kwei ta nçoy "

We all put a weird look after hearing her except for Ann which came forward to reply her.

" jav en dê " Ann replied.

"What the... You speak Rabbit? " Scott asked surprisedly.

" No I don't speak Rabbit. They are elves." Ann replied.

"Very well then. Tell them to stay the fuck back " Morgan added.

The lady smiled then she move closer to Morgan.

" I understand your language, I heard you well. But you are the one trespassing. Why are you dressed in leafs and what is this you are pointing at me. Magic rods? " she said then she began touching Morgan rifle with her hand.  I would have laugh at her but the situation wouldn't  let me.

" My spy told me you kill two of the beasts we've been hunting for years. We own you a big thanks.  Major reason why I'm yet to order your execution. We don't welcome stranger in our land. But you won yourself a chance to speak with our king. So we are taking you in. " she said then she gave a signal and some soldiers macthed  towards us.

" Alright boys, keep a low profile, stay Sharp. They still dont know what a gun does. we gonna follow them, I'm sick of this jungle already " I said then my men lowered their guns.

 we followed them up a route till we reach a small village where we are  being told rest before continuing the journey.
 food and water was brought and we devoured them hungrily.

The villagers look at us as some gods, I can even detect that in some of the soldiers. they are scared of getting close to us. And that's definitely cool with us.

We are resting in one of the hunts when we heard some large scream of the villagers.
We grab our guns and quickly head outside.

We made our way through the crowds until we saw one of the elves being tied down by the soldiers.

The elfs mouth was covered with blood and he kept biting his teeth more than frequent.

We knew what it was, it's another walking dead. A zombie.

Tony pointed his gun at the zombie and made ready to shoot but got stopped by Mr Edward. The botanist.

" don't shoot!! " he shouted.

"Why? He's infected he needs to die" Tony said defendly.

" yes I know, but that arose the question, was this zombie here before, or one of the zombies came in with us? if it does, then we got a bigger problem "

To be continued....

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