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The Land Of No Return-Chapter5


The Land Of No Return-Chapter5

Theme: ((Black hawks down)

By Aderibigbe Ayomide (oko Adesewa)08105835201

We we're running out of ammo... Almost on the last magazine, exact time we realized something I'd called a myth. The deads are not dying.

Captain you need to see something, I shot this tango down ten minutes ago.Now  He came back wanting to eat  my brain. So I shoot him... But how the fuck did he came back from the dead!!!

I don't fucking know!!!

Captain!!! The deads are not dying!!!

Then we kill them again!!!

Fucking motherfuckers!!! You should have stay dead. Now I'm gonna send you back to your mama's.

Morgan took the brave move, he pushed harder creating enough covers for the rest of us to change our present location into a battle formation. Diamond formation which is excellent at counter strike. Which gave us the ability of taking down our enemy strategically and also for us to escape into another section, a room design for artifacts... But we met the living artifacts instead. Everything breathe. We met Lisa the Goddess of Monsters.

" captain tell me exactly what's happening. Am i going crazy or even if i'm crazy, I'm definitely not seeing the statue  of Zeus  shaking his asses. " Morgan let out surprisedly.

" you've definitely not seeing a living dinosaur chilling right here on my six. You ain't crazy Morgan. This shits are real. Can you tell what's happening doctor? " I asked approaching  Ann roughly.

" I'm a scientist not a doctor... "

"Whatever " I cut in " start talking and fast, we need to what shit we are into. and same goes to you Mr Edward, what we kill out there ain't humans. What are they? "

"They are zombies" he replied. " he made me create this weapon of horror which can be gaseous in nature. Once you step into this building, you've gotten infected. Everyone here is infected. If we die we'll all turn into one of those moving zombies. We'll become one. i tried to work on the cure. But he wouldn't let me, but I can work on it cure if I have my lab. "

"Alright,  Ann, you have any explanation for these things we are seeing here . Jesus I can see Apollo holding his dick "

"If all the statue here has breathe , it's no one but Lisa"

"And who the fuck is this Lisa" Tony cut in.

"She's a goddess of monster. She's gifted  with the power to control all their minds. now I think she has more. She's giving monsters heart to every things  she sees. That Apollo right their holding his dick. That's no more Apollo. If all this living creature here ain't  attacking us. Lisa should be close by. i believe she's in this room "

" very well then. We will find her, and put her out of her mystery. Derrick stay with the hostages. stagg, Morgan on me. the rest of you, spread out , Eye open. Sweep the room. " I gave the order and we began searching the room for Lisa.

Captain i have visual contact

What's your position ?

At your nine

Rogger that. Stay sharp, don't lose her, we'll come to you.

Copy that


(Gen Holland)
What's our status

(joe) ***sergeant***
The birds will be there in 10 minutes. Air strike is schedule 45 minutes time. Our men should be out by then

(Gen Holland)
Yeah... I just wish I have a drone out there. I don't know what my men are facing.
Get the president on the line

Yes sir

********** 21:00 Undisclosed location outskirts of Kabul ******

(Bird 1)
Combat pilot speaking on comma

Bravo team this alpha one do you copy ?

We were about setting perimeter around  Lisa when the voice came on the comms.

"Captain, the air strike are here" Tony whispered slowly to me.

"We got to give them pick up location, we got to leave here now" he added.

" what about Lisa? " I questioned

" B15 bomber is coming in the next 40 minutes. It gonna blow her ass up. I say we turn back and leave this building. We both wanna go home. give the fucking order"   Tony added with more zeal.
Tony and I are very close, we've been in alot of mission and battle together. And he has proven to be my best man.


Alright boy's back off. We all pull away. Our back up is out there and we all need to go to the extraction point. The tangos  gonna withdraw the fire towards them. And that will buy us the  enough  time to move our asses up to the extraction point. All unit pull back, take the hostages with you.

(Bird 1)
Combat pilot speaking on comma

Bravo team this alpha one do you copy ?

Alpha one this is bravo team. Do you copy

Copy that captain

How many birds do we have out there.?

3 heavy hawks captain.


Alright we are in the building moving to the extraction point. Can you keep these mother fuckers busy for me.

You can count on that.
Bravo 1. This is Alpha one. Target on sight. Ready for combat

(Bird 2)
Combat pilot speaking on comma

(Anna )
Bravo one. This is  Raven three, eye on multiple hostiles. heading out of shit hole

(Bird 3)
Combat pilot speaking on comma

Bravo one. This is vulture 2. Ready to engage

(Gen Holland)
All unit are clear to engage. Fire at will

Roger that.
Bravo 5 this is alpha one. Engaging combat in 3s... 2s... Weapon free.

Copy that. Raven one. Opening fire

Where were about leaving the museum when one of the scientist pull me back. I turned back and I saw Ann.

" what about Lisa. Ain't you going to kill her" she questioned with a written fear.

" Lisa or Melissa the gods of monkeys or whatever she calls herself. We have B15 coming right away on her head. If you don't want that on our head too. I think we should start moving " I replied but she was still pregnant with words.

"But Lisa can't be... "

"Keep the story for another time we gat to move" I cut in.

"The choppers out there can't stop mazar. He has big  weapons as long a submarine,  I've been to the armor room before. It's next to this room. The weapons there looks like ours"  Ann said frightenedly and to her surprise she found us laughing.

"There are 3 black hawks out there with Missile weapon and ass kicking machine guns. Plus the pilot are my best friends. They are practically the best. now thanks for bringing it up, Show  us to the armoury room. We are almost out of mags " I said.

Ann lead the way while the rest of us follow behind. We got to the armoury room and we were all busy  having our fill with armors when Bonner noticed something.

"Captain is this not javelin? " he questioned.

"Fuck me!!! They have javelins" I muttered voiceless.

"What the fuck is javelin? " Weden questioned curiously.

"It locks up Target, anyone that comes by air is done" Scott replied.

Alpha one do you read

Bird 1
Combat pilot speaking on copy.

Bravo five, it's really hot out here. It's like we are fighting a whole fucking town.

(Bird 2)
Combat pilot speaking on comma

I'm actually killing tangos twice here. Are they all twins or do their twin got resurrected?


all birds be warned. They have javelins.

They have what?  Oh shit!!
Mayday Mayday this is alpha one. Vulture two is down. I repeat vulture two is down!!!

One of our chopper got hit by a missile and it was blown out in air. the other two retreated back for a counter fire. But Jeffrey got hit by a RPG during the counter strike. He crashed in the building making a loud explosion.
The explosion got us out balance and when we were able to regain conscious, Ana was on the comms screaming .

(Bird 2)
Combat pilot speaking on comms

Bravo one this is Raven three. We've lost all engines. We are going down. I repeat Raven three is going down.

Prepare for impact.

"Black hawks down!!! " Morgan screamed just as the chopper crash down on the floor.

All unit, move to the crash site... Search for survivals. We've lost all our birds. Stagg contact HQ. We are fighting the whole city here

 Tacticaly, we began moving to the crash site when we came in contact with Lisa The Goddess of Monsters. This time, she has transformed into her real form. She looks like a young lady in her early thirtys. But her finger was like claws.

" hands up, put your hands behind your neck" derrick shouted just as he saw her.
She shifted her gaze towards derrick and then  began moving towards his direction.

" stop moving or I'm gonna blow your head off!!! " Morgan screamed with his broad voice.

Lisa stopped on her track and then began saying some inaudible words .

"Stop talking bitch or I'm gonna  shoot you" Scott challenged.

"No... No... You need to stop her. She's casting a spell. You need to stop her now!!! " Ann let out with a trembling voice.

I would have laughed at her, because I don't believe in myth. But the last time I laughed at her. We lost 3 chopper's. And without a second thought. I ordered fire on Lisa.

All my men shot at her and when we ceased fire. Lisa was still standing.

"Do we all miss or we shot blindly ? "

There was a sudden vibration on the floor like an earthquake. And we found ourselves falling through a tunnel that look like a time port.
We were falling and falling.

We've been falling for the past twenty minutes!!!

And we are still falling!!!

captain what should we do.?

If you have wings you can fly. But in your case,  you scream!!! Ahhhhh!!!

There was a total black out and out of Nowhere, I felt a ray of light. I opened my eyes and I found myself lying flat on a sandy soil.
I looked around and I saw my team just standing up from the ground. I reached for my rifle then I rose on my feet.
I looked around me and I noticed that the building is gone and also we are at no where near Afghanistan.
We are at a sea shore, but the water ain't white. It's as red as blood.

Ann  moved further towards the sea.

" The sea of Monsters " she muttered.

"Where the hell is this place? " Tony questioned.

" I used to believe it as a myth. that Lisa has the power to take back the time. We are in her world. 400 centuries Before Christ. The realms of Monsters, Melissa world . A land of No Return "

To be continued....

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