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The Land Of No Return-Chapter1


The Land Of No Return-Chapter1

By Aderibigbe Ayomide (oko Adesewa)08105835201

(The first Tangos)
Day 1 September 13, 2003.

Three hours after we landed in the northern Afghanistan desert. We set a defensive perimeter within the dusty soil. The sandstorm came and cover us all with the desert soil, making us un-spottable, but our eyes were as sharp as an eagle.

We got no drones with survelance camera, hundreds of drones sent from base has been blown up by the Afghanistan tangos. So we stay focus.

” captain, approaching footsteps ” Scott alerted.

” direction? ” I asked as I cock my gun slowly.

” 3 o’clock on my east. Single man…well armed ” Scott replied.
” roll in your silencer, shooters direction ” I said as I communicated with Tony to switch position.

” he could be the CIA operative ” Tony suggested slowly.

” we can’t be so sure, we are in the enemy territory anyone could be a bastard ” I muttered slowly.

The man came approaching us with his rifle behind his back, he seems to be searching for something in the armory bag he was carrying. and slowly he brought out a white flag and began waving it above his head.

” he’s friendly. Derick go check him out, Morgan, stagg, you two should back Derick up, the rest hold your position ” I ordered.

Derick took the lead, while Morgan and stagg follow slowly behind with their rifle aiming straightly at the man.

” salam wa le ku” Derick greeted when he got to the man.

” wa le ku salam” he replied.

” do you speak Arab or English ” Derick asked.

” I speak both. Are you the captain of the task force dagger ” he asked in English.

” identity yourself ” Derick said rapidly.

” OK my name is Tom, I work for the CIA, I got orders to take you and your men over the burning desert to the city… is it just three of you? I was expecting about seven of you ” he said.

Derick made a signal and we all stand out of our hiding position. But our eyes were still on full alert.

” hello Tom, how far is the town from here ” I asked just as I finished shaking hands with him.
“about six hundred miles ” he replied swiftly.

” OK… Any means of transportation? ” I asked with my eyes up at the hills.

” yes by foot. This desert is being laced down with ground mice, any wrong step you and I are both a smoking meat. And the only way to get to the city without being seen is through here, so… The earlier we get going, the better it is for us. ” he said. I faced to instruct my men, since some of them are still on watch.

” alright gentlemen gather up! We are matching out In single line, there are hidden bomb in the desert, we need to watch our steps not to get fried. Now move it!!! ” I addressed and we all move out in single line.

We walked non stop for 7 hours under the burning sun, then we decide to rest under a hill for a while. The journey seems difficult during the day, but the weather was quite cool at night, so we planned to make it a night journey.

While resting, I went to meet Tom for some chat.

” How long have you been in this country? ” I asked just as I sat beside him.

” 10 years, I worked at the embassy… So sad everything is now gone ” he said sorrowfully.

“tell me how it happens?” I asked as I helped myself with a water.

” just like a normal day, we weren’t expecting any guest… We all think it’s gonna be a beautiful evening. Firstly our communication system was being blow down, we couldn’t use the phone, even our satellite phone couldn’t reach for help. It’s all started when a suicide bomber blew himself up with a vest bomb at the embassy gate. Our first defence was down cos it only takes a bomb to bring down the bullet proof gate.

They came well armed and trained. Within a minute ,we were all surrounded with Tanks and different size of technicals, Just like a war zone with almost 400 armed tangos with AKs and RPG's. Those cocksuckers... We prepared our defense…we are way too outnumbered.

Their leader came forward and resquted for an adoption of three of our scientist. No way we are going to let that happen, so we turned him down. He gave some orders and… The tanks came firing. We shoot back , we fought hard but they breached our defense. Those technicals bullets piece through our building walls, it was so horrible, I watched my team killed… I was responsible for the ambassador safety so I secure his safety through the secret exit. They killed everyone, and took away the scientist…for weeks I’ve been thinking, why will they attack the embassy and kill alot of people just because of some scientists. But whatever the reason is, it has to be deadly. ” he said. I lay down flat digesting all he said, I gave it alot of thought, but there’s only one way to find out.

We continued our journey at night, the walk was quite boring cos everyone was silent. Scott decided to break the silence by trowing up a conversation.

” do anyone know why we are been chosen for this mission ” he asked.

” because we are strong ” Morgan replied with a hard voice.

” No you got it wrong, you are the only one strong here. Anybody? anybody to answer the question? ” he asked again.

” because it’s what we are paid for ” Tony said with a bit of a laugh.

” we ain’t assassins, we are soldiers. Anybody again?… OK nobody to the answer. The answer is simple, it’s because we are silent. We are as silent as a rodent. It’s only takes a team like us for an extraction mission ” he said with his chin geared up.

“I’m not sure you attended the
beginner class, it’s as silent as a mouse, not as silent as a rodent. ” I said and they all burst into some minutes laugh.

” but mouse is still a rodent ” Scott said with a defend.

” A rodent could be rat, and rat ain’t silent ” Derick said and we all went laughing at Scott being the major focus.

We travels faster at the night, and before dawn we’ve cover almost 500 miles. We could see a small village using a telescope, but we choose to rest a little before heading to the village, once we reach the village, we won’t be far away from the town.

While resting under a hill, there was a sandstorm, so we wait till the storm goes down before heading out.

Twenty miles after we are out into the desert, we saw a small militia camp ahead. I signalled to my men and they all lay low.

” was this camp here before? ” I asked Tom silently.

“No it wasn’t, the desert was clean. Could it be they know you are here ” he replied slowly.

” No one knows we are here, perhaps you left a trace ” I replied back swiftly.

Just as I finished talking, some armor trucks began heading towards our direction.

” captain!!! I got eyes on 3 technicals ” Scott alerted.

” 30 tangos advancing towards west, all armed with AKs ” Bonner said as he police his rifle.

” captain, I got eye on a tank ” Derick let out swiftly.

” Fuck that shit! Eagles eye formation!!! Stagg, Morgan , I want you to watch my six. Tony, Bonner, I want a defensive shield on your right. Scott I want a sniper cover on your left. Derick, I want you here with me. ” I ordered as they all move into position.

Just as they came approaching, One of the Afgnistan Stand on a truck and began to say some words in Arab.

” ‘ ean aljasus al’amrikii , yjb ‘an yakun fi makan ma hunaa. qutil ‘ayu ‘amrikiin taraa !!!” He kept saying repeatedly.

“Derick what the shit is he saying? ” I asked Derick who was beside me, cos he understands Arab.

” He’s saying Alot of shit captain, they are searching for Tom… The shit is just about getting real ” he replied.

"he talks too much. Scott put him out of his talking misery "

" with pleasure " he replied and within seconds he got sniped down.

That was a surprise shot from us to them. They didn't see it coming , so they opened fire but they were shouting blindingly.

To be continued….

Some military language are being use. Let me know the ones you don’t understand so that I can tell you the meaning before it gets too deep.

E.g black hawk or bird. It’s a military helicopter armed with a missile weapon, some ain’t but most of them are. also Thenicals is a madass Repeating riffle, invented in the 50s. So it's called 50s , Thenical or 50 thenical.
The one's you can't understand let me know.

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