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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 13


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 13

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Moments beats moments in our lives, one thing is always either better or lesser than the other. For me, that moment, on the bed, enfolded by heat and the whole new feeling he gave me was perfect. The feeling his lips and tongues gave to my mouth, neck, cleavage, bosoms and stomachs was nothing. What I was experiencing was far more advance, deadly advance. I had my fingers squeezing the life out of the sheets with eyes closed and head thrown back into the pillow as he explore my lower part.

The feeling was a great mix of fire, lightning and...and...geez! I don't know. The hot draw of his lips, the moist of his warm tongue swept me clean. His hard male fingers slid past my soft folds of skin, pushing in and out of me, filling me up and burning me. My stomach tightened with every new pace he drove at, the pleasure built up higher at each passing minutes. I could feel my heart struggling to keep up with the demands the new feeling was placing on it, I could barely breathe. It beat hard and fast, a pleasure in and of itself. It was the best feeling in the world, at least to me it was.

'Noriel,' I moaned under my very breath. I was right when I said sex would kill me, the heat alone would have if I wasn't well already. He smirked against me, he wasn't done yet. My hands left the sheet as he took a new method, one that had me screaming and pulling at my own hair as the pleasure burst inside of me. Desperate for more, I bucked my hips like I would die if I don't do that. That was it, hot pulsing relief flooded out through my cunt, causing it to grip tighter around his plunging fingers. He wiped it all off with his tongue, leaving me to shudder and gasp with pleasure and exhaustion.
I covered my face with my hands, couldn't believe I was the one under a guy and getting a head. Hope he won't suggest I queen him, I won't be able to stand properly. 'Tired?' He asked playfully.

'I can't breathe,' I puffed, dropping my hands. 'Where did you learn how to do that when you have always been stuck in here?'

'I'm a three thousand years old being who have seen a lot, I watched civilization grow and rotten and it is partially my doing, I would know what to do to tempt a woman.' True, very true. He didn't let me ask the next bothering question, his lips came back to mine, reminding of how I almost died of lack of breath the first time. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist the sour sweetness it gave, I was tasting myself and I liked it.

He sat up and reached for his drawer, what for? 'What's wrong?'
'You wouldn't want a baby, would you?' The thought alone made me shudder spastically, I didn't mind at all. I've always wanted a baby, one I could pamper and give the life I never got to live. Carrying his would make me the happiest person. I swayed my mind back to the present happening, him unwrapping a sheath. I rolled my eyes, it's my baby, right?

'I don't want to use that,'

'If we don't use that, you'll get pregnant for sure, no doubting it.'

'Well, I don't mind carrying your baby, or do you?'

'That's a big step love, you sure about it?'

'Don't use that on me,' I said adamantly.

'As milady wishes,' he smiled, throwing the sheath away. He climbed back on the bed and took my lips in his, sure it was a big and fast decision but I'd always wanted one. Imagine having a child for him, my baby will be gorgeous. A spasm of excitement, nervousness and anticipation rushed through my veins as his choad rubbed against me. My toes curled up, awaiting the bittersweet feeling but he was intentionally torturing me.

'Noriel,' I groaned. He let out a low chuckle and slid his tongue back to the place where he marked me.
That was all the distraction I needed, I sank my teeth into my inside cheek and lip. The pain was suggesting a syncope for me but I wasn't going to take the offer. I sealed my eyes shut and embraced the pain.

'Sorry,' he whispered. I nodded, sooner than any word called later, the bitterness was gone and my body was soon vibrating with pleasure. I moaned and threw my hands around his shoulders as he started off with gentle thrusts. The pleasure tore through me, heaving my body. It was undeniably sweet and better than any I had felt in my entire life.

What have been done had already been done, I was his mate now.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Jeff was reckless, in pain, in tears. I knew what was up, she had hidden chosen him over me or he forced her; either way, she was his now. The anger raging me was so intense my body shuddered endlessly. She was gone now, never to be mine again.
'Sovereign,' Leslie called.

'I demanded to be left alone,' I snapped.

'It is very important I speak to you....'

'Get out Leslie!!!' I roared, she squeaked and ran out. Noriel, Noriel, Noriel!!! I puffed out through my nostrils, now I will really end you.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I skipped down the mountain as I sang to myself, woke up to a beautiful morning. Noriel refused to wake up, he was in a deep sleep with his entire body glowing so I took a walk. Washed up, wore his long shirt and woolly sneakers for fun. My hands were buried along with my neck but at least, he scent was allover me. Some guards greeted me warmly, I waved at them happily. The next thing is calling dad and filling him on the detail, I'm no longer a virgin!
I cupped my mouth and giggled, last night was amazing to me. He was really gentle and I appreciate that. I was about jumping down a small slope when my feet left the ground. At first, I thought it was him but the thing was lifting me far above the mountain. I started screaming and calling for help but all the men were rooted to the ground by force. 'Noriel!!! Noriel!!!' I hollered in great fright.

 A oyster portal opened up in the sky above me and dragged me in.

I screamed loudly as I was whipped to and forth in the portal, whirled and joggled as I fell down or up, whatever, it was severe. Another portal opened below me, I fell through it and landed in a bluish gray water. I spluttered and swam out to the glass floor, where the heck am I?! I sat down and looked around the crystal cave, where am I?

'Unimportant,' I screamed at first before relaxing and staring at the woman. 'I'm not his mother, just borrowed her face. '

'Where am I?'

'Where you will get your answers,'
'Which is?'

'Why you were reincarnated,' she smiled, interesting topic. I folded my legs and listened. 'The main question should be why were you given to Noriel who is of pure darkness than Aaron who has light. Simple, your mission was to separate the darkness from the light, remove the dark force from the other. Aaron is loyal, nice, easy to change because he will never hurt people but Noriel is a killer, god of discord. Aaron's light conquered his darkness in a way but if Noriel was to have conquered his light,' she paused and laughed sinisterly. 'That would have been the end. We the force of all force, the universe and powers beyond your comprehension came to the conclusion that he needed something to keep his light active, someone who would give it a reason to be active; in other world, you.'

'Then why did I free Aaron?'

'One, Aaron walking the earth wouldn't cause damage but Noriel,' she chuckled again. 'He would have destroyed everything, killed Aaron beforehand. Reason number two, by touching his stone, you connected Noriel's light to the full one in Aaron. As long as Aaron's light grew brighter, it helped weaken the darkness in him and also helped give Noriel enough compassion to love him very dearly. Noriel love Aaron with his life, that is the link you created between them. You are not Aaron's mate, just the bridge connecting both emotionally.

By loving both you and Aaron dearly and being connected to the light in him, Noriel remained at bay somehow. Now, your final job is to have Noriel himself give up his darkness for the sake of his good side, his love for you.'


'A life for a life Bechira,' she said sadly. 'He will trade his darkness, for you.'


>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Both brothers were enraged, one angry because his brother marked his mate and the other thinking his brother stole her while he was stuck in his sleep. The battle was on, something they decided to settle once and for all. Armies of good and evil faced each other in a clear desert ground under a thundering gray sky. It was dark already, late in the night yet both side were ready to fight. The twins stared at each other with so much hate or anger rather.

'Where is Bechira?' Noriel snarled.
'Why are you asking me? You stole her away from me and claimed her,' Aaron hissed. 'I will make you pay!'

'Aaron!!!' Noriel thundered.
'Where is my mate!!!!'

'Where is she!!!!' They roared at each other. Both sides quickly clashed together like a raging tide, falling and rising. Neither of the twins moved nor did anyone neared them as they slayed each other. Growls, snarls, barks, bite, slashes, fire and every means were thrown at each other. The two brothers remained rooted, eyeing themselves from their position.

'For the last time Aaron, where is my mate?' Noriel asked rather calmly.

'I should be asking you that!' That was all it took, Noriel ran across the large ground in a flicker and threw Aaron far away from the others. Like a cat, he landed on his feet, refusing to let his back touch the ground because of a single toss. The others stopped, all paying attention to the Sovereign Alphas battle. Aaron and snarled at Noriel, his mane flowing down as he slowly shifted.

The others were not aware of their size, so they didn't shift away, not until the large black Alpha lion with golden lightning stood up way tall. Noriel was fast enough to shift too, their colours brought confusion. How was Aaron black and Noriel white? Their confusion did nothing to hold the battle, the beasts charged at each other with vicious snarls. They wrestled and clawed at each other, rolling on the quaking ground and passing electricity to the other. Noriel got a good bite at his brother's lion's neck, just one rip but he let go, his better conscience sweeping in. Aaron was fast to use that opportunity to bulldoze him, hurling him across the trembling supernaturals watching the fight. They hadn't even started using their real powers yet, powers that would cause greater destruction.

Aaron roared to the sky, surge of golden lightning whipped down to strike Noriel, in a blink of an eye, a pair of double blade wings sprouted out of his back and shielded him from the attack. The wings were red, thick, sharp. He spread the wings and flapped it, sending the lightning back to it owner. Aaron slammed his heavy and large paws on the ground, the earth shielded him from his own lightning. The earth lowered it armour around him, revealing his own addition form. Two large golden tusks and long golden spikes trailing on his back. They had shifted to kinetic energy, stage two.

From the core of the galaxy, a large ray of light burst in between them, breaking deep into the earth. The entire desert split, like a bad drought. Some already fled, flew still stayed. 'Today wasn't the day,' a deep voice said calmly from the middle of the ray. 'Why did you fight?'

'He took my mate!'

'You took her from me first!' Of course, no one could hear their telepathic accusations. Bechira's body lowered down, her hands and legs chained apart by invisible forces. 'What are you....'
'Everything is set with time, she is the reason you broke the rules so her life will be used as replacement for yours.'

'Who the fuck are you to tell me that!'

'Nothing but something, in other to save her, one must remove his stone from his own chest.' The voice said again.

'What! Removing it will kill us!' Aaron shouted.

'It's either her, or you. Whom will it be?' Noriel looked at Aaron's large lion, he wasn't ready to leave but he couldn't let her nor his brother die. Bechira was his life, the only thing he lived for. His lion whimpered as his stone glowed, the darkness trying to fight his emotions. He slowly shifted back to his human form, his body trembling from his sad decision.
'I'll give up mine,' he said softly. 'You must promise to take care of her, love her like I do or more,: he said not looking at his brother. His eyes went deep and red as blood flowed out of his nose because of the internal battle. 'Remind her of why she must ne'er forget me.' With that said, he sank his claws into his chest and with a painful smile, ripped his stone out.

Black energy burst out of the red stone and dashed into the sky, it rolled around in a dancy manner and flashed down to Aaron to take his remaining dark energy. Jeff roared, the pain tearing his own stone open and releasing all the energy in him, the light and little dark force. The two separated dark force combined as did the light. Both forces entangled each other again like they used to and dashed into the ray, back to where they ought to be.

The clash sent a heavy wave of power through the desert, causing an intense explosion of wind. Everyone in sight, blacked out.

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