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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 12


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 12

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I roared as I punched the tree out of my sight, the tree went flying over the forest to somewhere else. Seven days, seven fucking days and I haven't found her! He disappeared to somewhere else, he stole her! What if he marks her?! What if he sleeps with her! 'Sir, please calm down....'
'Don't tell me what to do!!! My mate got snatched and you are telling me to calm down!!! Huh Reginald, calm the fucking what down!!! You have a mate, if she was taken will you be tolerating the words "calm down?" The hell will you fucking do?!!!'
'We've searched everywhere, we can't find her. I've ordered my wolves to catch some of his people, they can give us lead on where he stays.'
'So, they will stand out in the open and wait for you to capture them, huh?!'
'Reginald,' the Leader of the werecheetahs called calmly. 'If you noticed, they have all been on low key recently, none in sight. How are we suppose to catch them?'
'If I can make a suggesting Sovereign,' the queen of elves said shakily, looking at her feet. I eyed her to her husband and looked away.
'Just like we have some good allies roaming around humans, so does he. I suggest we check amongst humans, we will definitely find some of them there.'
'Noriel found a way to mask their scent, even if you walk pass one, you won't know.' A witch sighed.
I growled and began pacing around, what to do, what to do... 'I will give you a hair from my mane,' I said to the crone of witches. 'You will use it to create something that can track them down,' I looked at the elves, fairy queen and tribe of sorcerers. 'All of you will get one, just use it and find a way out.'
'Yes s....'
'If you dare try to use it to make yourself more powerful, you do that at your own course,'
'We never to think so,'
'Humph, go, Reginald will bring it to you all.'
'Yes Sovereign,' they chorused.
'The rest of you, get your search parties ready again, whatever spell or potion they come up with will be used on them, okay?'
'Yes sir,' I rolled my eyes away and continued pacing, Leslie was unusually quiet.
'Alpha,' nevermind. I averted my eyes to her though I was still pacing about. 'If I may.....we should summon her father,'
'Why?' The Alpha of the werecoyotes asked.
'You didn't mark her, didn't mate either so it will be difficult to catch her scent but I think her father's connection to her would be stronger,'
'A mate's connection is always stronger,' Reginald said. 'Why would her father's be stronger? If he couldn't find her, what makes you think he can.'
'Simple, he loves her more than anyone else on this planet, she will definitely try to reach him to ease his worry,'
'I see where Leslie is heading at, Reginald, get her father for me.'
'And, I think you should let your beast run, it always helps me calm mine down.' She suggested again. She was so nonchalant about the situation and anytime I checked her head, she was either thinking of one guy or the other or how she misses Bechira. She's a weird one.
'Good idea,' I grunted. I shook my hair, letting my mane extend out a little so I could cut it out. My mane stretched out slightly, enough to cut it. I pulled out many of it and handled them over to the weretiger chief. 'You do the distributing, Malachi, watch the place in my absent.' I instructed the wereghost and ran out. I ran as far as possible before I shifted, letting Jeff run his rage out. He ran straight to the place the island used to be, hoping he would find his mate, his feet never touching the ground so the earth won't quake from our size. She wasn't there, just a useless sea.
'Mate is gone,' he whimpered.
'I'm sorry, this is all my fault,' I apologized.
'Your apologizing won't bring mate back,' he cried. He rest his head on his forepaws and cried loudly, Bechira, where are you?

>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I squealed with the others as I threw my hands up, shaking my head side to side so my hair would scatter allover. Leaf took me out to a club, human club, I dare go. The past seven days was the very best of my life, more than anyone have ever given me. Guess what? Noriel cured me completely, wiped off my sickness just like that. I spent the first three days with him, exploring every corner of the island and mountains. He followed me himself at the mountains but since he couldn't leave the mountains, he went to the city with me in spirit.
Back there at Aaron, people never truly respected me because of the way Aaron started it out but here, I was indeed a queen. Everyone went low when I walked pass, many sought my favor because of my position. It was amazing. Then today, Leaf came, we went freaking shopping, did some couple of things I could never do and that includes clubbing. Of course, Noriel did something to us, something to hide us from anyone that would take me. The hell, I could feel him staring at my swaying ass. He's a corrupt person like Leslie, says rubbish when he's happy.
'Hey! Bechira!' Leaf shouted over the music. He lifted a cup up with arched brow, of course. I took the cup and stared at the blueish liquid. 'One shot!!!' He shouted loudly so I could hear, I've got super hearing dude. Anyways, I downed the drink in a flash, it tasted sweet with a sharp sting to my throat but nice. 'Like it?!!!'
'Stop shouting!!! I can hear you!! Can I get another one? I wanna get drunk!!!' He nodded and nudged his way out of the crowd to go get some more. I continued dancing, rolling my hips to myself it to the spirit staring at me. I totally forgot to mention he had some evil ghosts and witches surround the club for my protection. The wind blew against my ear, tickling it lightly and causing me to giggle.
'Stop dancing, I don't like the way men are staring at you,' he whispered into my ear.
'What's wrong in that? They are appreciating my beauty,'
'I can kill without blinking, don't push me into killing today,' that wasn't a threat, just a saying. I sighed, fine, I'll just drink then. I nudged my way out of the dance floor to the bar were Leaf was.
'Dude,' I touched his shoulder. He flinched a little before sighing. 'Why jumpy?'
'Lost in thoughts, here,' he handed me my drink. 'I'll be right back,'
'Where to?'
'Gotta pee,'
'Okay,' he quickly walked out like someone with poop in his pants. Few people didn't fail to notice that and that made them laugh. I continued my drinking, Noriel was quiet, his vibe was sad. 'Are you alright?'
'I am,'
'You aren't,'
'Once he returns, you should come back, I'm depleted.'
'Alright,' his presence left me, what's his damage? I was still pondering on that when something.... A bottle got smashed on my head.
'Bitch! You're the one who made Leaf dump me, right?! I'm going to kill you!!!' She stabbed my shoulder with the bottle, a woman came from nowhere and pulled her hair back. The woman was one of the witches.
'How dare you touch our Mistress!!!' She thundered at the girl. My shoulder was bleeding but my head wasn't really disturbed. The music had stopped and all were watching. 'You wanna die, huh? Huh?!' As she was yelling that, a sudden earthquake raged through the building.
'Earthquake!' Someone shouted. People started screaming, running under tables for safety.
'We have to go,' the witch said in panic leaving the girl to me. 'He's angry,'
'But Leaf...' Speak about the devil, he dragged my hand and pulled me out of the club. I was staggering because of my heels but still ran out. The witches followed, very fast. Things kept falling but never harmed us. We got outside, the shaking was worse. The ground split into two, splitting to the building. 'Noriel!!! Calm down!!!!' I shouted but he wasn't listening.
'Going up!' Leaf scooped me into his arms and flew off with the witches. I looked down in horror as the building collapsed, killing hundreds of people in there. My wound have healed but that certainly won't ever heal.
Or so I thought.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I stomped to the grotto Noriel always sat every night, to yell the life out of him. He just killed those people because of one person's deed, is he mad! I walked into the grotto, he was there. My anger drained immediately I saw him, it was his lion. His lion was so beautiful, reduced to a normal 12ft but wow! His fur was silky white, as white as snow, like literally snow. His rich long mane was as red as his eyes and the hair at the edge of his tail. His claws and paws were red and the tips of his body fur looked like it has faint red glitter. Double wow!
'Ooh ooh wow,' I said walking closer to him. He turned his head towards me and back at the water he was looking at. 'You okay big guy?' He whimpered and laid down. He's so cute. I dared to touch his cheek, so soft. 'Why are you white?' I realise the answer to the question. 'Why are go sad?' He looked at me and back at the water. I knelt down and looked at the water too. My eyes zoned into it.
I saw a woman laughing as her husband swirled her around, she was heavily pregnant. They were dressed like the people from old and the woman look so much like Aaron, the only difference is the hair and eyes. I knew who she was without asking, even the man was the exact replicate of Noriel. He dropped her down and wrapped his hands around her waist carefully, as she laughed. 'If I get a miscarriage, I'll kill you.' She laughed.
'Don't worry, I won't let you get one,' he said between his own laugh. She looked at him over her shoulder, throwing her hand over to touch his head. 'We still haven't given our sons their names, what will it be? Decided yet?'
'Hmmm, not sure about it but I want them to have something that rhymes in meaning, something with a ring to it.' He said, his face in the crook of her neck.
'What do you have in mind?'
'Arthur and Frederick or Frederick and Edric, good?'
'That doesn't have much of a ring, Frederick' and Edric has a nice ring though.'
'The meaning defines what I want in my children,
'Frederick meaning in German is peaceful warrior while Edric means enrich power in English. So together, it means a peaceful warrior enrich power. Even though no one will grab the true meaning, we will.'
'Why?' He chuckled. She shrugged.
'I don't know, I want them to be like that. You don't like it?'
'I will always like everything you say,' I closed my eyes and turned it to him, Noriel, he was back to normal.
'Mom wanted two boys that would love each so much, as much as she would love them,' he said sadly. 'All she got were two boys who came out of her womb, one yanking the other out. She died after giving birth to us and we were taken apart by the councils. My father died after then, he lost his wife and his children disappeared into thin air, painful.'
'Why are you watching this?'
'Being the compassionate one is affecting me, I can't watch the ones I care about get hurt or feel any sort of pain. I'm sorry I killed those people, I know you see me as horrible now, forgive me.'
'That won't bring them back from the dead, that won't make up for what you did.'
'I'm sorry,' damn! He's shirtless. I was struggling to keep my eyes up, it's hard seeing such muscularity and not care. 'Aaron is feeling very bad, you should go back to him.'
'Why? Is this a way to make me forgive you?'
'I'm compelled to affection for my love ones, even if I don't want to feel it, Aaron is still my brother and I love him.' It sounded so weird coming out of the lips of someone who just killed so many but I knew he was telling the truth. His veins were red, he was in serious pain.
'What is wrong with you?'
'My dark side fights against my emotions when it comes, it causes me great pain, too much pain.'
'Make it stop, you are starting to bleed,' I said in panic. His ears were bleeding along with his eyes.
'It's normal, I'll be fine.'
'Go, I'll be fine.' That was a command, I stood up and scurried to my room.
I tossed and turned on my bed, I was freaking worried about him. I couldn't sleep, different thoughts running in my head. The raining was making it worse, really worse. I sat up and wiped my face, Twyla was sleeping on the couch a little bit far. I dropped my legs on the ground and tapped it, is the pain that intense? I slipped my slippers on and stood up. I can't take this anymore. I tied my nylon robe back and walked to the grotto again.
The grotto had very long stairs down, it was stressful climbing down but I did anyways. He wasn't there anymore, the glowing water was all that greeted me. I sighed and stared at it, I still don't have answers to my question. Why am I his mate? Why is he nicer even though he has little light? Who really is evil between them? I was still pondering when he slipped his arms around my waist possessively. 'You think too much,'
'Because you both want me to die thinking, everything is too much for me to handle.' I sighed, straining my neck to look at him over my shoulder.
'Hmm,' he hummed chucklingly. 'You know, I always dreamt of doing this, holding you this way.'
'Look at the water, pour your focus on it,'
'I'm going to help you unlock your magic, that's the gene you selected, your mother's magic.'
'Whoa, so I have magic?'
'Only if you do what I say and focus,' I bit my lower lip and stared at the water. 'It's very easy, just concentrate and picture the water moving to your will. The one thing you must get in other for your magic to work is faith, believe in what you are seeing and do it.'
'Believe,' I murmured and stared at it intensely, it wasn't working.
'Picture it, believe you can do it and do it,' he whispered into my ear. I exhaled and imagined the water rising up and dancing like a sea serpent. It was like every sound temporarily shut down as the wind rushed on my body, making my skin tingle with a slight electrifying spark. Something like a light flashed in my eyes, I could feel it. The water suddenly burst up, the sudden movement made me scream. 'Chill,' he laughed. The water fell back. 'Don't lose focus, try again.'
'That was scary,'
'Try,' I nodded and stared at the water again, this time I didn't lose focus or pay attention to the tingling. The water burst up again, this time I didn't flinch. It whirled into a water serpent and danced around. I squealed excitedly, jumping in his arms.
'I did it!'
'Mm hm,'
'What else can I do?'
'There are times, most times, you'll need spells than just focus.' I nodded, he will teach me.
'You have to teach me,'
'I will,' he whispered, he was sniffing my hair. 'Bechira,'
'Yeah?' I grinned.
'I want to mark you,'
'I can't let my compassion make me give you out, I'm going to mark and claim you now. Please, permit me.'
My God, it was like he was asking me to marry him, this is a big decision. What's the worse that can happen anyways? 'Okay,' the words barely left my lips before his teeth sank into my neck. The pain was sharp, I screeched out in pain, it was exquisitely painful. The pain slowly died down and was soon replaced with pleasure, my body was heating up Immediately.
I moaned as I tilted my head to the side, he licked the new mark gently, my legs were going weak. He carried me up and smiled at me gratefully, what now? 'Don't resist,' I nodded. He ran us to his room, is this what I think?
'What are you doing?'
'Claiming you,'
'But, I'm not ready yet,' I protested. He chuckled, far from listening.
'I'm not losing you again Bechira, not when I still breathe,' he dropped me on the bed. I sat up and scooched back until I was resting on the headboard with trembling body. 'Don't be afraid of me Bechira, I will never hurt you, I give you my words.'
'It's not that, I don't know what to do, I've never done it before.' I said sheepishly.
'You don't need to do anything, I'll show you,' his face was few inches away from mine. It would heartbreaking if I was being used but again, the burning sensation from my neck was causing me to feel different. He closed the distance between our lips, my stomach flipped with excitement and anticipation. He kissed me gently, delicately as first until the kiss became more intense and demanding.
I moaned into his mouth as he lowered me down so my back would be on the bed, his tongue exploring every corner of my mouth and his hand unknotting my nightie. My body was already tingling with excitement and anticipation.
What else can go wrong.

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