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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 11


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 11

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
My head hurt, something wasn't right, like someone was reaching out to me but something was blocking it. I massaged my temples, what is hurting me now? I scoffed painfully and bit down on my lower lip, what is wrong with me? Why isn't Bechira back yet? I need to tell her I've decided, I can't selfishly keep her when I am not certain about my feelings. It will hurt her but she will have to manage it.
'Hello?' I directed my attention to Leslie who strolled in with a smile. She looked around and arched a brow. 'Where's Bechira? We are going clubbing.'
'What clubbing?'
'I don't know, what is clubbing?' She asked rudely. I glared at her. 'I'm sorry. Where's she?'
'I don't know, she went out on a stroll but is yet to return,'
'And you didn't check on her?'
I shrugged. 'She wanted privacy,'
'Urgh!' She groaned, biting down at her lower lip. 'You are such a horrible mate!'
'Excuse me?'
'Seriously, what is wrong with you? I even thought you would check on her, see what's going on. You claim to want to protect her but you ignore her, even when she needs you the most. What kind of fucking being are you!!!'
'Do not speak to me with such....'
'The fucking least you can do is fucking end my life! I seriously don't regret a thing because you are the biggest idiot of the century.....' Jeff roared at her insult, I used her to whip the wall and strangled her neck.
'You will....'
'Noriel has your mate you stupid fool,' she gasped, I released her.
'I'm just coming from the forest where I searched for her,' she coughed and gasped. 'I perceived vampires and faes and Bechira's scent is gone.'
'No, that's not possible.'
'Really, check on her, your brother easily slip in and out of your land and you cannot sense it.'
'That's a....' I dashed out of the house straight to the forest, her scent was gone. 'Noriel!!!!!'
'Yeah?' He chuckled in my head.
'Get out of my head you annoying bad luck!'
'Little brother, don't you know it's bad to yell at an elder?'
'Where's she?'
'Sleeping, don't worry, I won't harm her, you know that.'
'Why? What do you want from her? Just break your chains and what else? Kill her?!!!'
'Unlike you Aaron, I don't put this stupid war as my priority. I still have time to flex before I die or kill you so why stress myself,'
'What are you talking about?'
'Baby brother, looks like fate is playing a game with us. Your pretty little mate is also my mate, we both own her.'
'How the fucking hell is that possible!'
'Careful, angels don't swear,' he said laughingly. I groaned. 'Like I said, she's mine as well because we are twins, our power mixture makes us two bodies with one mind. It's hard to explain but what's mine is yours and blah blah something like that.'
'That makes no sense!'
'Oh it does,' he chuckled. 'Why do we communicate telepathically so easily? Why can I get close to you without any effect? Why are we somehow at peace but at war with each other? You have a little of my greater side in you, the one that should have completely killed all human emotions, that's the one you have. As for me, I have the part of your light that waves compassion and all the bloody shit I shouldn't be feeling. Pretty ironic and a very useless separation but what can I say, it's not my doing. Anyways, what I wanna tell you is that it is her decision to choose who will be her mate and mind you, whoever she chooses will gain the greater power because somehow, she holds some kind of light that can grant more powers than we have. The power of the scale that was once broken. You will never see her again Aaron, at least not as your mate again because I'll mark and claim her as mine.'
'You are selfish! You just want her for the so called powers you mentioned!' I yelled, how come he knows more than I do?
'Easy, he takes his time to do his assignment and not just walk around gathering supernaturals for battle.' Jeff replied angrily.
'And that my dear, is very true.' Noriel said humorously, it is so funny to him.
'Keep your hands away from my mate, I'm warning you.'
'You know what makes me better than you? For every sacrifice I make from the depth of my heart, comes a gift. I do not want her for the powers she bring, but for the love I have for her, the one I always had the moment she was born as Princess Danika. You cannot take her from me Aaron, I have waited a thousand years to finally hold her.....'
'You won't lay your filthy hands on my mate!!!'
'She was originally my mate before she touched your fucking stone!' He roared. 'I watched her grow as a princess, did everything in my limited powers to make her father buy the island so I can lead her to me. Even after she ended up touching your stone that bond her to you, I still watched her, protected her as she became a knight. I mourned when she first died, rejoiced when she was reborn and yes, I watched her every step until the day you claimed her as your mate. You will not steal her again Aaron, I promise you that.'
'Noriel...' He broke our telepathic link, shattered it completely. The action caused thousands of church bells to bang in my head, the effect was extremely painful. I am such an idiot! I don't know what's going on but curse this stupid war, I'm going for my mate.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Sounds of dripping water slowly slipped into my semi consciousness, I slowly turned my head and groaned at the pain radiating from my neck. I sighed and tried to open my eyes, I remember what happened very well. Leslie really betrayed me, that's harsh.
'Careful,' that voice. My eyes opened sharply as I sat up instantly, his face turned out to be just three inches away from mine. I was hit immediately by his hot breath, the feeling sending chill down my spine. 'Good morning sleeping beauty, did you sleep well?' Wait, where am I?
I looked around, I was in a magnificent bedroom, even more than Aaron's. I averted my eyes to his body, I scanned him from head to toes, normal. Hmmm, except the glowing heavy metal bands on his wrists, one I think is hurting him. 'Where am I?'
'Island, I upgraded it to look nice.'
'How come? You are free?'
'Not entirely,' he raised his wrists. 'They keep me tied here. After I used up all my energy to save you, I thought I would go blind or fall into a coma again but the chains broke instead. I got free in a sort of way so viola! The island's mountain is now my castle.'
'Aaron will find and take me back,' I said confidently. He chuckled.
'If he can find the island that is,' he smirked. 'Unlike him, I didn't build my camp in the open, I have plans my love....'
'My love? Leslie did mention us being mate, how come? Can you also shift back? You are distracting me with your face.'
'I'm gorgeous, I know,' he said proudly. He did shift back anyways. 'As for your questions, I will answer them after you clean up and eat something.'
'I won't drink water until I get the answers I've been dying to get since I first knew I was the reincarnation of a dead girl.'
'And I promise to give you all without hiding anything. Just clean up, and we will talk over breakfast, okay?'
'Okay, where is the bathroom?' I asked sheepishly, the way he was staring at me was unnerving. He jerked his head towards a foyer. 'Everything I need?'
'In there,' he stood up from the bed, he is the god of seduction and he isn't even trying to seduce me. One kiss and I swear I will fall. 'Try not to speak so excited in your mind, when you do, I feel it and get tempted to read your thoughts.' I now see what both brothers have in common, smirking is their spiritual wife. He chuckled, obviously hearing what I said in my head and zap! He was gone.
'Great,' I sighed. I tapped my red cheeks, is it so weird to be so comfortable around him already? His vibe already blends. Anyways, I jumped down from the bed, not as soft as the one back at Aaron's but okay. I wonder what Aaron is doing about my disappearance and of course, that backstabber I took as a sister; I wonder what debt she owed Noriel.
The walls were neatly plastered, still rocky but better. The bathroom was more fascinating, it was like walking into a cold cloud. Everything was made out of clouds, very diligently I doubted the possibility. The shit was real, damn real. I brushed my teeth with the toothbrush available, packed my hair into a bun and stripped from what I had on to bathe. As expected, the water was extremely chilled, too chilled but what choice do I have?
'Nice,' I smiled, scrutinizing the towel. It was my favourite design, rainbow in candy kingdom. It even had sparkles, lot of them. I dried my body and wrapped the towel around myself, so warm and cozy. 'I can marry you,' I cooed, hugging myself. I giggled at my stupidity and skipped out with my slippered feet. A dress was waiting for me on the bed, my favorite house wear! 'Wow!' I exclaimed. I picked up the spaghetti hand crop top and soft loose shorts. I slipped on the pink gladiator sandals and laced it up to my knees. 'Now I look perfect.'
After parking my wet hair into a ponytail, I found my way outside, to the living room that is and there I met my second surprise. 'Twyla!' I squealed, my fat cat. She lazily stretched and purred, I carried her happily. 'Jeez! What have Leaf been feeding you? You are as heavy as a house,' she purred again and snuggle herself against me.
'I thought you might need a friendly face, she missed you,' I looked over my shoulder, he was coming with a tray of food.
'Leaf would be worried about her, he might think he have lost her.'
'True, that's that,' I sat down on the leather cushion and tucked one leg under my butt. 'Sorry, I burnt the egg and bacon a little, hope you can manage it?' I dropped Twyla and examined the food, burnt but wow! When have any guy other than dad ever bring me breakfast in bed? Hmmm, well, almost in bed.
'Thank you,' I smiled shyly. I used my hands to eat, I enjoy breakfast that way. 'Mm, too much salt,'
'I accidentally turned the whole spoon in, is it that bad?'
'Oh, I'll order pizza then.'
'Pizza?' I chuckled.
'What? You think I don't have one here? You'll see. I'll be back,' and like that, he was gone again. He even had television, a large plasma and complete set, nice place. I picked up the tea and took a sip, too much honey. 'I'm back!' He announced. 'Pizza will be here in ten.'
'Great,' I said absent mindedly, eyeing the hopeless cup of tea. 'Can we talk now?'
'You might lose your appetite,'
'Just tell me already!'
'Chill,' he said chucklingly, is he always chuckling? He sat down beside me and carried Twyla, she seems to like him which is surprising. Twyla is very picky, so picky that in all our years together, she still hates my dad and never let Leaf touch her. 'Where do I start from?'
'From the beginning,' I said dropping the cup. 'I already know about the war, how you summoned me to break you free but opposite me went for your brother instead. I know I was reincarnated but something is still missing.'
'Yes, something is. What you and Aaron don't know is that you were my mate the moment you were born as Princess Danika.'
'As you know, I have a little light in me and that light is more compassionate, considerate and caring. Disgusting but I'm stuck with it. Aaron however, collected my coldness, the last piece of darkness that should have made me completely heartless. Since the trade took place like that, I was destined with a mate because I have the heart to love but Aaron don't. When Danika was born, I sensed it, went to her and from there I watched her; every creature under me did.'
'So just guessing here, you used that mate link to lead her to you so she could free you, right?'
'After I manipulated her father into buying the island. When she freed Aaron instead, she touched the stone on his chest, linking him to me through her and thereby bonding us three in one zone. She left, grew up, got married and later died after bearing children, do you know how painful it was to watch all that take place?' He chuckled bitterly. 'I remained there, my own mate freed him and not me, it was really painful. I hoped that you would come back, hoped that maybe somehow, they will return you back to me and give me a second chance. Do you know how happy I was when I felt your presence on earth again? Do you? Nothing felt better than my prayers being answered.
I waited for hundreds of years to have you back, for a second chance and I was given one. When you were born, I watched you with as much zeal as I did with your previous self, never let a hair on your head get hurt. It pained me seeing you suffer from that illness for long, I couldn't do anything because I was still stoned. I had many watch you, keep an eye on you for my sake. Then all of a sudden, you were with him, the same person that ruined everything the first time. You are originally my mate, that is why you feel more connected to me than him. That is why seeing me makes your heart jolt and rage with lightning bolt more than you do to him. You are comfortable around me, you trust me even without knowing me...' He dropped Twyla on the floor and shifted closer to me as he spoke. I couldn't move, my throat had gone dry. 'Even when you were with him, something was always missing, not just by his coldness but the emptiness inside your heart. You felt like loving him was right yet so wrong, you knew that a bond was pulling you but not from him. Am I right Bechira?' I opened my mouth and closed em like a fish on dry land. Everything he said was true.
I kept trying to force myself to love Aaron but something was always missing. It was like I was meant to be in love with him but not him, another him and now I get it. 'But,' I finally said inaudibly but his ears caught it. 'Aaron cares about me....'
'Because the bond is compelling him to and his lion won't let him be. Left alone, Aaron will never give you the happiness you deserve and you know it. He isn't meant to love but to remain loyal to his course....'
'He will come for me....'
'Because he feels that as a mate, it is his duty to protect you and duty is one thing Aaron respects. I can't convince you about something you already know.' If only I could disagree.
'So, I'm your mate and not his?'
'You already are his as you are mine but the decision is yours.'
'Why will I pick someone as evil as you are? You have killed many innocent souls with your unholy armies.'
'How many do you know of?' I kept my lips pinned. 'Don't judge me before you even get to know me Bechira. I am evil, yes. Kill a lot and cause discord, guilty as charged. I work as a means to enslave beings, affirmative, indubitably. However, my mate is the only soft spot I have. Aaron thinks you are his weakness, he doesn't know true weakness when he sees one.'
'You tried to kill me and you killed my mother,'
'She would have killed you first,' true. 'If I really wanted you dead, you would have been dead a long time ago.' I don't believe that but okay.
'What debt do Leslie owe you?'
'I saved her life, thrice.'
'Why?' I asked curiously.
'If she had died, would you have met her?' Okay, he does think ahead. 'Any more questions?'
'You and Aaron, who's older?'
'Do you really love me?'
'I will let you decide that,' he looked at the long stairs leading upward. 'Breakfast is here. Do you wanna come up with me?'
'Yes,' he stood up, he carried me before I could ask how I would get up there and bam! We were already at the top of the island. My Lord! The wind was excessive but that was the least of my amusement, wanna know what?
We were underwater! The whole island was protected by a shield and the lower part of the mountain was a city. I could see cars, bushes, people etc. All going about their creepy normal lives.
'Wow! You built an underwater city? Like Atlantis?!'
'Took me almost a thousand years but I did it. Why do you think it took so long to break free? I spent more time building this with my mental abilities and having them support. The pizza guy was smiling at me, he looks familiar....
'OMG! Leaf!'
He laughed. 'Hi Bechira,'
'How come? When? How? When? What!'
'Like I said, I had a lot of beings under me watch you.' I couldn't get over it, this is too much for me to handle.
'I'll take my leave Alpha,' he bowed. Like that wasn't enough shock, two large wings popped out of his back and then he disappeared.
'Back to humans,' my best friend is a fae. Now I get why he never left my side, I need my dad, I need to breathe before I pass out. What other shocking shit will I hear or see next.

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