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Royal Fucker2-Chapter25


Royal Fucker2-Chapter25

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

I was so angry and I gave him a slap. What does he take me for?

"Friends did you just say friends?" I barked at me.

His eyes held so much emotions , I could feel my tears building up.
" am sorry if my words hurt you am sorry I..." I cut him off with another slap. This time the tears came rolling.

"Did you ever stopped to think why i became close to you? Have you ever asked yourself this questions!!" I raised my voice.
He went mute , ofcourse he has nothing to say to me.

" thats because your sister and your mom asked me to make you fall in love , so you can stop fooling around but at the end of the day i was the one that fell in love with you. Bastard !?!" I lashed out holding his shirt aggressively.
He placed his hands on my shoulders but I jerked it off.

"I didn't know..I just don't want you to get hurt you deserve better." He said and cupped my face.

I struggle outta his grip as slumped to the ground shuddering.

" I wasn't complaining , I wasn't complaining I shouldn't have fallen in love in the first place. Was so dumb thinking you would love me back." I got a hold of myself and stood up
"Listen Ivy I.."

" no no i get it okay? You don't feel anything towards me its cool ." I dried my tears with the back of my palm and tried walking away but he pulled back by the hand .

My hands landed on his hard chest. He sneaked his hand around my waist holding me tighter.

I tried to fight him off but he was just too strong.

"You're right Ivy am always running away from my problems and in the process I almost lost something precious to me ." he looked into my eyes and uses his thumb to wipe the tears off.

" let me go you imbecile!!" I yelled out tears.

"No I'm sorry but I can't. I almost lost you once and I won't take that chances again. " he cupped my face and kissed my tears away ..
He used his lips to dry my tears .

"Shred no tears for yours is too precious. Am sorry okay?" He said calmly giving me those cute puppy eyes I dare not resist.

"Am sorry too I overreacted ." I sighed tiredly .

Maybe the love wasn't meant to be.

"I want the keys to your heart Ivy Powell " he spoke up getting me confused.

" I don't understand what ..."
"I love you." He said and it sounded more like a thunderstorm .

" huh??" I was dumbfounded...
"Maybe this will explain." He brought his face closer and took my lips in his .

I encircled my arms around his neck as we kiss passionately....
He broke the kiss when it was getting so intense ...

"I love you so much Ivy powell miss nerdy." He chuckled and I gave him a punch..

"That's for calling me a nerd." I feign annoyance...

"Wtf ! Was your hands made of stones?" He glared at me...

"Nope but God took time in creating them." I said proudly...

"Oh yeah ? Show me what they can do. Besides you're supposed to say I love you too oh sexy demi god kay." He smirked

I burst into laughing. I was crying and laughing.

He joined me in laughing. Time to show him what I can actually do...
I started tickling him and he fell on the couch while I sat on top of him as we both played.

"I see my plan worked perfectly."Kellie said from the door.

I got off him immediately , my cheeks had become so red with embarrassment.

© Muhammed Mulikat Munay

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