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Royal Fucker2-Chapter23


Royal Fucker2-Chapter23

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry


"She's fine but."

"But what ??" I didn't let him finish before lashing at him.

" relax she's resting at the moment, fortunately none of her internal organs was affected. She just needs to rest."he said politely and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Thank goodness." My mom said and sat down holding Jordan.
"One more thing?" The doc came outta nowhere and I became scared again.

"What?" Dad glared at him.

" she's gonna be very hungry when she wakes up." He chuckled softly knowing fully what he was doing.

"Kay will handle that." Dad says staring at me.

I nodded and walked away. I hurrily left the hospital and drove straight to the mansion.

I won't want her to eat just anything. She's gonna eat food made by Me.

Yes I can cook, mom had sent me to Thailand for a two years cooking course trust me when I said I won't three best cook of year award.

I stopped cooking because I find it boring and prefer fucking about.
Look what my misconduct landed me and my family .

My didn't bother parking my car, i stepped out and walked hastily into the house.

I dashed into the kitchen and set to work immediately.

One thing I know about Ivy is that she loves Tamales. I made tamales , chicken nuggets and chu chu cream.
I went back To the hospital and was directed to her personal ward. Dad had paid for presidential ward just for her.

I twisted the door knob and got in , she was sleeping soundly.

Just like sleeping beauty, her pink small lips were slightly open.

I dropped the flowers and gift card, I bought on the way by her bedside.

Then I kept her meal carefully.
" wake up crazy monkey let's fight. I just want us to keep fighting and you have no right to chicken out like this." I mumbled and sat down beside her taking her small hand in mine.

"And who told you I was gonna let you win? Hell no we'll keep fighting till you fullfil your promise." I heard her voice.

I raised my head immediately to meet her cute eyes.

" thank goodness you're awake." I hugged her tightly.

"Carefully please you're hurting me." She grumbled..

" oops am sorry am just excited . don't you dare scare me like that again or am gonna kick your butt." I glared playfully.

My heart beat had changed course, I don't know if its because she's fine or glad that am gonna keep fighting with her.

"Whatever am hungry weasel." She rolled her eyes dramatically.
"Well the doctor had made mention of that. Which is why I brought tamales ." I said and helped her seat up comfortably.
Her face beamed with happiness.
"Really?" She asked and took her bottom lip in.

I feel like kissing the hell outta the lips.

She snapped her fingers and I quickly served her some tamales and unwrapped it for her before feeding her like a kid even though she declined at first.

There was food crums at her bottom lip , okay this my chance to steal a kiss.

I slowly brought my face closer and closed my eyes only to received a hot smack on my head.

"Ouch!!! What did you do that for?" I whinned rubbing my head.
"That's for trying to steal a kiss from a patient." She burst into laughter.

And this never gets old

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