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Royal Fucker2-Chapter22


Royal Fucker2-Chapter22

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

" stay with please." I held on to her hand as she was being wheeled to the emergency ward.

Her eyes were slightly open and she had a smile on.

" it hurts kay." She mumbled.

" don't say a word you'll be fine trust me." I assured her not letting go of her hand.

"Am i gonna die?" She says childishly.

" ofcourse not. Remember when we had gone on a ride at the park that you kept telling me to have faith in you. Same thing now be strong i promise to change if you pull through." I said and let go of her hand.

" we'll take it from here mr knight." The doctor said and shut the door at my face.

" relax bro I know she's a fighter like she always fights with you." Kel said.

I didn't say anything , I just pulled her into a hug.
She's the only one that can comfort me.

" I take back my word you're my sister no need for DNA test." I blurted out in her arms.

" of course you're my brother. Come seat over here. Dad and mom are at the receptionist sorting the bills okay?" She says and led me to a chair at the lobby.
Dad and mom walked towards us shortly.

" how is she now?" Mom asked

" no word yet , but I've strong faith that she's gonna be fine." Kel spoke for I was unable to saying.
She's In there because of my reckless actions.

If anything happens to her I would die.

" have you put a call across to her parents? They deserve to know right?" Dad sat down beside kay.
" yes dad called her mom she'll be here soon."kel answered.

Just then Ivy's mom and dad came running towards us.

" where's Ivy ? What happened to her prince kay?" She held to my shirt as tears rolled down her cheek.

I couldn't find the guts to utter a word.

" jordan??" Dad called and Ivy's mom went cold immediately.
" really Jordan is that you?" Mom added.

Do they know each other?

" do you know the knights hun?" Ivy's dad asked.

" yes we know each other we have history together." Dad said in between clenched teeth.

" okay what the heck is going on here? Is this another shocking surprise or what!" I raised my voice tired of all the drama in one day.

Ivy's mom hid her face shamefully unable to stare at anyone in the eyes.

" how have you been all this years jordan?" Mom asked nicely easing the tension in the lobby.

" wait you aint angry at me or disgust after seeing me?" She asked surprised.

" ofcourse not we don't hold anything against you okay so relax. Ivy is your child right?" Mom asked.

She nodded unable to utter a single word. Tears wiled up in her eyes.

" dont worry okay we're going to make sure she's safe ." dad added and i felt relieved.
For a start i thought there's gonna be another drama.

The door flung open and the doctor walked towards us.

We rushed towards him instead.
" how is she doctor ? " we rushed him with questions.

" relax everyone she's fine but ....

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