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Only You - Chapter Two


Only You - Chapter Two

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

Calvin was on the phone talking, Mandy sat down next to me calming me down.

I sat down frozen, the tears worked down my cheeks all the memories of my dad flash before my eyes, he was the best dad even after him and mom got divorced I was his little princess. I didn't even spend time with him or said thank you for all the things he did.
Mandy was petting me, Calvin was done with the call he sneaked it back in his pockets.

Mandy got up slowly and asked "So what did they say? Is he really... " she stopped noticing the dim stare from Calvin.

He's actually dead.

"He got involved in a terrible accident, he lost a lot of blood since the accident had a a lot of impact he died before he could get treated, this shit ain't fair." Calvin said looking at me with pity being that the news kicked me to the curb.

"Quinn? " Mandy shakes me gently.

"Say something." she echoed, I quickly get up and went to my suitcase I didn't bother to unpack and took out a hoodie.

I checked a few of my jeans until I found some emergency cash which I snuck in my pockets. "Quinn? " I didn't answer
"Quinn? " Mandy repeated while I kicked some of my stuff away, I passed her and Calvin but he held on to my wrist.

"Where are you going? " I tried struggling away from his grip but he wouldn't let go.
"Let me go Calvin." I grouched but he didn't.

"Let me go." I yelled this time using all my strength to free from his grasp. "To where? " he asked.

"Just let me go." I said about to punch him with my other hand but he took hold of it.

"Calvin fucking let me go.." I yelled but he struggled to hold me down. "To where Quinn?" he asked.
"Why won't you let me go? I want to go see if dad is really dead, he can't be dead, dad can't die, I need to go see him maybe they made a mistake, please let me go see him Calvin, please.." I sobbed heavily but he didn't let me go he pulls me into an embrace while I scream hell on his shoulders.

A few days later, I was at my mom's place she was holding the family meeting unfortunately I was requested to attend and so was Calvin.

Dad's lawyer was there waiting for all of us to be present
Calvin and I were talking until my uncle Charles and his wife Loura walked in with their pride shoot of the roof, then Noemie walked in with her diamond glitter open back dress.

"Oh Jesus.." I groaned as she spotted me with he fake eyelashes. "Quinn? " she called me out, my mom was laying down snacks and greeting her in-laws since my uncle Charles was dad's elder brother.

"Be nice, I believe in you." Calvin gave me a thumbs up, Noemie came up to Mr squealing flaunting her pink blonde hair which swayed at her bottom probably to get Calvin's attention.

"Hey Cuz.." I teethed I swear I swallowed my own vomit. "How long has it been the last time I saw you, you were with your hot nigga and you didn't bother to call." at least she's right about one thing. "Yeah I'm back." I said.

"So where is he? " she asked why I looked back at Calvin, he's not going to save me from this. "Well we broke up and how are you? "I quickly changed the topic.

"Amazing, sorry about your dad if he wasn't poor he'll still be alive." she said I got up and arched a brow. "Excuse me? Poor? " I echoed while she foolishly scoffed.
"If he was rich he would have had the best drivers to take him instead of risking his life and driving." she gloated I clenched my fist about to give her the beating of her life.

"Please get me some water will you? " she ordered and that was it but Calvin held me back. "Calvin what are you doing let me go." I tried to free away from his grasp.
"How rude, well I'm not surprised you are rude, can you get me that water I asked if you don't mind." she scoffed again.

"When Calvin let's go of me I'm gonna rip your fake extension and then your shitty hair from your fucked up head." I yelled as Calvin pulled me away. "My hair is hundred percent human." she said displaying her fake nails.

"Really? I didn't know animals wear human hair now." I yelled as Calvin quickly carried me out of the scenario and to the kitchen.

I glared at Calvin as he finally put me down, mom walks in with a frown. "I can't believe this." mom said.

"What can't you believe Noemie is a shithead." I yelled.

"I'm not talking about Noemie I'm talking about you." I looked at her confused.

"What did I do? She said the reason dad died was because he was poor and an irresponsible driver if Calvin didn't hold me down I could have fucked her up big time." I grunted frustrated. "It doesn't matter who said who, I expected more from you Quinn."

"Mom you are supporting her she just fucked up insulting dad, your ex husband."

"I'm not supporting anyone, look your uncle is the only one who is sponsoring your father's funeral and he's here to hear his brothers will and I want you to just bear for today and put your different with Noemie aside." she said as I understood.

"OK mom." I said as she palms my cheeks and then leaves. "You're not going to last more than 30 minutes." he challenged.

"You think I can't handle Noemie, please I'm matured now and we are both adults we both know when to be serious." I said as I heard a squeal. "Where's my water Quinn." I facepalm myself. "Go get her water miss Fields." I heaved a deep breath and went to get a glass and filled it with water.

"Wish me luck." I said as he wiggled his brows, I went back to see the lawyer discussing with my uncle and his wife was with Noemie.

I heaved a deep breath and head to meet mother and daughter giggling. "Here's your water I'm sorry too long." I spat but inside I was dying.

She slowly took her water from me as she rolled her eyes at me. "Thank you." she teased.

"Quinn, you look gorgeous I heard you're back in the force." her mother started a conversation with me. "It's fine aunt Loura." I replied.

"You've gained weight, Noemie told us about your ex, thank the heavens you left the bastard I was sure you've been brainwashed so any guys in mind." she wiggled her brows staring at my back I saw Calvin talking to the lawyer. "The lawyer? No he isn't my type." I chuckled. "Who's talking about a lawyer I'm talking about the young man there." she insisted on Calvin, Noemie choked on her glass which caught our attention.

"This water is tasteless." she held the glass up and gave it back to me. "get me a different water glass." she voiced furiously.

"Can't you get your own water? " her mother asked. She ignored her mother and went over to my mom.

"Ella you look gorgeous." she told my mom while I continue chatting with Loura.

"So aren't you going to hit it off I remember when you guys were inseparable, he looks like the perfect choice." she jotted down and my heart starts beating for some reason.

"I don't know I don't think I'm ready and he already has a girlfriend plus Calvin is my brother." I stated. "Hmmmm stop saying that I saw the way he looked at you when you were talking to me." she said and I gulped.

Didn't she hear me say he had a girlfriend.

"Calvin dear, Quinn wants to talk to you." she called Calvin who nodded and left the Lawyer to stride over to us. "Ella, I almost forgot I'm getting married less than two weeks from now." Noemie immediately blurted getting everyone attention.
"Really congratulations." My mom muttered.

"Calvin wanna see my ring." oh that's why she announced it.

"Everyone it's time it's time to read the will is this everyone? " the lawyer asked I nodded.

"No, he's almost here." Noemie stated we heard a car drive in the doorbell rang, I went to get it to see a young man probably at his late twenties and I'm guessing Noemie fiance.

"Everyone meet the love of my life." she introduced the shithead to us.

"What's he doing here? He's not part of the family we are reading my father's will Noemie this isn't some slumber party that you can turn it to be about yourself." I said about to loose it. "Oh please, Calvin isn't even part of the family and he's here my sweetheart also deserves to be here." she said and I almost lost it.

"What can we get you dear? " my mom asked.

"Nothing ma'am " he said as my mom nodded, my Uncle Charles walked up to meet the idiot and shook hands with him.

"William how is your father? " Charles asked.

"He's well and sends his greetings."

"You sure you don't want anything, Quinn go make tea or some hot beverage for our guest if you need anything ask Quinn." my uncle insisted but I kept my cool.
"He's rich and he's your fathers brother, he's rich.." I repeated the mantra quietly.

"What do you have? " he asked.
"We have brown tea, thats all." I replied.

"Then make me some." he said rudely I went back into the kitchen angrily making the brown tea, Calvin walked in seeing me frustrated while I make the tea.
"Why are you here? " I fired.

"I'm here to make sure you don't poison the tea." he said I turned glaring at him. "Seriously? " I frowned. "You once poisoned Noemie water bottle in 5th grade when we went camping." why does he have to remind me.

"Well I'm grown and matured now." I said picking up the glass and walked out to see them starting the reading of the will without me.

"To his ex wife the savings he kept aside amount of $25,000, to Calvin a private account with the amount of $8,000 and to his daughter this ivory red necklace." they gave me the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen while I held the brown tea.

"Dad..." I whispered under my breath with a smile, I looked back at my mom who had her head bent maybe moved with emotions too.

"So where's our cut? " I looked back at Noemie.

"Excuse me? "

"Why the fuck did I come all the way here and invite my fiance when we don't even get our own share." I froze for a bit confused.
"Noemie sit down." Charles ordered.

"No Noemie talk I wanna hear what you have to say ?" I walk over to her furious.

"Get off my face bitch.." she said about to push me but I moved and poured the tea at William.
"What the fuck? "

"I'm sorry We'll pay for the damages." my mom muttered going to get a towel.

"This suit is more expensive than your deadbeat husband salary for a whole year." I dropped the glass cup and faced him.

"What did you call my father just now? " I asked. "The man that raised you isn't a father he's a disgrace I can't believe Noemie is related to you." he muttered and I laughed, suddenly everyone gave me the strange looks.

Calvin stood in front of the man protecting him from my wrath, he knows me too well.

I put on the necklace and walk out of them leaving them confused, I went to my mom's basement to get some tools, I picked up a crowbar and reappear.

Calvin eyes widen he stood in front of William again.

"Quinn I won't let you hurt him." Calvin said.

"You're crazy." William whimpered in fear.

"Quinn stop this nonsense, what are you doing with a crowbar ?" my mom asked.

"This isn't for you." I mummered walking out of there, they followed me outside until I saw a black BMW.

"Something is wrong with your car." I said as William came out forward.

"What? " he asked.

I smashed the glasses each and then the hood and then he back of the car, the headlights and then the inside of the hood and then the mirror.

I looked at him with murder in my eyes "There I have a dead beat father you have a death beat ride."

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