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Only You - Chapter Twelve


Only You - Chapter Twelve

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

I turned completely to face him he still held on to my hand with a subtle smirk, his grip on my wrist felt like it tightened knowing I would run away again from him, time looked liked it stopped and I swear my eyes started to well up and anger shut up my veins, I was out of breath and limb all of a sudden I traced his hand to his grip on my wrist like a film all of the memories came flooding back every single happy, hard and painful shit he put me through my free hand clench to a fist and I wanted to cry.

"Quinn...." my heart beat like a drum, my eyes trailed to his eyes to see his stare on me.

Does he know my identity?
"Quinn..." this time I realized it was Darren from the ear piece, I couldn't say anything not when Terry was next to me, what was he even doing here.

I shake my head breathing out a sigh, it doesn't matter what he's here for I have to complete the mission and Darren was going to help me escape so this will be the last time we meet, no matter how much I wanted to yell and scream the hell out I didn't want to risk it for some petty closure that will surely jeopardize the mission.

Again I heave a deep breath and sighed looking back at Terry, his once blonde hair was a messy black one, his skin was a bit tanned he was wearing an expensive suit like the rest of the men in the building as much as I wanted to figure what he was doing in an underground club he wasn't my mission.

I tried struggling away from his grip but his grip was locked on my wrist.

I looked him straight in the eye, those charming hazel eyes of his that made me fall for him in the first place. "You think I can't pay? " he asked revealing a stack of hundred dollar bills flying it across my face like I'm some cheap slut.

My brows furrowed and when I felt he loosened his grip on my wrist I flinched away back. "Isn't that enough? " he uttered digging through his pockets his actions made me sick to my stomach but I was glad he didn't figure out my identity, I wanted to take of the mask so bad and show him my face, I wanted to see his reaction and a minute of thinking I just brushed it off it wasn't worth it.

"Quinn... Quinn are you okay." I heard Darren from the ear piece I ignored it sharing Terry one last glare and with my head up high I walked away from him and into the crowd.

"Darren.." I whispered under my breath in the room that was blasting all sort of songs.

A muffled signal spiraled through the ear piece it tuned out and I could hear Darren with a worried voice speak. "What happened to you, Haven went in when after you didn't reply are you ok ?" I didn't say anything I just went silent. "I'm fine where's Haven? " I asked not interested in telling him I met my ex in an underground club.

"He's seen you but he's hidden, you still have to make that distraction." he said I glanced over the surrounding to see Haven who was at the farther end of the club having a drink he wasn't wearing his mask, he wore a hat and had his head bent he had his hands over his face with a cigar plugged to his lips, a few people hid him from being seen.

I guess hiding their identity makes it easy for them to go unnoticed when needed.

"I've seen Haven." I stared across the other end of the room to where the VIP was only the Mansoz sat with a few security as they drank and watched others dance. "When and how long do you want that distraction? " I said without hesitation.

"In the next few minutes, but you don't have to.."

"I can give you 25 minutes long I'm going over to them now.." I turned off the ear piece before he could say anything heaving a deep breath strutting towards them confidently all of a sudden and hand gripped on to my wrist again, I looked straight at Terry who locked his grip on me.

"I said I want a private dance bitch..." this time he was authorative and dominant, the fact he didn't take a hint that I'm not like all those cheap girls he cheated me off with and he called me cheap pissed me off.

"I don't do lap dance.." I said in a low tone disguising my voice trying to struggle free.

"Why are you making this hard, I just want a lap dance and you're acting like a bitch you're a fucking stripper be a nice bitch a gimme what I want... " he said trailing his hands down my side, placing his palm on my ass and with that I snapped and twisted his hand and kneed him at where the sun shined, his hand still locked on me and kick him up his jaw as he staggered back a bit. "Find another bitch you worthless bastard." I spat feeling the clog intensity in my chest get lighter.

Suddenly the atmosphere went quiet and all eyes were on me, I ignored them focusing my stare on Terry who managed to get up looking at me with murderous eyes. "You'll pay for that." he brooded and I've never felt more relished to see him in pain.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned to see Haven head bent. "Let's go." he whispered.

I frowned back at him. "What about the mission? " I whispered back to him. "Darren said we should pull you out forget about the distraction." he said and I nodded realizing Darren wanted to help me escape in the first place, I was about moving until a hand violently pulled me back and napkin made it's way to my face and took off my mask, I breathe in some kind of gas. I struggled the more away but ended up quickly inhaling whatever was applied to the napkin, the only thing I could thing I could see was Having balling his fist and flying it across my direction but hit Terry who let's go of me, I staggered towards Haven who held on to me.

"Are you okay? " he asked my face buried into his torso since my mask was off, I started coughing violently. "It's hot..." that was my only reply all of a sudden the atmosphere was warm and my body was burning up.

"Quinn..." I pushed my face away from him and kept my head bent, Haven quickly got up leaving me at my position and the next thing I heard was a flying punch, I slightly looked up to see Haven punching Terry, I switched back on my ear piece.

"Darren.." I coughed inhaling sharp breaths.

"Quinn, Where's Haven? " he asked.

"I lost my mask and I feel dizzy I'm on my knees with my face to the ground and I feel warm, Haven is...." I was cut short when I heard a gunshot and suddenly every single being in the room panicked in an uproar suddenly the room was in chaos, everyone took to their heels. "Quinn, get the hell out of there and take the back door the person that will help you escape is waiting for you." he urged I can't even see straight.
"What about the mission? " I asked.

"Get the hell out of there before you get shot." he warned, I slowly pick myself up barely knowing where I was going nobody care to see my face but I still held my hand over my face still in case, I was getting shoved by people running for their life the atmosphere from everyone who was panicking didn't help at all I could hardly breathe, I made it past a door I could not figure out where it led to but I kept walking, it was dim with a red that made it harder for me to know where I was going.

I kept going until I felt I couldn't breathe I settled down and went with crawling, I coughed again what ever I inhaled I couldn't fight it any longer.

I collapsed on the spot curling up into a fold, tears rolled down my cheeks and my chest ached. In a desperate whisper I breathe "Of all the persons I could meet it had to be you." my eyes went shut and everything was dark but the memories still flood back.

The gun fight that broke later was enough to cause a distraction, me and Erwin easily snuck in taking every single thing that was valuable which included money, jewelry and a few documents that were classified confidential we took it as well and bagged them all.

We exit the room where the safe was and left quickly, I tried contacting Darren but he didn't pick up I tried several times again but he didn't.

We were walking down the hall that was dimmed and the lighting were red we both sight a figure, Erwin pulled out his gun and as we got closer we figured out it was a body on the floor probably some drunk stripper who passed out. We got closer and immediately I recognized her the way she curled up told me it was Quinn, we quickly went up to her she was unconscious.

"She's wasted for sure, can't we just leave her here." He said I looked back at him with a death glare immediately he looked away, her face was wet probably from crying.

I tossed my bag over to Erwin sweeping her off the floor and carried her in bridal style.
"Terry..." she muttered quietly, I looked down at her hoping she would say something else but she didn't.

My eyes slowly awaken with a figure standing next to me, I blinked uncontrollably until my vision was clear, Haven stood next to me a smile appeared on his face.

I slowly got up with my hands strapped down behind me I noticed I was in a cushion and with a blanket on, I looked round to see the rest of the guys relieved I woke up.

Maria came up to me and pulled me into a hug I couldn't breathe with everyone's expression something went wrong during the mission.

Maria pulled away and said. "You even look pretty without your mask." she said excitedly and my heart dropped, did Terry find out it was me at the party? Something did go wrong.

I looked back at everyone who didn't wear their masks either.
"Did something go wrong with the mission? " I asked.

Darren got up and walked up to me. "Nothing happened, the gun fight created a distraction Seth and Erwin were able to complete the mission and bring you back." he hinted the last part with a failed expression, he was supposed to help me escape but I didn't take the chance.

"Maria leave..." Seth ordered and she left without hesitation, his stare focused on me he got up from where he settled down and walked straight towards me.
"You had one job and you screwed that up, how the hell did you end up unconscious without your mask, if it wasn't for the panic did you know what you put on the line? " he spilled at me all of a sudden without holding back."Seth..." Darren interrupts. "What? " he answered.

"Don't be hard on her Haven said she was knocked out after inhaling the gas don't load the blame on her." he said.

"That isn't a fucking excuse, she's a police officer she's supposed to be experienced and she didn't only blow her cover she collapsed unconscious on the floor for everyone to see.."

"It wasn't her fault completely, she would have finished the mission if some mother fucker didn't get in her way, she didn't mean for it to happen Seth don't take the blame out on her." Haven said standing up for me.

"Yeah and if they figured out her identity they would have taken her instead of leaving you to find her, give her a break no one got hurt." Darren said, Seth looks back at me with his cold eyes.

"We'll leave in the morning." he said and went the same way Maria went, Erwin left too so did Haven but he pushed my hair out of my face before wishing me goodnight.

Darren walked straight to me and sat down next to me.

Neither of us spoke a word, I didn't want to recall anything about the mission, my emotions were mixed up and seeing Terry just about triggered every emotion in display it was a mess.

"Are you okay? " Darren started off I shook my head, I didn't want to talk about Terry I didn't want to feel Vulnerable again so I shrugged it off.

"Maria knows your identities now ?" I chimed.

"Yes, it's not like she's going to spill we know her so long to be the kind not a snitch, besides she was going to find out our identities somehow." he said trying to make me feel less guilty. "She really admires you guys so I know she will keep your secret." I mentioned and again we both went silent.

"What happened ? You were supposed to go escape as planned? You look like you saw a ghost." he said I looked quickly at him and shook my head. "It's nothing, Seth was right about me screwing up I should have been more careful and also I thought about it, I don't want to leave anymore." my fingers dug through my blanket.

"I don't understand." Darren said.

"Thanks for helping me trying to escape but I don't want to anymore, some people are after me and I can't be sure running away will guarantee I'll be safe somehow they'll figure out how to find me Darren and I don't want to be the reason you get into trouble with the guys." I said as he nodded.

"You know this means you'll be involved in more dangerous obstacles than today, there will be much worse and you'll be hiding running around, are you sure you want this?" he asked and I nodded.

"Yes, I don't want you to get into trouble and I want to find out why they are after me or what's my connection with them." I said looking back at Darren who was staring at my necklace I clinged tightly to it but his stare didn't leave.

"What, do you think my necklace has something to do with it? " I asked he shook his head.

"I doubt it, the necklace isn't of any value I looked it up and didn't see any price of it the Cunningham's want something of value to them it can't be your necklace." he said.

"So they want me but why? " I asked.

"I don't know and you were saying the truth I couldn't look up any connection you have with them, the Cunningham's will do anything to get if you don't go into hiding, please rethink your decision." he said.

"I've already made up my mind, I want to know why they want me so bad and hiding isn't an option." he nodded clearly knowing I've made up my mind.

To be continued

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