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Only You - Chapter Three


Only You - Chapter Three

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"You wrecked his car? " Mandy gasped helping me unbox some my my dad's old stuff, I haven't even unbox my stuff yet.

"he was saying shit about my dad and I taught him a lesson and he was like I'm gonna call the cops on you and I was like I'm a cop how can I help you." Mandy chuckled.

"Girl you're crazy why didn't you invite me I would have made Noemie go mad like old times that bitch seriously hasn't changed."
 she said putting some stuff out.

"You should meet Williams he's an arrogant dick they are made for each other I'm so sorry for their children." I murmured helping Mandy out.

"Can't still believe Noemie is getting married, I really pictured her with a dozen cats and heavy botox at 84." Mandy said.

"She could always get a divorce they don't really love each other and we both know she has a huge crush on Calvin she purposely yelled she was getting married to get Calvin jealous, what an amateur." I said as Mandy shared me a smug smirk.

"Seems like she made someone else jealous." Mandy grinned, my cheeks flushed and I fold my arms and rolled my eyes.

"Oh please I'm not jealous it was just irritating that she can't get over the fact that.. "

"That Calvin loves you." Mandy cuts me off arching a brow. I scoffed. "Calvin doesn't love me.. He loves me yes, but he doesn't love me like some personal interest you know he has a girlfriend." I tensed up she noticed and laughs at me.

"Why do you make it so obvious you and Calvin makes a cute couple but you're too bummed out or scared to accept it if I wasn't gay I'll totally Calvin." she said as I furrowed my brows.

"You're not gay.." I squirmed.
"Who are you to judge my sexuality, today I can be gay tommorow I could be straight." she wiggles her brows at me. "So you're telling me you find Zoe attractive." I smirked.

"I swallowed my own vomit just now, hell no I rather lick vomit."
she said. "It's a good thing you just swallowed one." I coughed as she rolled her eyes.

"So wanna hang out tomorrow? " she asked.

"Can't, I have to go shopping with Noemie."

"Why ?"

"To pay for the damages to Williams car my uncle insist I attend to Noemie needs and help out since their wedding is in less than two weeks from now and also I have to waitress for their stupid wedding reception." I groaned.

"And you agreed? "

"My uncle is the only one with money and he's burying his brother I had to push down my pride or my mom will kill me you should have seen how mad she was when I smashed the car." I said already getting a headache thinking about working with Noemie.

"Maybe if I take a night shift and complete my assignment I'll tag along but I'm not promising though." she said getting up to the kitchen probably to get a bottle of water.

I decided to finally unbox my stuff going through my clothes and slowly taking them out I came across the same color of the dress shirt of the man that I helped a few days ago.

The funny thing was I did a mini investigation and there wasn't any outbreak of fight at the street so where the hell did the man come from.

And where did he go? The next morning he was gone and I couldn't get bothered by anything but my dad's death so I didn't look much into the case because when I checked him he didn't have an ID.

He could be a bad guy but if he was he could have killed me and taken my money but no he just left without even saying a thank you.

Maybe he was in a hurry or something I guess we'll never cross parts again.

"Why do you look like you're planning to go back to that dickhead." Mandy cussed with a little hint if curiosity in her eyes I just laughed it off and stopped doing what I was doing.

"I was just thinking about someone it's no one important." I nervously chuckled as she curved both her brows. "Is it a guy if you ain't interested give me his number." she joked.

"I don't have his number, we only met once and probably ain't gonna meet again." I assured myself looking back at the color of the shirt.

I need a drink.

I walked into the underground club below the Moneir an exclusive target there was a lot of shitty women here who wanted to pick a fuck boy the experts were inbetween 25-40 some were married only few were bold enough wear their rings, I wore a eye mask that masked my identity I picked it so the ladies could see my smirk.

"Seth get in the game you're not there for fun you're on a mission." Darren reminded me as I scoffed, a blonde girl who was probably in her middle twenties waved at me from her friends.

Too bad we could have had fun tonight.

"Look left she's here." I turned to see Astrid, she looked amazing, at least this night won't be boring after all.

"You have her information you have twenty five minutes to finish this mission don't mess up." Darren mummered.

I set my watch to fifteen minutes "Give me 15." I walked over to the girl that was smiling at me earlier, her friends giggled while she appeared shy. "Name? " I asked as she flushed she couldn't utter a word.

"Paine, her name is Paine.." one of her friends mummered starting off the conversation, I looked over to see Astrid already paying attention to me as she held a class of whiskey.

I traced my palm up Paine's Thigh.
"I'm lonely tonight mind warming my bed? " a smile worked up her face.

"How dirty can you get? " she blurts out with a cunning smile.

"How bad do you want it." I purred as she laughed annoyingly. Her friends gasped as hands trailed on my shoulders.

Lips pressed against the lobe of my ear. "How about we leave here and you can teach me how dirty you are." Astrid whispered into my ear leaving Paine and the rest of the girls shocked.

I smirked as my plan went according to plan.

"How dirty can you get? " I asked.
"You won't find out if you're here playing with children." that's when I knew I got her gamed.

The girls got up the moment she scornfully glared at them, she felt powerful and In command. "My room is the first suite I'll be waiting." she excused herself giving me a key pass to her hotel room.

She strut away with those big ass of hers I bit my lip and waited a few minute before taking a few drinks and taking an elevator to her suite.

I let myself in with the key pass and shut the door behind me, she leaned against the wall two feets away from me she was still in her black chic dress it was laced she held a glass of whiskey I'm her grasps.

"You came.." she put away the glass and pulled me to the couch she crashed her lips into mine and I didn't fail to make her want more, she was constantly running her fingers through my hair, her hands moved to my mask, her finger held on to it I pulled away from the kiss.

"Not here.." I whispered as she let's go of my mask she gets off me.

"My room? " she asked probably wanting to get to know my identity and fucked, I just liked how desperate she was.

I didn't reply but gave her a grim expression, she takes off her dress in front of me wearing a black see through lingerie.

"Let's take it to my bedroom then." I smiled as she smiled too relieved that she was successful, she went to her bedroom first and I took about five minutes before walking down to her bed room she was on her bed with her back turned against me.

Her left arm was on her left shoulder she slowly slides the hands of the top down.

"I'm all yours." I walked up to her and kissed her neck she moaned as I ran my palms against her skin, I smirked in the kiss as the watch in my alarm went off.

"What's tha..." I quickly pulled a gun hidden in my calves perfectly and shot her, she died instantly.

I put my gun back looking down at her with a frown, she laid exactly like the girl.

I stared at for what I may assume a minute or two.

"Seth, get out of there now security is on your tail they heard the gun shots." I nodded and left the apartment.

I safely return to my hotel room to see the gang, they were with some girls.

"the mission was successful I guess? " Haven asked with two sluts clinging on to him.

I ignored him, Darren walk in with his phone in his hands, he greets me with his eyes and I just nodded I searched for a ciga which I light up and started smoking.

I heave a deep breath.

"All of you get out." I said coldly as the guys and girls looked at me confused. "Who? " Erwin challenge me I picked up a gun and shot Darren's phone.

"Get out." I ordered as all the girls ran for their lives, I took off my mask.

"live a little man." Haven protested quietly but I ignored him. "We're going back to Detroit, tell her mission accomplished." I said.

Darren went to a corner and pulled out a suitcase."She brought this as promised." he opened revealing a suitcase full of money totalling to 10 million.

"Why would she go into all this get all this money to kill a successful young woman." Erwin asked.

"She needed closure after Astrid Killed her only son, the success behind Astrid is masked she targets some rich millionaire seduces him and gets them to will over to her their property and then she kills them." I said smoking some more. "I feel her pain she had her son when she was just thirteen, the father denied it and she stopped going to school and was disowned by her parents and she did everything to make him successful back then only for a woman to kill her son, it took her five years to work for this money and now she gets the closure she deserves." everyone went quiet when I spoke.

Again I thought about the girl, I just hissed under my breath, she's just some girl who helped me so why the fuck is she important.
"Something wrong? " Darren asked.

"Bag the money and let's go." I mummered under my breath.

I was at the mall.

"Be nice to your cousin when she gets there and don't frustrate her okay? " my mom reminded me and I just groaned.

"Yes mother." I said hanging up on seeing Noemie, she was wearing a patterned jumpers and heels that could have broken my legs if I wore them, she had her hair shoulder length surprisingly.

I wore nothing interesting just jeans and a faded top that was probably eight years now and was slightly showing my tummy.

Noemie walked up to me scaling my outfit I just ignored her and said. "Noemie I'm sorry for being mean to you we are cousins and related so we have to get along now I guess can you find it in your heart to forgive me." my mom made me to say that I know I didn't have to but I'll do anything for my mom and she'll ask.
"hold my bag will you.." I'm a citizen of the law I could arrest her but I can't.

I followed her to a spa and hair treatment, she already had an appointment so the place was empty because she wanted to feel comfortable.

She got escorted to take her treatment as one lady was the one doing it for her, I followed holding her bag, I was bored and rummaged through her bag the only interesting thing was her phone and surprisingly she didn't have a password.

Her wallpaper was her stupid face and William's.

I saw a message from some people curious I clicked on it to see her talking shit about my dad and mom and how she wished I died so Calvin could love her and she was only marrying William to make me feel empty and Calvin feels jealous.

I was fed up seeing everything, the woman giving her a massage suddenly receives a call for some reason she quickly exits the room leaving me with Noemie.

She was probably asleep, she was snoring and suddenly an Idea click, I put her phone behind my pockets and her purse away.

I picked up a multi colored dye and started applying it to her hair carefully and then I saw glue and mixed it with the ingredients for a mud face mask and carefully applied it to her face and then washed it off quickly as it dried on her face..

Fifteen minutes later she woke up transformed, I held myself from laughing.

"I feel relaxed." she said about to get a mirror but I stopped her. "Don't you want to see yourself when you try out your outfit? I heard it bad luck to look yourself in the mirror after a treatment you can get wrinkles." I said, she gasped and drops the mirror.
I knew she was stupid but not this stupid.

She gets up as the woman came back and almost screamed but I mouthed to her to shut up.

"Thank you how do you know I wanted to look like this I feel and look amazing." she said why I tried to hold myself from laughing.

"Don't you think you need a mirror maybe to check if you really like it." the woman tried to help her. "Don't you know that's bad luck you illiterate, Quinn let's go before I loose my temper." she said as I picked up her purse and followed behind her, I excuse myself to buy a toy gun and met back with her at a jewelry shop.

She still didn't know her head looked like rainbow dash and a mud mask was glued to her face.

All eyes were on her, I picked a very expensive and showed it to her. "Hey you have money can you? " I stopped while she waited for me to say something. "I just remembered I forgot your phone at the spa saloon.." I mummered dropping the earring she took away her bag in anger.

"Seriously.." she hisses walking out on me and
The alarm went off as two security guard shows up and gets hold of her, they took away her bag to see the toy gun and the earring.

"Sir I can explain.." she tried reaching out to her purse but they didn't. "What kind of freak show are you? " one of the officers said staring at her. "What do you mean by freak show? " she yelled out of pity one of them turned up his camera and showed her how she looked like.

She screamed. One of them handcuffed her as she tried to escape. "I'm innocent I don't even know how the earring and the gun got there ask her she'll vouch for me." Noemie pointed at me.

"Sir I told her to drop it back but she claimed she'll shoot me if I report, she's a thief take her away." I smirked as they both got hold on her.

"Why you little bitch I'll make a call to daddy and he'll deal with this." I just laughed because her phone is with me and she doesn't know her dad's number off head.

I brought out her phone and dropped it to the floor and stepped on it.

"Oops I dropped my phone." I told the officers as Noemie looked like she was going to kill me.

They were dragging her away while she was screaming. "Guess you're arrested I'll go home." I said waving and walking pass her.

"No, Quinn don't leave me here I'm begging you, you better come and bail me, at least get me a mirror." she cried. "I don't wanna go to jail." she yelled.

"I didn't want to go shopping with you either but we all have to make sacrifices see ya"

To be continued.

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