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Only You - Chapter Ten


Only You - Chapter Ten

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

I was in the kitchen, spreading butter on a piece of bread recalling everything that transpired between me and Seth, I hate everything about him, his smug smirk, his intimidating eyes and that reddish brown hair and his impressively tall figure.

The knife escape from my grasps realizing I was outlining his physique in my mind, I shake my head looking down at the buttered bread.

"I need to get the fuck out of here."
 I murmured quietly walking to a end of the kitchen where the other piece of bread was and smack the two together.

A muffled noise came from the living room, with my sandwich I strolled out of the kitchen to see Darren and Erwin, they both had their masks on they took it off settling down.

"Where's Haven? " I turned to see Seth staring intently at me, he ignored me looking over Erwin and Darren and walking towards them.

"My guess is he's playing some complete brainless bitch on bed right now." Erwin muttered putting down the bag he was lifting.

"We got the bullets by the way." He opened the bag filled with red tiny bullets. "Selling these will cash in a lot of money." Erwin said digging his hand in the bag picking up the tiny bullets as they fell back into the bag, one fell to the floor and rolled slowly close to my feet, I bent and picked it up examining the bullet.

"I've never seen this kind of bullet before.. " I awed in amazement, Darren stood in front of me reaching out to collect the bullet.
I gave it to him, he tossed it in the air and quickly swiped it from the air. "They're not normal bullets..." he started off. "They're called venom blood one of the most dangerous and the most poisonous bullets in the country, they're made from the venoms of the most poisonous metal on earth." he said while I shook my right hand, he chuckled at my flimsy reaction.

"Don't worry their poison is already condensed into the bullet so it's not poisonous now unless you're being shot then count yourself unlucky." he said while I looked closely at the gun. "How come I've never heard of them if they're this popular? "

"They're used by gangsters or mafias and are only produced illegally in only one part of the country, they're imported to us we keep some and sell the rest." he said I gasped a bit looking directly at the abdomen. "But you got shot..."

"It was a normal bullet, those bullets are kept for important missions or a last resort." he explained, I just nodded.

"Darren bag these to the basement, I'll go and contact Haven." Seth ordered and left, without looking Erwin snatched my sandwich.

"Hey, that's mine.." I yelled he didn't give a damn he just took a bite out of it. "I didn't see your name on it, it's not like you'll have boobs if you eat it." he smirked, anger shut in my veins I wanted to strangle him.

"Excuse me... " Darren pulled me back. "Forget it, you don't want to let Erwin get on your nerves." he advise lifting the bag.

I looked back at Erwin who finished my sandwich and quickly got up and walked away, Darren walked ahead of me. "Do you just let him do anything he wants? " I mumbled frustrated.

"Everyone has demons we have no right to tame or control it, we just let it spiral free." he said.

"But he's out of control, he's been mean to me ever since I got here not like I like living here." I said.
"Erwin is out of control, yes but when you earn his trust or respect sometimes he'll treat you with same respect when he feels like it, Erwin doesn't like being controlled but sometimes he compromises, it's just how he is don't worry he'll get use to you probably." Darren said with a smile I just nodded because I'm not planning on staying here like their prisoner but I need to earn their trust.

"There are some takeout in the other bag, you can't take them out while I keep the bullets in the basements." he said and I nodded, I went to the bag and brought out the take out, there was a tablet on the table and it chimed, I ignored it but then I realized it's Darren's tablet.

It had a pattern lock screen, I used an old trick I learned to do when unlocking my mom's phone when I wanted to buy something online.
The phone unlocked revealing a notification with a private message. I clicked on the notification to see a recent message from an unknown number it was the only messages there so I assume some were deleted.

•Unknown•How much are you willing to pay to get rid of her.
I was confused but continue reading

•Darren•State your price
•Unknown•You know the dangerous risk if you plan to go with this operation.

•Darren• The Cunningham's want her, keeping her here is a big risk, just make everything happen and I'll call when everything is in place and after that I want Quinn Fields announced dead.

•Unknown• As you wish.

I gasped in horror on reading the messages.

"Let's eat.." I heard Darren coming over I quickly exited in panic and dropped the tablet back on the table and stood awkwardly until he made his presence.

"Sorry if it's cold though it was a long drive here and Erwin kept making stops." I just nodded and took out my share and sat down eating my takeout in silence.

So it was all an act to get me to trust him, he even wants me dead.
I ate silently and moody Darren noticed but ate silently too. "Is it that cold? " he uttered, I looked back at him and nodded. "I don't want to eat anymore." I dropped the takeout on the table having lost my appetite after reading those messages.

Now I need to really get out of here.

"Should I order something? Or should we wait till Haven is back to make something maybe you'll eat that instead." I just shot him a cold harsh glare. "Count me out I think I've lost my appetite." I uttered already paranoid, he could kill me by poisoning my food instead.

"OK then, do you want to watch a movie or?" he insisted. "Just leave me alone." I yelled and walked back to my room.

It's being a week I barely ate anything and refused anything Darren brought since he was the only one that brought me food, the only time I ate was late at night.
I laid down on the bed awake by the rumbling sound of my stomach, it hurts and I was pretty much starving.

I couldn't take it anymore, I got up in pangs sneaking out of my bedroom.

I quietly shut the door and walked down the corridor and burst out to the kitchen quietly searching the cupboard to anything related to food, the only thing I could make was oatmeal, I quickly made it and served it in a bowl.

"What are you doing up this hour? " I turned my back to see Seth, I backed behind the kitchen counter to face him.

He was wearing a blue sleeve shirt and dull brown khakis, he had his eyes glued to my body and for some reason it made me tense.

"Nothing, what are you doing.." he walks up to me and pushes me away to see the oatmeal I was hiding, I quickly picked it up and ate it while he just stared awfully long at me.

"You had a fight with your boyfriend? " he teased evidently but I just ignored him and sat down at one of the chairs and continued eating, he went to the fridge and got an apple and sat down opposite me, he didn't touch the apple he just stared at me while I ate.

"Will you stop? " I yelled at him.
"Staring at you? " he questioned. "Yeah stop it, it's bad enough you sexually harassed me last week when the guys weren't around." a grin worked up his lips and a quiet chuckle escape his lips.

"What's funny, I'm a police officer and when a male makes sexual advances towards a female like you did it's called sexual harassment." he just stared at me still annoying the fuck out of me, his eyes darted to my lips.

"That's not sexual harrasment." he got up from his chair and walks over to me and pulls my chair back and in a second he yanks me off the chair and tosses me on a kitchen counter, his face was literally close to mine.

"This is.." he breathes against my face tilting his head down a bit, I pushed my back to avoid his face close to mine but that gave him the advantage to place his hands down on my knee, he slowly runs his palm up my thigh and my breathing starts acting up and I went mute.

His hands gripped on to my thigh, he leans down and presses his lips against my jawline, I felt limb all of a sudden letting him trail his kisses down my neck I let out a quiet whimper suddenly he got possessive he trailed his hands down my ass, my eyes widened in bewilderment he then forced his weight on me squeezing my ass and kissing my neck, my heart was pounding I felt it could explode.

I struggled under his weight, he wouldn't budge suddenly a few memories about Terry pushing me down to the bed, roughly kissing me, touching me and forcing me have sex with him flashed my mind, it flooded my emotions on an overdrive and I punched Seth in the eye.

"Don't touch me.." I wanted to voice it angrily but it came out like a whimper and tears strolled down my cheeks, he backed away and quickly I got down from the counter running out of the kitchen, I bumped into Darren who was surprised to see me.

"Quinn?? " he mumbled confused, I ran past him and to my room and shut the door behind me and locked it from the inside, I walked over to my bed and sat down on the floor resting my back against the bed, I looked down at the darkness of my room as tears stroll down my cheek.

"Fuck you Terry, fuck you.." I said under my breath still crying, hating the fact I still have memories of him.

I cried myself to sleep.

The next day, I went to the kitchen myself make something myself, Haven was in the kitchen I didn't bother to disturb him I went over to the fridge and picked a bag of chips and ate silently, Erwin walked in and snatched my chips and sat down next to me eating it, I just ignored him while Haven finished making breakfast, he served his own and sat down eating quietly.

Darren walked in, I avoided eye contact with him looking down at the table he noticed and served his share and wanted to walk out until Seth walked in.

Seth focused his stare at me I quickly got up to leave. "Dude what the fuck happened to your eye?? " Erwin asked while everyone focused on his black eye I gave him and my heart stopped because I felt dead silence.

I looked down catching my breath ready for him to tell on me. "If you don't shut the fuck up I'll shoot you Erwin, don't piss me off." he mummered and surprisingly he shut up.

Darren stares at me and then back at Seth who was already eating, I quickly exited the kitchen.

Later that day, I was called to the living room all the boys sat down while Darren explained their new mission.

"We need a distraction If we are going to sneak in..." Darren said, all of them paid attention especially Erwin, Seth looks up at me and back at the plan.

"Quinn will be our distraction." he muttered, every single eye in the room focused on me.

"Are you crazy? She's a walking ransom, we can't use her as a distraction." Haven interrupted, I heave a deep sigh hoping they'll listen to him. "Using her would be a great idea, everyone would be distracted trying to get her they won't notice us trying to sneak in." Darren said, I couldn't believe he was going with the plan.

Are they planning to get rid of me so quick.

"If your plan is to terminate the reason we still have her that's a stupid plan." Erwin spoke up seriously.

"She'll be a Distraction but in disguise, she'll wear a mask to hide her identity, she'll distract them while we carry out the mission." Seth said as they all looked at me.

"What exactly am I doing? " I asked.

"There is this underground club where mob boss meets to deal with business, one of them is Sheldon Mansoz he owes us and he's throwing his eldest son his 27th birthday, he has a safe where he keeps his money and we are more than willing to take what is rightfully ours.." Seth explains.

"So what brings me here? " I asks while he smirked wickedly.
"You're going undercover as a stripper, you'll be wearing a mask." he said while I frowned at the idea.

"I'm not a stripper." I yelled. "Then improvise, because you're going to have to cause a distraction, everything is already arranged whether you like it or not." he said and I've never hated him more than now.

To be continued

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