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Only You - Chapter Six


Only You - Chapter Six

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

I sat down at the back quietly thinking of a plan to escape, I was handcuffed held captive in some van by two of the so called gangsters, one just kept making flirtatious remarks at me and the other played with a dagger.

I breathe in thinking about my mom and then Mandy and also Calvin who probably have no idea where the fuck I am, on the bright side I don't have to be Noemie's maid.

The one who was driving adjusted his masks.

"It's time..." he muttered as all of them came down from the the van, I sat down still handcuffed, Seth came to the back and handed me a dress and a napkin.

"Here change and clean up your makeup you look like a clown." he cocked I just scoffed while he left the back of the van a bit shut.

I just picked up the towel cleaning my face as instructed and snuck quietly to take a look at the tiny open path, I pushed the back of the van a bit to see a few shrubs leading to a busy part and two other cars.

"Seth this wasn't part of the plan, if the Cunningham finds out we have her, they won't take it likely with us can't we just settle the price and take her to them, we are playing a dangerous game by keeping her." one of them said as Seth just nodded.

"You know the Cunninghams very well Darren, whenever they act like this they are planning something big, don't you want to find out what possibly could be her connection with them?" Seth said to Darren.

"Her connection with them is none of our business Darren, our business is doing the job and getting paid we're supposed to turn her in." one of them said looking authorative while Seth frowned.

My stomach dropped on hearing their mumurs, they were going to sell me if it wasn't bad enough my mother sold my freedom to Noemie and her parents.

What the fuck is wrong with everybody.

"Her necklaces looks familiar." the one that played with the dagger smirked putting both his hands behind his head. "So what's your point Erwin? "

"I don't know, maybe Seth is right, this is the Cunningham's we're talking about what do they need an ordinary police officer for? She went on hiatus for two years and came back and they want us to bring her to them, she didn't borrow money neither is she related to any of them don't you think it's strange? " Erwin said as everyone looked at him and back at Seth.

"More of the reasons we can't keep her, she could be trouble if they found out we carried out the mission and kept the girl we'll be risking a lot, we can't keep her not when she could be a burden or inexperienced." One of the uttered.

"If she's a big threat why don't we kill her, I'll do the honors." Erwin said I just backed up pushing the back door quietly a little more to see an only leading trail to a bush path.

Judging by the surroundings we parked in a hidden trail and probably the bush path got us here.

"Fine we'll interrogate her and ask her for questions if she answers we keep her, maybe she could be a advantage to the Cunninghams if they are planning something we can acknowledge information and sell it to their enemies and if she doesn't we'll kill her." Seth mummered.

"Over my dead body." I whispered under my breath.

If I made a run for it now they could easily catch me and shoot me to my death.

"You guys take her to Detroit me and Erwin will head south." those were the last words I heard, before footsteps.

I heard a car drive off, one of the cars were no longer there I assumed.

I just sat down looking pale until the doors opened wide revealing two strangers I didn't know them because they took off their masks.

The one with blonde hair walked up to me with a calm smile, he looked innocent and sweet with his toothful smile, how the hell did he end up a part of a gangster.
"Follow us.." he reached his hands out to me, I gave him a strange look.

"Are you going to kill me? " I asked wearing a mournful look, sympathy flushed his eyes but he held himself strained locking eye contact with me. "No." he simply replied still reaching out but I played the scared card to probably soften him up.

"Please let me go, I have a daughter."

Of course I don't have a daughter.
He looked at me in pity finally I know he's the soft one. "I... I.. " he froze thinking of how to reply me.
"We can't do that." the one at the back spoke I just mellowed down spotting a key at his pockets.

"Get up, let's go the cops may track us down." the one at the back mummered, I just nodded and started coughing violently and shaking.

"What's wrong with her? " I kept my head down loudly coughing until Darren patted me but I kept coughing. "Did she get drugged or something." the two of them came close to me, I elbowed Darren hard and smacked the other one hard

I quickly crawled out of their way but a hand gripped on to my leg.
I kicked on the face and quickly got up heading out and locked the two in.

I saw a red car next to the van, I looked down at my handcuffs, I couldn't drive and there was no one around, I saw the path to the bush path.

"Let us out bitch."
"Yeah no, see you never retards." I yelled running in the bush path. It was getting a little bit wider by the second until I saw the the opening of the sun set falling.

"Where am I? " I twirled trying to get a better scope of my environment it felt like I've been walking circles.

I stopped to catch my breath and tried to break my handcuffs but it was no use I just gave up leaning my back against a tree.

I heard some twigs snap, high and alert I quickly got up the only weapon I could locate was a tiny branch, I quickly grabbed it backing behind a tree as the snapping got closer when I felt it was close I pulled the element of surprise and jumped out to see a girl in tears, her clothes were comparable to rags, she looked scared I lowered the branch putting on the sternest face.

"What are you doing here? " I asked the girl who looked like she was in her early teens.

"I'm looking for my sister, I lost her." she said coldly, I gave her a few looks and dropped the branch. "Okay." I whispered rubbing both my hands it was dusk now and it got cold, I knew I should have worn that sweater.

I looked back at the girl. "What are you doing in the woods anyway? " I asked.

"I was looking for food, my father is sick in bed our brother sent us to get food, she's with the basket she wondered off without my knowledge I'm worried." she relic under a brooding tone.

"is this the first time you've been here? " I asked as she shook her head. "Come on let's go back to all the places you guys were picking berries maybe she's looking for you too." she nodded looking back at my handcuffs at first unease, I looked back at her.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you." I said as she nodded still unsure, she led me slowly taking me to the place she claimed to have been picking berries, I followed behind like a faithful shepherd while breathing out to my hand for warmth.

The atmosphere was cold and the only noise filling the atmosphere was that of the crickets and frogs.
Suddenly I felt this bad feeling hit my stomach and a grim warmth wash my face, I ignored it thinking of only maybe the cause was the cold and I was literally freezing.

Then the snapping of twigs and the feeling of were not alone, come to think of it, it felt like we've been walking for hours, I suppressed the thoughts maybe as a sign of stress or paranoid about how the darkness blend with the shrubs and we were literally the only one walking and snapping twigs.

'Something doesn't feel right.' I thought to myself, I focused my sight on the girl, she didn't turn back and walked like she knew where she was going too well.
"How far are we to the place you think your sister is ?" she stopped walking turned around and showed me the most spine chilling smile I could see.

"Do you have a sister? " she asked which was confusing. "No." her smile fell to a flat she nodded and turned back I was already creeped out.

"I have a brother though." I mentioned she didn't look back we walked to what looked like a dead end she turned around with just a pale expression, no smile, just a flat expression.

"Is your sister here? " I asked.
A girl ran to her as she hugged her, the girl looked eight or nine.

I felt a gun pointed to my head. "See where compassion got you, you got played by a kid." I heard a male voice.

"I don't understand." I said as the two girls held each other. "I'm sorry, they told me to do it or else they'll kill my sister." she said holding on to the little girl who held on to her, I just smiled and nodded, she did not have a choice.

They left leaving me with Darren and the dickhead that got a gun pointed to my head, Darren avoided eye contact with me as he talked on the phone phone.

"We have her, see you in Detroit." he muttered before hanging up.

To be continued

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