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Only You - Chapter Seven


Only You - Chapter Seven

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"What do you know about the Cunningham's ?" Haven slammed his hands down glaring at me, he has toothpaste white hair and grey eyes and a chiseled jawline.

Darren leaned against the frames of the door studying my figure I just stayed still and remained numb.

I was in a room it was painted black with only a light beaming in the middle of the room.

"Why won't you say anything, we can kill you if you don't give us answers." he blabbed while I rolled my eyes.

"Then kill me already at least it's better than inhaling your terrible breath, take a mint or mouth wash before you fucking yell at me for three hours straight." I smirked while he sniffed out his breath and backed away.

He walked over to Darren whispering something but I couldn't hear anything, he left the room leaving me and Darren alone, I put my head down avoiding eye contact with him.
He took a chair and sat facing me with a calm look.

"Hi.." he started off I slowly put my head back up to look at him, his eyes stared into mine.

I nodded as a reply. "I'm Darren." he introduced. "I know." I replied looking back and forth in the room looking for anything like an air vent or window, it was just a dark room with a door.

The door was my only escape.

"Good, want to tell me yours? " he asked.

"You already know who I am, there's no need for introductions." I mummered while he giggled. "You're sharp and diligent I like you." he smiled and broke into a chuckle, my cheeks heat but but my face went calm when I convinced myself I'm in this position because of him.
"That girl at the back, why did you help her? It's strange you'll put a stranger first before your self." he muttered. "Because it's the right thing to do and I'm supposed to help people and protect them as a police officer it's my job." I said.
"It's kind of Naive don't you think? " he commented.

"Who the fuck do you think you are to judge? You used an innocent child for your own gain, what you call Naive is the right thing to do, you won't understand because you fucking kill people like they're toys." I mummered he smiled and nodded. "I don't kill people, believe me or not I don't fancy picking a gun the others can." he said.

"And I should believe you? "

"I don't need to make you believe me, look you don't want to be here but the Cunningham's requested for you, the only reason we have you is because you know something." he muttered like a crazy person.

"I don't know what you guys are talking about I don't know the Cunningham until now when you kidnapped me and handcuffed me here to my own will, I don't know anything." I voiced out Darren looked at me with a warm expression.

"Quinn, we will protect you if you think the Cunningham will come after you because of something you know we can help you." he said.

"I don't know anything, I don't need your help, I want to be free and be back with my mom and friends and I'll never result to working with criminals." my tongue clicked the inside of my mouth, Darren just nodded and traced his eyes down to my neck.

"You have a pretty necklace." he commented getting up from his seat. I didn't reply to him, I just watched him walk out scanning my surrounding.

I was tied down to the chair and being handcuffed didn't help at all, I looked round the place, Iooked thoroughly at the door.

I looked back for anything like a
CCTV camera but I didn't see any.
I struggled to loosen out of the handcuffs, this wasn't my first time being handcuffed though I didn't have anything to break them so I struggle to loosen it and still it didn't have a single impact, the next thing I fell my back against the floor, the chair made a loud thud I ignored and wiggled myself slowly out of the ropes.
I got up with a frown as my back hurts as hell, I head to the door to unlock the door knob still handcuffed.

As if luck was on my side it wasn't locked.

I quickly slammed the door open and walked out to see myself in a narrow corridor with other doors, when they brought me here I was blindfolded.

I shut the door behind me thinking of where to run to, left or right.

I heaved a deep breath to convince myself I'm calm even though my heart was beating like hell.

I took the left quietly running down the corridor and took another turn until I heard indistinct chatter coming from the end I slowly backed up, trying out a door which was locked and then another which was locked too, the chain of my handcuffs got tangled with the door knob.

"Seriously.." I whispered I could hear my heart pounding and almost at my throat.

Successfully I unhooked from the door knob and tried another one which unlocked quickly, I shut it behind me to heaving a deep breath.

The indistinct chatter got audible, I bit my lip in tension as a few voices mummered.

"Erwin and Seth are back." I heard Darren mummered. "Maybe Seth can explain this nonsense of keeping her, she clearly doesn't know anything or have anything to do with the Cunningham's I'm suspecting she means something to Seth." he continued as they passed while my back leaned against the door.

"She's a trained police officer she's trained to act in situations like this, she must have been working with the Cunningham's and owed them something I don't believe her..." Haven said as they both walked past, my heart was pounding.

I caught my breath like I planned on running a marathon.

I didn't know where I was the room I was in was dark my vision couldn't uncover what room was this, I got up pressing my palms against the door until I felt the light switch, I switched it on to see a bedroom, it had a king size bed, a shelf with a few books and a mask by a desk drawer and a huge closet and a camera which also laid by the desk drawer.

There was also a mirror, I walked over to it to see my dark brown hair a mess and I looked pale and bags were under my eyes.

This is Darren's room, it's so neat and huge, my bedroom growing up wasn't even big as this, maybe Noemie's bedroom was but I never stepped foot in her bedroom.

There had to be some kind of key here or a chain saw.

I walked towards the other end of the room to the closet which was another separate room on its own it wasn't too big though.

I left the closest sitting on the bed thinking of an escape plan, Darren looks like the calm one I could play the sympathy card and pretend as if I know the Cunningham's plan in exchange for my freedom.

My mind bounced back to reality when I heard the knob of the door turn, my heart skipped a beat, I looked round thinking of where to hide.

I looked down under the bed and quickly crawled under to hide, I sneaked in as the door slammed open.

A black shoe stomped slowly in, it was quiet the lights were switched off and then on again, I heard the door shut and the figure sitting down on the bed and sighed.

A knock came on the door, it quickly got up and went to the door. "She's not in her room anymore." I heard Darren's voice, my eyes widened in shock if this isn't Darren's room then it's someone else. "Shut everything on lockdown, bring her back alive." I heard Seth's voice I couldn't be anymore shaking.

"What's so important about this girl Seth, we interrogated her she knows nothing we should give her to the Cunningham's." Darren suggested. "Just do what you're ordered." he said slamming the door shut against Darren.

I just laid there quiet thinking of a plan, I heard him walk into somewhere and something like water dropping.

He was taking a shower.

I heard him stomp back and then back into the bathroom and without thinking I came out of the bed and tried to unlock the door but it was locked.

I felt my intestine literally kicked my stomach when I heard a deep husky voice. "What a coincidence to find you in my bedroom." I didn't bother to face him I had my back turned for reasons, he could be naked.

"Turn around." he ordered dominantly I shook my head sideways in fear, I was more afraid to look him in the eyes.
"How did you know I'm here? " I asked.

"Your scent.." he replied, I still didn't turn to face him. "No one enters my room and I clearly remember switching the lights of my room before I went out, also the bed was a bit lumpy than usual." he stated and I completely turned to see him with a white shirt and black jeans and with a key.

"You were bleeding and bruised that night, was that a plan to know where I lived or something, why didn't you kidnap me or kill me then you would have saved me a lot of shit." I mummered.

He walked up to me and unlocked my handcuffs, I looked back at him he leaned closer planting his lips at the dept of my earlobe. "And to return the favor, you have five minutes to get out of here if you can escape I won't come after you but if you can't forget ever leaving, goodluck." he muttered lowly under his breath and goes to the door and unlocks it.

I was stunned, it could be a trap but he was letting me go but again it could be a trap, I stood confused and paranoid on what to do.

He stared at me in bewilderment but smirked to hide it. "You have four minutes and counting." I slowly walked to the door and shot him one last look before I ran out of there.

I kept taking turns but got confused, until I held it together and came out to the living room.
"Stop or I'll shoot you." I turned to see Erwin, he held a gun at me, I knew it was a trap.

Haven, Darren and Seth came out, I looked round as the gang was complete.

"I knew this was a trap." I muttered, Seth wanted to speak up. "I'm tired of being your prisoner, your toy just fucking kill me already why are you keeping me, what did I do to you, if I knew who you were then I should have let you to die." I yelled at Seth as all eyes focused on him.

"What is she talking about Seth? Do you know her? " Darren asked.
Seth looked me back in the eyes, he nodded.

"She saw me without my mask." they all looked at me furious. "If she knows your identity we can't let her leak it to the Cunningham's." Erwin said clocking his gun and pushed me forward ready to shoot.

"Erwin don't.." Darren yelled but too late he shot, my eyes were shut I was afraid to open them, but I didn't feel a single sting, I opened my eyes to see Darren stumbling to his knees.

Erwin dropped his gun short of words as Haven and Seth ran up to him.

"What the fuck Erwin? " Haven yelled, I looked round to see the exit, everyone was busy involved in Darren's shot, to notice me.
Without looking back I leaped into my only hope for freedom and took sneaked out to the only exit in the room.

To be continued

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