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Only You - Chapter Fourteen


Only You - Chapter Fourteen

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

The bowl fell away from my grasp I cough a nervous chuckle the only thing I got out of Seth was a death glare that scared the crap out of me.

"You're not Erwin, well my mistake.." I turned round about taking on my heels to escape but a hand pulled on to my right wrist I traced it down to Seth, he held it slightly up.

"First a black eye, now this what's next cluts..." he whispered into my ears, I tried shaking away from his grip but I wasn't that strong, I swing my hand to give him another punch in the eye but he caught my left hand tightly gripping on to my left wrist.
He held both my hands up, I resulted to wiggling but him having an advantage pushed me against the wall of the corridors, my back collided against the wall and he had my hands up by my side, he leaned closer slowly forcing his weight on me.

"What should I do with you Quinn? " he asked in a melodious deep voice despite the anger disguised in his voice the only thing I could hear apart from him was the sound of my heart pounding.

"Let me go.." I yelled in a high pitch scream hoping Haven would rescue me. His grip on both my hands tightened. "And why would I do that ?" he asks.

'So I can fucking stay alive' I said in my head but I couldn't utter a single word. "You're getting on my nerves." he said still tightening his grip on me.

"You're hurting me.." I groaned out hoping he could buy my sympathy, I trailed my eyes to his hoping to convince him but my heart throbbed, his eyes were locked on mine suddenly his grip on me loosened a bit I stayed still waiting for him to let go of me completely but he just stayed.

"Seth..." Darren walked in to all all of us he had his tablet in his grasp, he leaned back facing Darren.
"What? "

"There's a mission it's up to you if we should take it." Darren said going through his tablet and then held it in front of us, I saw two girls in the picture they reminded me of me and Mandy back in college, they were hugging each other and both had black hair.

Seth let go of me focusing his attention on the image on Darren's laptop.

Darren zoomed into the one on the left. "Her name is Aubrey, she's an accounting major in her 3rd year in college, she died yesterday on a drug overdose, her sister claimed Aubrey ex boyfriend tortured her, raped her and leaked her nudes online, Aubrey couldn't take the comments anymore so she took an overdose and died." suddenly a chill went down my spine and the atmosphere seemed dark.

Darren continued. "Her sister wants Aubrey's ex boyfriend to pay, his father is among few of the billonaires owning an estate in the country, he's throwing a going away party she wants him dead." I coughed quietly then gasps.

"She's willing to pay any amount for us to make it happen." Darren said why I looked back at Seth hoping he would turn down the mission. "Let's take it." Seth says and again I gasped.

"Any problem with that Quinn? " Erwin asks.

"You can't just kill people because someone asks you just to, if all these allegations are true she could just make a court order and she'll will be heard you guys can't take this mission it's brutal." I argued, Haven walks in confused meeting all of us in our position.
"It's how we've been doing things bleach brain, it's not your decision if he gets to live or not when someone request for something as long as they are able to pay we have no problem with it." Erwin said I didn't take his word seriously he finds killing thrilling.

"But this isn't right " I quarreled.
"You, don't get to propose what's right or wrong Quinn." Seth started off staring intently at me. "Back in your world people had to wait to get justice until they probably don't, this isn't your naive clumsy world this is different no matter how much you paint it wrong." he said.

"This isn't right and you know it, she could get heard by a court if she just report the case I'm sure of it." I said.

"She did report the case, the court didn't believe Aubrey's case, her ex had connections and he easily got away with it." Darren voiced but I still couldn't agree with it.

"No buts." Seth cuts me off. "Darren inform her we'll accept the mission everyone get ready and as for you Quinn.." Seth darted his glare towards me. "Just a reminder none of us are good, don't be deceived or think we are good people cause we aren't." he said and walks away from me, my stare landed at Darren who gave me a remorseful look I just nodded because I couldn't change their mind it was Seth's final decision.

A few hours later we drove bye at the huge mansion the party was being thrown, everyone was going through the plan I got an ear piece even though I didn't want anything to do with this mission.
There wasn't even proper proof if he really actually is responsible for Aubrey's misfortune.

We were in different cars, I was in a car with Erwin and Haven while Darren and Seth took another ride, I sat at the front looking my best showing I didn't want to be here.

I had to wear a green silkly dress, Haven said I looked pretty I was freaking freezing.

"Erwin your cue." Haven said he gets down from the car leaving me and Haven alone in the car until it was our turn to go into the mansion.

I wrap my hands round myself rubbing my arm trying to beat the cold while looking directly at the window. "Why are you nervous?" I heard Haven chuckle, without looking at him I just gag out a laugh to prove he was wrong.

"I'm not nervous I'm just cold and this dress isn't doing me any favors." I cackled quietly obviously showing I was nervous.
"Really, then look at me." I could feel his grin work up his lips even with my back turned.

"Ummh.... " I breathe effortlessly, Haven reach out to my chin and pulls it to his direction, he tugs my hair back and lets go of my chin.

"There you don't have to be nervous." he said running his fingers through his white hair while checking himself out through the rearview mirror.

"Have you ever kissed a guy before? " I went stiff, my head bent down as my eyes trailed down to my my thigh. "I'm not going to kiss you if you think I am, you just act like you've never been marked." he said I bit on my lip and courageously turned to face him.

"My first kiss was Calvin, we were both in a play and he was supposed to kiss me and I was nervous because that was my first kiss, funny enough he was my last ever since the Cunningham bullshit, he even admitted he had feelings for me but I saw him as nothing other than my elder brother, I really miss him." I said.
"If you could go back to him would you try to work things out and probably work out a relationship." Haven said lowly.

"Maybe, I don't see that happening since some mafia family wants me and I have no freaking idea why and I'm probably stuck with all of you mostly Erwin that dickhead." I said feeling comfortable all of a sudden around Haven.

"Close your eyes." he mouthed, I stared back at Haven with a confuse look. "Close your eyes Quinn I'm not going to hurt you." he stated, I rolled my eyes and shut them.

"Now breathe.." he advised his hands went up the side of my head tangling his fingers with my hair I could feel warmth splash against my face. "Haven..." I breathe a whimper concerned about the warmth getting closer until we both heard a muffled signal from our ear piece.

I opened my eyes and quickly laid back against my seat trying to make out what the voice was trying to say.

"Haven and Quinn we need you both on standby." Darren informed us, I put on an eye mask and put my hair in a Low ponytail.
We both got rid of our seatbelt and got down from the car and head straight towards the mansion where the party was.

A few eyes paid attention to the both of us and I bet my money mostly Haven, a few girls walked up to him and he seemed to enjoy the attention.

I got bored with Haven flirting and getting almost all their numbers, I walked in the building where the party loud, some people were smoking a few were dancing while a few were drunk.

Curious I went up the stairs to see a few doors, I walked slowly deciding which door to open, I heard indistinct chatter bounce back and forth and without thinking I let myself in a room.

My back leans against the door while I wait for who ever was talking to leave, my hands searched for light switch, I finally switch it on as the light brighten up the place.

There was a laptop open down, I stride over the laptop and looked it up, there were weird folders and I looked them up.

In those folder there were names of different girls I clicked on few of them, they were either taped being raped or their nudes were on display.

Meaning who ever hurt Aubrey, this isn't his first or likely going to be his last.

I felt sick to my stomach instantly, I logged out from them and saw the last one from Aubrey and it was the same thing, there was a last video of her begging for her videos not to be leaked she cried through the entire video.

I heard a creak from the door I quickly backed away from the laptop turning to face the door.

"Can I help you? " he asked, I shake my head and put on a smile.
He held a drink in his grasp, I heard my ear piece tunnig out a signal until I could hear Darren's voice but I couldn't reply.

"This isn't a masked party." his eyes trained on my figure. "But for you we can make things work, this is my place why don't you stay so we can get to know each other." he muttered I felt irritated knowing it's the same guy that have all those folders of those girls.

I needed to get out of here.

"I can't stay, my boyfriend is waiting for me." I said but he did not buy it.

He chuckled walking up to me. "Your boyfriend doesn't have to know about you having fun." he placing his palm on my shoulders until his palm runs down my arm.
"I don't care if he doesn't fuck off." I yelled he stood in front of me. "Well I can't let you leave." he said bringing out a gun and points it at me.

"I looked into your laptop, the last girl in your folder begged and you still leaked her nudes and made her kill herself." I said
"Aubrey was nothing special it wasn't my fault she was stupid besides her videos didn't even earn me much money like the rest." he said taking his final shot before tossing away the glass.

"But you, I bet your videos could earn me cash easily... " he grinned nefariously. "Not a chance I'm a woman not your sex toy." I growled, I stood at the other end of the gun I quickly run up to him trying to get the gun in the process a few bullets were fired at the ceiling.

I kneed the bastard at his groin area, he hiss

In pain and I punched him in the face.

"Those are women not toys or sex dolls you play with.." I yelled recalling a few things similar to what Terry has done without looking I took a hit to my stomach, I fell on my knees relieving the pain of the miscarriage tears streamed from my eyes and I coughed, I felt my hair yanking away from my scalp.

I looked up to see my hair pulled as our eyes met he pointed his gun towards my head.

He took of my mask seeing my identity. "You would have been good in bed but who knows." he said ready to fire the gun and then I heard the gun shot, I did not feel a single thing.

"Quinn are you okay? " I opened my eyes to see Erwin and Haven, I looked down at the dead body and his pool of blood, I was breathing heavily and my heart was beating.

Haven pulled me close to him as the only source of comfort eventually I did calm down.

I was going up the stairs thinking about what happened back at the party, all I could think was how the situation back there was so similar to Terry's even though he did wrong he shouldn't have been killed.

Maybe after what he did to all those girls death was just an easy exit for him and I wanted him to pay for what he made those girls go through or I'm just a good girl everyone says I am.

I was close to Seth's room and saw Erwin coming my way his eyes stuck on me, we both met at besides Seth's bedroom door.

"Get out of my way.." I voiced.

"Is that how to treat someone who saved your ass back there I would have let the guy shoot you before I did it would have make things more fun." he said with a smirk.

"Then why didn't you? " I asked with an eye roll.

He leaned on to me "Because this wouldn't be fun." he whispered into my ears my brows furrowed in confusion, he took hold on my hand and cupped the knob of Seth's bedroom door and shoves me in it.

I quickly tried opening it but somehow it was jammed.

"Erwin, open this door." I said struggling with the door. "I'm going to kill you." I yelled but still he didn't open the door.

"Erwin.." I yelled slamming my fist against the door, suddenly the knob turned I heaved a sigh of relief, the door opened and I went stiff.

Seth walks in and my heart jumps I try to remain calm thinking of how to get out of here.

"What are you doing in my room? " he shuts the door behind him, the loud bang signified my sealed fate and I was set up by Erwin.

"I... I... wanted, no Erwin.. I.. " his brows furrowed while I tried to make my words into sentence. "I'll just be going." I grinned nervously, I reached out to the door knob until I heard him say. "Stop and turn around." I stopped but didn't turn I heard a chuckle from Seth it was scary.

I heard his steps getting closer he held on to my wrist and turned me to face him.

"I haven't forgotten what you did to me earlier today." he said backing me against the the door.

"I'm sorry." I breathe out a whimper, Seth places both his palms against the door besides me. "Sorry won't cut it." he mumbled with a smirk. "I didn't mean to get you wet, what do you want from me, to go down on my knees and beg you? "

"Apologies are overrated." he firmly replied leaning towards me. He pulled my chin up and with a smirk he said "It's hard to look and not kiss you what if I want you ? "

To be continued

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