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Only You - Chapter Four


Only You - Chapter Four

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

Today I stood in front of the grave as they lowered the coffin slowly to the earth that was six feet dug, my mom stood a few feet away from me being comforted by my aunt Loura who seemed reasonable enough to be by my mom's side but I could hear her whispering about how much it cost to get my dad suited so he could be buried.

I never once saw or paid a visit to my dad after he died I was still traumatized so my mind thought it was best.

I clenched my fist tightly as my uncle uttered a few words and they started filling the hole, every time they toss in sand to the hole I felt my heart pounding and aching I don't know why but I stepped a bit forward but I felt a hand grab my wrist I turned to see Calvin staring at me, he wore a sad look tears stroll down my cheeks as he pulled me into a hug.

"He's really gone.." I mourned while he patted me at the back.
I just went limb into him and just cried.

Later we were at my mom's place, my mom was talking to my uncle and Calvin and Mandy were helping me clean up from the little get together we had a few hours ago.

I was just bummed out all through until Mandy gave us left over can beer to drink.

"Thanks guys.." I said opening the can.

"I hope you can stop by at work soon the station is getting boring and lonely without you, Zoe is at my neck for dna records." she said sipping on her beer.

"Yeah..." I just muttered slowly drinking my beer. The two stared at each other and then back at me. "So how did your shopping with Noemie go? I didn't see her at the funeral." Mandy asked. "She's in jail, maybe."

"Jail?? " They both arched a brow clearly interested. "She might be out of jail I guess if she got arrested." I stated a quiet smirk moving up my lips.

"What did you do this time? " they both echoed.

"Well I thought her a lesson I'm not one to be reckoned with." I flashed a a wicked smile Mandy grinned wickedly while Calvin waited for me to spill.

"Spill it out already." Mandy chorused.

"Well a few days ago when we went shopping I may have dyed her hair multicolored and glued her face with mud mask and made her walk the entire mall looking like a deranged lunatic framed her for stealing and left her to be arrested.

Mandy's jaw dropped and Calvin too but he was more shocked.
"And why did you pull that expensive prank on her ?" Calvin asked clearly disappointed.

"Because she was saying shit about dad and mom mostly me and how she fucking only got engaged to make you jealous and me sad."

"And how do you know that? "
"Because I saw her text on her phone I know it's wrong but come on Calvin you know how I'm with when I hang out with Noemie." I said.

He just sipped slowly on his beer. "You went too far, you're a police officer you're supposed to be protecting people not bullying or framing them." Calvin yelled.

"Why does it bother you so much the real enemy is Noemie not me, you're supposed to be a good elder brother and support me." I yelled getting up from my seat. Mandy got up noticing this was more than just a conversation.

"I'm not your brother " he yelled and for some reason I felt limb all of a sudden, Calvin heave a deep breath just staring at me and regretting what he said from the looks of his expression I couldn't let him win and feel right like he always was. "Then get out and go find Noemie and tell her you fucking are on her side so you guys can just punish me." I yelled.

"I'm not punishing I'm stating the facts I love you Quinn but sometimes you're stubborn and you always want people to have your back and support you no matter what you do, this was the fucking reason you chose that deepshit over mom and dad." he raised his voice at me. "Oh you're not my brother but you call my parents that gave birth to me mom and dad and you had no right to talk that way about Terry at least he supported me no matter what decisions I made." I said as Calvin frowned and picked up his beer.

"You know what that's the exact reason you ended up with that douchebag, you're stubborn and you still act like a kid I'll always support and love you but not this time." he said picking up his keys, Mandy just stood there awkward as she picked up her beer.

"I'll call you." she mummered leaving me since Calvin was her ride back home.

Seriously he just had to bring Terry up.

They both said goodbye to my mom as my uncle left with them, I just resumed to taking away my
beer can to the trash.

My mom was in the living room she called me over to have a chat with her.

"What's up with Calvin I thought he was staying the night ?" she asked I didn't want to talk about that dick. "He has work to attend to does Mandy so they decided to leave and I'll be leaving soon for work since I resumed." I said as she nodded. "I want you to quit the force." that came as a big blow.
"Mom??? I don't understand quit what? " I asked.

"Look I know it may be hard for you but I want you to do something more feminine, like a caretaker, babysitting, pool cleaning, nannying, a real job." she stated.

"And being a police officer is not a real Job? " I questioned still shocked.

"I didn't want you being a police officer in the first place but your father supported you saying as long as he's alive he didn't want me stepping on your dreams." I couldn't believe it she got to be joking.

"Jesus, mom you've got to be kidding me right, so because dad's dead you think I'll just quit were you just waiting for dad to die ?" she slapped me I couldn't do anything I respected her too much to retaliate.

"I will never result to murdering just to please my personal interest, I wanted you to be a normal girl like Noemie that's why I always left you at her place more often so that she could shape you but you're too stubborn." she yelled.
"You think I'm happy my baby girl is out there at night putting her life in danger, I pray every night so I can wake up to hear you're alive I don't want that anymore, I've tolerated enough shit, when will it be my time Quinn when?"
"I tolerated you when you started picking fights with your cousin, I tolerated you when you decided you want to be a police officer, I tolerated you when you brought that bastard to my house, I tolerated you when you ran away and made me cry, I tolerated you when you cut all connections from me for two years, I tolerated you even up till now do you hate me? " I shook my head as she sobbed bitting her finger so she wouldn't cry.

"I don't hate you mom, it's just I don't feel like what you wanted me to be fits my lifestyle, I'm sorry.." I stated as she sniffled.

"After the wedding I want you to forget your job as a cop, Loura told me a spot opened up at her company and she's interested in giving you the position she's paying a lot of money." she said.
"Mom I can't, you can't tell me what to do I'm not ten anymore I'm almost twenty six." I managed to speak up she only got up.

"I gave birth to you and nurse you to what you are now and tolerated all your shit the least you can do to pay back is do what I say and that's it and I don't care how you feel dad's not here anymore." she walks away leaving me in awe.

I walked out of my room on getting a text from Darren to meet at the living room, I can't help but to think about her, I know it's only a few days but her peaceful figure.
No one knows about her yet because she saw my identity, no one is supposed to know our real identity it's how we've been together from the start. I'm supposed to kill her but I didn't.

I went to the living room to see, Erwin, Haven and Darren, Haven is the eldest but I'm the leader, Darren is the brains and as for Erwin he's insane you'll find out why I said that and we all consider ourselves as brothers.
Erwin was playing with with a dagger, he smirked when Darren finally walked into the room with his tablet.

"Darren Think fast.." he tossed the knife at Darren who missed quickly.

I walked over to Erwin he gulped when I glared at him. "You shot me him your gun and I didn't say anything." I only smacked him hard.

He's crazy because he's trying to kill anyone it entertains him.
"The Cunningham's gave us a job if we are up to it, they plan to put a bounty on it if we refuse." he said connecting his phone to the plasma TV.

"What dirty work do they want us to deal with this time? " Haven said leaning against a wall while trying to smoke his ciga.

"They want a young woman who goes by the name Quinn Fields she's a police officer living in Portland they want her alive this is her." he pulls up a picture of her, I went stunned for a few minutes.

"Damn is she single? " Haven asked.

"The Cunningham clearly stated not to make any sexual advances towards her so she's off limits Haven, should we take the
mission? " he asked.

"She looks innocent what will the Cunningham want with her? " The Cunningham are responsible for being corrupt and the third most powerful mafia family in the country, they eliminate anyone that stands as a threat to them, what could those innocent eyes threaten?

"Why do you care all of a sudden do you know her? " Erwin asked while I just shook my head.

"Then she shouldn't be different it's not the first time we hosted a kidnap it's just some Portland Chic she doesn't even have boobs." Erwin muttered.

"Let's take the damn mission already I'm bored." Haven spoke up as all eyes dawned on me. "don't we have any other mission scheduled? " I asked.

"They are not until next month." Darren replied.

"Fine tell them we accept, get information about our friend for us to take our plan into action ask how much they're paying." I said getting up as images of her flood my head.

It feels strange but I like it.

"She's making you quit? " I heard Mandy over the phone, I stood out in the background talking to her on the phone.

I was at William and Mandy pre wedding bash, there were a lot of important people and press, my mom signed me up to be their waitress.

I snuck out to pick Mandy's call.
"Yes, after this stupid wedding I have to be a caretaker for William and Noemie's honeymoon because my uncle said he would pay and then I have to start living with uncle and aunt and take one position at my aunt's company it's like shit has been happening ever since I ended things with Terry." I mustered all my words into frustration.

"You can't quit, how can your mom make you go through so much, what's next she's going get you engaged to some billionaire from out of the states? Your mom should chill for God sakes." Mandy said but I just groaned.

"I can't do anything about it she's already made up her mind the wedding is in a few days and I don't know if I'm gonna survive Mandy and Calvin is mad at me and won't pick up my calls, could things get any worse? " I said.

"Quinn? " I saw Noemie walking towards me unfortunately she did get out of jail and she's wearing a wig probably she can't get the dye off yet, she took away my phone and tosses it in a trash can.

"My daddy is not paying you to slack off and phone sex while working if you want me to put up a good word for you go serve the guest some gifts you stupid lapdog." she didn't even try to hide her anger.

It's been a few days let it go and be glad I didn't shave your head, I thought.

"Yes ma'am." that's all I could reply they were doing the bash at one of the houses her dad owned, I know this place like the back of my hand my mom forces me to go to stupid events here so I know this place pretty well.

I was serving the guest and attending to them, some guys flirted with me and asked for my number but I declined and threathen them I'm a licensed police and I'll arrest them if they didn't fuck off.

I tried to mix with the crowd because William had his eyes on me, I had to wear a white crop top showing off my tummy and a red mini skirt, my hair for the time in my damn life was held up in a high ponytail and I had to wear heels, so I can say it was hell being bossed around by Noemie.

Noemie called me, I walked confidently to her group of friends she purposely spilled the drink and request I clean it up, she gave me a napkin saying I couldn't use a mop.

I just did what she said and bent over to carefully clean the stain as all eyes were on me mostly perverted stares, I was almost done until I felt someone smack my butt.

I looked up to see William with a smirk and with his friends, how dare he.

I wanted to retaliate but I just sucked in my anger and went to help the delivery guy who looked hopeless, he put a box down as I sign his clipboard.

"What's in the boxs? " I asked.
He brought out an incubator from one and a dozen tiny eggs.

"It's an incubator and a dozen eggs....oh man." he groaned.
"These are snake eggs how could they mess this up." he groaned and an idea clicked.

"Can I have the snake eggs? " I asked as he just looked up at me wanting to refuse but then I shot him a smile. "You have a thing for snakes? " he asked.

"My dad does, he used to talk about how amazing they are it would mean a lot if I could keep them to remind me of him since he's gone..." he heartily gave me the eggs and went to get back the actual ones but left the incubator.
I put them inside the gravy for the mash potatoes they were having that was set to be dished, the chef was suppose to carry the pan but I did instead as few people stroll to the table.

My eyes caught a shaker cup of black pepper, I just picked it up and went back to the kitchen to see the chef arranging the glasses for the red wine.

He left as I moved to see two different glass separated from the rest, I just shake the pepper into the two and mixed it with my finger and tasted it and I started coughing.

I quickly leave the kitchen and went to attend to the other guests.

Soon William and Noemie called everyone attention and then they professed their fake love to the crowd and gave each other a toast.
"The feast may now begin." William muttered as everyone went to the gravy, William drank his cup and started coughing, Noemie did too and join coughing they both dropped their glass with eyes red.

"Water..." they both cough and then someone screamed. " Snakes." I looked back at the table to see tiny snakes escaping the the gravy.

Everyone ran for their life while I remained calm, William and Noemie couldn't go to the table for a drink because of the snakes.

"Quinn get me that bottle of water.." she coughed, I went to the table and looked back at her.

"Well give it to me bitch.." she yelled as I drank it whole till it was empty.

"Oops I was thirsty." I said putting my hair down. "Will you just stand there and not help us? " they said coughing still afraid of going next to the snakes.

"Quinn come back here and help us... " William yelled but I just ignored him that will teach him not to smack my butt next time.

To be continued

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