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Only You - Chapter Five


Only You - Chapter Five

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

I was at Mandy's she was on her laptop probably working while I was busy watching TV while eating take out.

"Astrid Shane found dead in her hotel room." the news read which felt a bit off.

"Mandy are you hearing this? " I asked her she looked away from the screen of the laptop she paid only little attention and then back to her screen.

"She kinda deserved it after she died it was later revealed she'd seduced some millionaires, dupe them and then kill them the force thinks AXE-L had something to do with it but it's just odd why would they do something like this they're gangsters." she mummered confuse.

"Maybe they were paid to kill her."
I stated as Mandy stares at me with her eyes wide open.

"You maybe on to something Quinn but they would have to pay a lot of money, I can't get their DNA and Zoe is already at my neck they could strike anytime to anyone, I wonder who's their next target." she said shutting down her laptop.

"I hope it's Noemie, probably she's their next target and her stupid fiance." I said
"Are you really quitting the force, you just got back and after everything your mom just wants you to grant her every wish?.." she walked up to me and sat down next to me.

"I can't do anything about it, it's what she thinks it's best for me if only she could just understand but she thinks I'm just going to hurt myself again." The bell rings, I sat down comfy on the couch until I heard a familiar voice, I looked up to see Calvin.

Both our eyes met, I looked away focusing my stare on the TV.

"I thought you said you wanted to hang out why is she here? " I felt insulted I just scoffed ignoring him. "Look both of you are my best friend and I just got Quinn back and Calvin you have a car, make up right now or else you're not gonna like it when I'm pissed." she strongly warned.

Calvin rolled his eyes round the room and sat down next to me, I just heave a deep breath as we manage to glance at each other.
"Look Quinn just apologize and I'll forgive you." he worded I just laughed hard at his statement. "What's so funny? " he asked confused.

"You said I should apologize, for what exactly Calvin should I apologize for? " I questioned.

"For being bitchy, you bullied Noemie and got her arrested and act like a kid around her I even heard you pulled another stunt on them at their pre wedding bash, mom had to convince Noemie to put up a good word for you so Uncle Charles could still have you in mind." he said and all I wanted to do was to scream but I remained calm.

"I didn't bully Noemie, she did first she always has and I gave her a taste of her own medicine. I understand mom siding with her but you it's a huge downfall. We grew up together almost our entire life and you are treating me like you don't know me, like you hate me." I sobbed.

"I don't hate you I'm looking out for you. "

"Then where were you when Noemie was treating me like trash and William smack my butt? " he looked at me stunned.

"He what? "

"Now you care? Seriously you didn't care when mom finally decided that I quit the force and work in some stupid company, you didn't care and I needed the guy I grew up with to at least care but no you don't." I yelled at him as we finally locked eyes.

"The only person that ever cared is dead and if he was alive this shit wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't have to hear you tell me to my face that you ain't my brother and pretend I didn't care when actually I felt I was stabbed Calvin, you did the most damage." I said my eyes well up trying to force my sob into words.

"And bringing back the issue of Terry was the worst thing you could have done and you proved your point I hope you're happy." I said picking up my cardigan and putting it on.

"Quinn I'm sorry." Calvin spoke up I just walked past him and waved Mandy goodbye.

"Quinn you don't have to go home you can still stay.." Mandy persisted but I ignored her.

"I need to start packing again since I'm going to start living my uncle I'll text you when I get home." I said leaving the apartment.

It was the day before the wedding and unfortunately Noemie's bachelorette party she had it at a palm springs resort, I was the towel girl giving and taking towels.

I wore a two piece bathing suit in black and a flower patterned towel at the bottom
Noemie and her friends just talked behind my back and gossiped about me but I didn't mind.

"Quinn?? " I ran to where my name was being called, they were all in a pool flocking behind Noemie.

"What do you want? " I asked.
"There are some trash, be a dear and go handle that will you? " she said as I breathe and walked away from her to get the pool equipment.

I went to where the trash was and used the equipment to pick the trash in the net.

I pulled it back see it was lipstick with Noemie initial on it.

"Quinn? " they called again I went over to them to see Noemie with her friends at the edge of the pool mumbling.

"Yes..." I muttered under my breath.

"We are hungry be a dear and order us something to eat like noodles." I brought out my phone to call the noodle place and place all their order and waited for it to arrive, soon it came and I went over to give them their order.

"This isn't what we ordered." they complained.

"It's what you told me and what was delivered deal with it that's not my problem." I yelled frustrated, Noemie pulled me back and pushed me into the water and then dumped her noodles on me same with her friends.

"That's it.." I muttered under my breath and took hold of her leg and dragged her in with me, I pulled her face up and slapped the hell out of her, tugging her hair and pushing her face into the water to the point I wanted her to die.

"Quinn? " I stopped and looked up to see Calvin.

"What are you doing let go of her." Calvin said as I let go of Noemie, I quickly swam over to the edge and lifted myself back up as the girls helped her, Noemie whined softly holding on to Calvin I just felt annoyed and pissed she's using this to get his attention.

I just went to a lounge room, one of the employees was nice enough to give me a towel while I dried off, I just decided to scroll through my phone looking at previous pictures of me and my dad.

I felt a presence I looked up to see Calvin, he wore a leather jacket with black jeans, a few ladies that were going about eyed him he just walked over to me and sat down next to me.

"Are you okay? " he asked I just scoffed.

"Now you care.." I mouthed switching off my phone so he wouldn't figure out what I was looking at. "What are you doing here? " I asked.

"Did mom send you here so I won't kill her only ticket to my uncle? " I asked as he just chuckled. "Like I care if you kill Noemie, I'm here for a different reason." he said.

"All the springs are booked by Noemie come back tomorrow." I said glaring at him but he just smirked. "I came to see you dummy." he blurted out.

"Well you've seen me, now get out." I urged.

"Look, I'm sorry if my words hurt you I didn't mean to after dad's death it's kinda hard hearing him advice me not to loose shit on you." he started. "When you told me you had a miscarriage I was mad, I'm supposed to protect be your elder brother but I failed you and I've been mad at myself I don't deserve to be your elder brother I'm sorry it hurt you I just don't want you going through shit again." he muttered reading my expression.

"So what are you trying to say? " I pester on being stubborn.

"If you think I'm gonna apologize again your loss I already said I'm sorry." he said I pulled him into a hug.

"I'm sorry too as from now on I'll try to make my punishment less brutal." I giggled.

"Oh no Noemie deserved it big time I saw everything, I just decided to stop you before you kill her." he said looking over to see both Noemie and her friends coming our way.

"I know of a way to make her more upset if you are up for it? " he smirked at me, I could only look lost as he pulled up my chin and our eyes locked.

He leaned closer before I could process what was actually happening, Calvin kissed me I was stunned, I didn't respond to the kiss but I felt Calvin's palms graze up my thigh until I pushed him off.

Noemie stormed off angrily I could hear some of her clique whisper, "Isn't that her brother?? "

I got up with my cheeks flushed crimson, I couldn't look Calvin in the eye it was all a way to make Noemie mad but I felt uncomfortable.

Wait? Does Calvin have feelings for me?

"Why did you kiss me? " I yelled.
"This isn't the first time we've kissed Quinn." he muttered back.

"That was 14 years ago and it was a school play and that kiss was different." I muttered back.

"It was 14 years ago of course it would be different we were kids and this one isn't different what's the big deal." he mummered and I just felt tipsy all of a sudden.

"The big deal is that you're my brother, this is wrong." I mummered.

"I'm not your brother Quinn, I grew up with you but that doesn't mean I'm your brother and it doesn't mean one of us isn't going to have feelings for the other. I tried to stop pushing it away but they always bounce back to you." he muttered lowly.

"You have a girlfriend." I blurted.
"We broke up when I decided to help you move in, she was mad when she heard you were back." he said and I couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm going home, I need to get ready for the wedding tomorrow, thanks for stopping by." I groaned out walking out on him.

The next day was the wedding, I sat down wearing blue I was in Noemie's room with the other bridesmaids.

My mom and aunt came in, I was all dolled up looking presentable.

"Oh sweetie you look beautiful soon you'll be walking down the aisle next time, I'm so proud of you." she smiled at me all I did was nod.

I was needed to hold Noemie's gown that swept the floors while she needed to walk up to the altar.
The wedding was done in one of the oldest church In town.

Soon the bell rang and the doors to the church opened, I pulled up the white fold helping Noemie to the altar till she got there.

I let go of her dress and stood next to a few bridesmaids, the priest began the talk and they both took their vows before finally being hitched.

After the wedding we went to the reception which was one of the biggest houses my Uncle Charles rented out.

Everyone was busy dancing their legs out, I just roamed the building probably to get my mind off everything.

Suddenly I heard a scream it sounded like Noemie's I traced her to where she was screaming to see her next a build stranger in mask, he held a gun up to her head and I heard shooting in a different room.

"She's here let me go you dick.." Noemie foolishly blurted he pointed the gun at her head about to shoot.

"Don't kill her, I'll give you anything you want just don't kill her I'm begging you." I mummered as he had her on her knees.

He walked up to me with a smirk, his facial expression seemed familiar but I was too tensed up to guess.

"You get out.." he told Noemie, she quickly got up and left without looking back.

He slowly took of his mask revealing the smirk of a devil, he clicked tight on his gun, my heart dropped it's the same man wounds I clean and the same man I found unconscious everything was different about him, from his dark creamed hair to the lip ring that nested on the side of his lips, his tattoos that inked up on his body and his cold souless eyes that breed nothing but darkness.

He pointed the gun over my head ready to end my life, I couldn't believe it after all he was a gangster and nothing could stop him.

If I could go back again I could have left him to die.

"Shouldn't we sell her to the Cunningham as planned? " one of them asked but retreated when he glared at him.

He squatted down tangling his fingers through my hair, a smile worked up his lips his hands stuck on my necklace.

"How much is she worth? " he asked

"20 million."

He smirked locking eyes with me, he could read the peril in my eyes it entertained him it made it all too exciting for him.

"We can keep her until her price is satisfactory as far as she's alive she belongs to me."

Two other men walked in all in mask, only him with his masks off.
They were four now, i gulped down nervously as he left me, one of them walked up to me with a knife pointing up my chin, I was on my knees.

"The Cunninghams have terrible taste can't we just kill her I wanna see if her blood is pretty." he said pointing his knife at my throat.
I grabbed his knife and kicked him down to the floor, I quickly got up and tossed the knife as they dodged I was almost out until I heard a gunshot.

I turned to see a smirk on the strangers face.

"Take another step and I'll shoot you, I've never missed." he said while I wore a frown.

"And I should trust you why? " I challenged.

"Try me, you will be responsible for ending your own life." he said with a fixed gaze.

"What do you want from me, Who are you? " I asked.

"I'm Seth Leader of AXE-L, you're Quinn Fields and the Cunningham requested for you but I have other plans especially for you, let's make this peaceful, come with us.."
"And what makes you think I'll follow you bastards." I yelled.

"Come with us, If you want everyone in this building to live, it's not them we are after its you, so make up your mind should we do it the easy way or the hard way." he smirked and I had no choice.

"I'll come with you."

To be continued

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