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Only You - Chapter Fifteen


Only You - Chapter Fifteen

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"Zoe is on my neck there aren't any clues of Quinn and I keep getting calls from strangers I'm sick of it Calvin and the squad won't do anything about it other than the case is over them I'm worried." My phone plugged between my ear andshoulder while I search my bag bag for cash since I had to take the bus.

"I miss her, when I thought she wouldn't leave anymore the universe just had to mess it up." I hissed clearly frustrated.

"Everyone misses her Mandy and I know you want her now but who ever took her didn't even put up a ransom or asked for anything they just took her it's strange, I wonder if she's okay." I stopped on my tracks thinking.

"They didn't ask for a ransom....oh my God Terry took her." I yelled over the phone even Calvin couldn't compromise what I said.
"What? " Calvin echoed. "What if Terry took her or somehow he was able to convince her to get back together with him and make it look like she was kidnapped." I said..
"That doesn't make any sense." Calvin voiced..
"Quinn didn't contact us for two years because of Terry maybe she never cut all connections from him and she went back to him again, Terry practically brain washed her what makes us not to believe he can't again." I half yelled over the phone.

"Believe me Mandy, Quinn has gone through a lot and going back to the first person that made her feel like shit isn't Quinn." he said and I resumed walking finally using my hand to hold my phone. "I'm just worried about her, and you're right she couldn't just go back to Terry I'll kill her if she did I just hope she's okay." I said looking up at a figure coming out of the shadows from the other side of the road.

A wicked familiar smile appeared on his lips I blinked twice to see if it was really him, he winked at me and suddenly a bus stopped in front of me, a few pedestrian shoved me out of the way to get in the bus, my hand fell I strolled down a bit but the bus quickly drove off and the figure was gone.
I checked the time on my phone, I spotted it was 10:15pm. The call was still on I pushed it back up my ear lobe looking around maybe he walked away.
"Mandy? Mandy? " I heard Calvin voice.

"I can hear you." I stated still glancing round.

"Why did you go silent on me right there." he said. "I Think I saw Terry."

I shrink down oddly Seth reads my figure, his eyes glanced over my neck, he leaned closer reaching out an hand and pressing it against my neck, he pushed my hair away from my neck visibly appearing bare before him..
"Where did you get this mark? " his hands braced the mark, my hands went up hiding the mark away from him while I remained anything but flustered.

I got the mark from Terry after the aftermath from meeting him again at the underground club, somehow he left a mark as a reminder from our encounter before poisoning and almost killing me, I didn't notice it until after the mission.

"I... it's an accident." I said looking down at the floor, my only distraction from making me cry in front of him. "If it's an accident you won't be ashamed to hide it." I fell my right hand beside me so I could unlock the door before I had the chance Seth grabbed it and held it up between us.

"Who hurt you." he asked dominantly, I weakly struggle to free away from his grasp he gripped tightly to my wrist signifying he's not going to let me go unless I talk.

"Why do you care? " I mumbled. "I don't I'm just curious." he bluntly replied. "It's just an accident and since you don't care I don't own you an explanation." I yelled finally breaking away from his grip but to be honest he let me go.
I quickly unlocked the door and ran out, I breathe in relief. " That was close." I muttered putting my hair over my shoulders to hide the mark and went to my room.

it's been two days after the strange illusion of Terry, I finally convinced myself I was mad at Terry and not over the whole stealing my best friend and brainwashing her not to speak to me for two years.

My shift was over I went to a diner after to have something to eat since I barely ate these days and I was pretty much starving.
I took down the menu a female waitress came over and I took my order, she left to get it while I scrolled through my phone.

The door of the diner always
made this noise that a new customer was in, I didn't pay much attention to who ever it was until someone sat opposite me, I looked up to check If it was Calvin but to my surprise I saw Terry, he picked up my menu going through it the waitress walked back to the table asking if she could attend to him but he shook his head and she left.

I quickly arranged my stuff telling him I'm ready to go but he says. "I don't want to spend more than what I intend to, I just want to talk Mandy." he grinned.

"I don't want have any single conversation with you go to hell for all I care." I half yelled.

He chuckles putting down the menu. "Where is Quinn? " he asks me. I laughed holding my hand against my chest while trying to catch my breath, he glared at me with a nefarious stare. "What's funny ?" he asks.

I still laugh until my laugh mustered into a sad smile. "It's funny you are asking for someone who you treated like some piece of shit for two years, there was never anything good about you or your family it was just sad I couldn't protect my best friend." I said.
"This is not a joke Mandy." he says.
"But Quinn was a joke and a toy to you, you are a worthless bastard, and now you want her back because of what? " I pouted, the waitress came back with my order while I smiled irritatingly at Terry.
"Just tell me where Quinn is? " he argued while I rolled my eyes picking up my spoon and slowly eating. "You had one job, to take care of her I'm not surprised you screwed that up." I mouthed while eating.

"Why Is Quinn so important all of a sudden? " I asked he glared at me. "What ? You're upset I don't know where Quinn is ?" I joke while he reached down to his pockets.

"You can't kill me." I smiled at him and he knew why. I traced my stare to a tiny scar under his eyes. "Where did you get that scar, it looks recent." I focused my attention back on my food.

"It's none of your business if you can't give me information on Quinn then I'll find my way out." he said.

"Remember that time Iheld a gun to your head and I could have pulled the trigger but I didn't." I whispered under my breath. "If I could go back I'll shoot you ten thousand times." I said with resentment.

Terry laughs at me. "Is that supposed to be some kind of threat ?" he giggled.

"Somehow you are related to Quinn's disappearance and if I find out it's true I'll find you and fucking shoot you without thinking this time, I won't allow you to break my favorite person again." I said taking out some change and paying even though I barely touched it.

I sat down in the living room playing a video game with Haven, I didn't know how to control my character and kept getting killed.

"I hate this game.." I groaned frustrated Haven however didn't concentrate on me, I watch him while he played, my eyes were on him and back on the tv while I think he was playing better than me.

I crawled over to him. "My controller is broken gimme yours." I said but he tried pushing me back until I crawled up to reach the controller.

"Stop it Quinn... You're going to make me loose." I didn't care if he lost then it was fine with me.
I snatched away his controller but ended on top of him, we stayed like that for a few seconds until I came to my senses and got off him.

"My controller is faulty." I scoffed giving him mine and we exchange.

He started the game again and I lost again, Haven paused the game and laughed at me I punched him but it didn't have much of an impact, Seth walks in to see us both playing again and I lost.
"How can you be bad at this? " Haven mocked.

"You rigged my controllers." I whined I didn't want to admit I suck.

"No I didn't you just suck." he bluntly told me.

"Seth come on and play." he said while Seth shook his head not interested in our bickering. "You rigged the game even Seth is scared to loose to you." I said, to my surprise Seth walks over and snatched the my controller and tells me to move while he sits down and starts playing against Haven..
I had no idea what they were playing but they were both focused on the game, the only thing I could understand was Haven was focused and aggressive unlike Seth who reserved and calm and the life bar of Haven was going down.

"End him..." I yelled like a maniac, maybe because I was over excited I saw him smile and then the door opened wide making a loud bang, Haven got up and sighed I wasn't focus on the game anymore, Erwin and Darren came in with bags they went shopping earlier.
I went over to Darren. "How did your shopping go? " I asked he just nodded and smiled at me.

"It was fine how about you? " he asked while I turned back to see Seth and Haven putting down their controllers. "Nothing much, did you get the thing I asked you for? " I said as he nodded and searched through the bag and handed me some pills, the other three focused their gaze on me.

"What do you need birth control pills for? " Erwin smirked knowing it was not the pills but he just have to annoy me. "Wait what? " everyone looked at Seth and then me after recalling the incident of me being locked in his room.

"They're not birth control pills, they are pills that helped me with my insomnia, sometimes I find it difficult to sleep." I quickly saved myself from embarrassment and glared at Erwin.

"You can always crawl to Seth's bed if you can't sleep." Erwin mocked and my cheeks burned bright red.

"She's blushing.. " Erwin tease. "Shut up." I yelled but he just rolled his eyes until he shut up after Seth glared at him.
"You have Insomnia?? " Seth asked.
"Yeah, before I used to have these glow in the dark stones all over my bedroom to help me sleep when I didn't have them I used the pills." I said recalling my relationship with Terry, he didn't let me keep them it was a neighbor that suggested tried it, she said it was helpful for her roommate.

"I also got you something else." Darren said handing me another bag, I put down the pills on the table with the rest of the bags, Darren handed it over to me awkwardly, I collected it and looked into it it was a stash of tampons.

"Since you're going to be staying with us you need to take care of yourself." my cheeks burn redder than before.

"Thanks Darren." I said awkwardly hiding it from the guys, Erwin grew suspicious focusing his stare at me.

"I'll keep this in my room." I giggled slowly taking a step back and in a split Erwin run up to me and snatched the bag with tampons and let it all out to the floor.

"You're bleeding, arghh.." I couldn't take it anymore, I went over to the kitchen and picked up a brush that was leaning against the wall and chased Erwin who manages to dodge my attack.

"It's not my fault you're bleeding come on bleach brain." he said climbing a table carefully backwards and I swipe it left to whack him but he dodged, he got to the other side of the table and down and again I swiped but he dodged and I whacked Seth instead with the brush, he staggered back palming his face with his right hand.

My eyes widened in shock and the brush fell away from my grasp.
'Sweet Jesus you're a gonner.' my thoughts voiced to me.

To be continued

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