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Only You - Chapter Eleven


Only You - Chapter Eleven

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

I was in the kitchen exactly 3:15am in the morning, I was eating Erwin's left takeout after having them microwaved payback for eating my snacks and picking on me.

In exactly 06:45am we needed to be on the road to Denver for the mission which was likely to begin later tonight but the guys had other missions in the morning.

I sat down slowly eating thinking of how to probably escape, I've been hiding for a few weeks so the Cunningham's should probably forget about me and I don't want to get used to my present surrounding.

My mind flashed back to the minor incident leading to Seth's black eye, I should have given him two if I knew he was going to be a jerk and force me to go undercover as a stripper.

Haven walks in rubbing his eyes our eyes met with an understanding that we should both ignore each other and continue with our business, I looked back at the food, he goes over to the fridge and brings out his own takeout and sits down next to me eating quietly until he spoke up. "You know you're eating Erwin's takeouts right? " he mentioned biting on his snack slowly watching me, I could feel his eyes on me and didn't bother to look.

"Yeah..." I mentioned, I heard a quiet chuckle escape his mouth, I looked up to him and our eyes met again. "What?? " I asked and again he chuckles.

"You know Erwin spits on his food so no one touches it.." i coughed and trail my hands to my throat trying to cough what I ate, it amuse Haven who watched me in excitement on how I was handling the situation, I quickly got up and went to the sink trying to puke my intestine out but nothing came out.

"Oh God why didn't I know this.. " I mummered in desperation while he laughs this time but quietly. "Now you know.." he mouths with a smile and gesturing me to sit down next to him, I just sat down as requested.

"So are you nervous about stripping ?" he asks like he read my mind.

"I'm not actually stripping am I? " I asked while he went mute answering my question I was actually going to strip, well great.

"You don't need to be nervous you're only going to do some dances and if I must be honest you have an amazing body.." what he said to me made me stunned, my heart skipped a beat and kept beating fast, I ignored eye contact with him he notices and chuckles.

"You don't believe me? " he spoke and stopped eating and adjusted his chair towards me and my chair towards him while we faced each other.

He pushed my hair out of my face and leaned a bit close to me but close enough to respect my space and said straight up to my face.

"You're beautiful.." he smiled and a smile crawled up my lips, I pushed my face down to avoid eye contact and mostly to avoid him seeing me going red as fuck.

He pushed my chin up I was afraid of looking into his eyes, now I know why girls fall for him our eyes met. "If you want to pull of the look as a stripper you have to be confident in your body and that you can get any man to land his eyes on you like seduction you have to be confident, they don't tell you what to do you just go up to them and get them to want you." he said I just paid attention.

"Even if you are not confident don't let them know fake it so well you can make it, you're really beautiful Quinn.." he said with a smile, my mind went blank and all I could see was him smiling and leaning a little bit.
"What's going on here? " a voice brought me back to reality I turned my head to see Seth with a glare staring right at Haven.

"We were talking." Haven spoke up all I did was nod, Seth eyes met mine he looked away and said. "Enough talking we're leaving in the morning." he uttered and Haven nodded slipping away from his chair and walking out of the kitchen, Seth ignores me and goes to the fridge I quickly got up about to exit the kitchen.

"Who knew you could be a flirt." he muttered lowly I just stopped wanting to hear him finish his speech. "I don't know what you're playing at but watch your back I'm getting back at you for giving me this black eye." he said I turned in disbelief to see his brows furrowed.

"Making me go undercover as a stripper isn't revenge enough ?" I almost yelled.

"If you make it alive we'll see." my heart dropped when he mentioned those words, what the hell did he meant by that?

He didn't give me the chance to retaliate he just left me in spite of anger.

After a few hours we had to get leave as planned, Haven was the one driving while I was in the back with Seth and Erwin we came to a stop and we had to split.
There was another car hidden and Seth had to change the plate number of both cars, Seth handed Erwin a bag while I stood astray looking at the transpiration between them.

"Me and Darren will be away until the mission tonight take Quinn to her, we'll meet at the Casino." Seth said to Haven who nodded Seth also whispered something to Haven which I didn't make out, Darren made his way towards me and hands me a black nose mask.

"Be careful." he said and left probably not wanting to say more since he noticed my behavior towards him, him and Seth left in a car.

Erwin gets in the passenger seat while I sat down at the back of the other car and Haven sat down in the front.

"How about we have fun? " Erwin insisted.

"We have to take Quinn to her first." Haven said starting up the car, he drove away from the hidden part and it's starting to make sense why they can't find them, they keep changing the plate number if necessary.

Haven soon drove off to into the city, I slept off most of the ride so did Erwin, Haven made a stop buying snacks for all of us until we stopped in front of a mini mansion.

We all got down in our masks and walked to the front door, Erwin ringed the doorbell and in a minute or two a woman's voice was heard.

"Get the hell out of my porch." her voice scared the shit out of me. "
" Siamo noi." Haven spoke as the doors unlocked to see a woman probably older than me holding on to a gun. " Oh, mio, mi dispiace per il benvenuto." she replied as Haven walked in first and she let us in.

She locks the door behind her as we turned she focused her stare on me "Who is she? " she asked.

"Your new student, Seth wants you to repay that favor and teach her some tricks or moves stripping." Haven says, she walks up to me examining my figure.

"It can't be done, she doesn't have experience and she looks like someone that lacks confidence find someone else." she said turning away from us. "Maria?? " so that's her name.

"I'm not teaching this unexperienced coward I'll be wasting my time." she voiced out intentionally.

"She's got a point." Erwin gloats and that made me snap. "I don't know why Seth even had you in mind to teach me when I could probably get into character and pull it off without your shitty help." I uttered getting her attention.

"What makes you think a little girl like you can walk up to pull it off stripping ain't easy sweetheart." she clapped back at me.

"I'm not your sweetheart and I don't need to suck up your crap if you ain't ready to teach me." I ratted out she slowly walks up to me looking me in the eyes I was pissed off and ready for her next reaction.

"You're cute, I like you." she finally said. "I'll teach you because I like how confident you are." she said looking back at Haven and Erwin. "Get out both of you we have work to do." she yelled at both of them.

"Where are we supposed to go we are supposed to stay with her while you train her." Haven insisted.

"I know your perverted asses too well get the hell out of my house come back for her later." she said throwing them out.

"You can't see her identity.." those were the last words Haven said before she shut the door behind me.

I followed her to a room, it was like a dance room there were two poles at each end and also a mirror facing the poles.

I was still wearing my mask she goes to a corner and picks up something and hands it over to me. "You're going as a masked stripper, these type of strippers hide their identity under a mask and are mostly paid attention to the most." she said as I nodded the mask was a diamond pearl mask that had tiny lining underneath.

"You'll be putting that on when you are going to strip strip." she said and I was comfortable she didn't ask for my identity or told me to take off the mask.

She told me to take off my clothes leaving me in my underwear, she had me wear a white laced lingerie stating it made me look pure saying something that will make me attractive.

I had to to follow after her which she scolded me for if I missed a step I had a hard time learning to lay my back on the floor while crouching I swear my body aches all over soon the lessons were over and she gave me some tips about being extra careful.

She was helping me fit into my outfit it was white for sure, she was doing my hair and then the bell rang she didn't answer it but continued doing my hair.

"So how do you know the guys? " I asked.

"They come over to my the place I used to strip, I was working to help my younger brother and they mostly tipped me, one night some bastard tried to get me to follow him home luckily they were there and saved me and once they beat the shit out of a gang who bullied my brother, they've been protecting us, my brother even wanted to join them but they want him to focus on something unrelated to what they are doing, I know what they do ain't legit but they are amazing and it's funny I've never seen their face without their masks but they feel like family." she said with honesty in her eyes, she respects them.

The bell was still ringing. "Hold your shit I'm coming." she said, I wanted to ask her more on how she got the house and where's her brother but she already left.

I slowly take off my black nose mask and put on the mask Maria gave me, I looked back at the outfit she picked for me, with the make up she applied I felt like a different person, the outfit was a white dress barely clothing me and riding down my thigh, there wasn't a difference of me being naked and this outfit, a bit of my side but I kinda like the way Iooked.

"Plans changed we can't meet at the Casino no more we have to get to the... " I turned to see Seth and the rest they all stopped checking me out, Maria rolled her eyes and walked up to me.

"Well??... " they didn't utter a single word not even Erwin. "I thought we were meeting at the Casino? " I managed to voice out.

"Seriously 8 hours of work and commitment and you guys can't even at least complement me." Maria whined.

"Wow..." Haven started off still not believing I'm the same Quinn.

"That's it I'm going to get a beer." Maria said exiting the room leaving me with them.

"You look really sexy." Darren uttered I bit my lip nervously to prevent me from smiling.

Erwin only rolled his eyes. "She could have looked better." I really wanted to beat him black and blue with my heel.

My eyes rested on Seth who still stared at me in disbelief finally he walks up to me.

"We can manage." he sighs walking back to the gang, I don't know why but I felt down because of his words.

"Let's go..." he said leaving, I looked up following Darren stayed behind I walked past him but he pulled me back and shuts the door.

I stepped back a bit, I now remember him planning to kill me.

"So you want to kill me now? You're disgusting and completely wrong if you think I'm not going to put up a fight Darren." a smile worked up his lips. "What are you talking about? " he questioned already confused.

"You know what I'm talking about, I saw the messages you want me dead and this is your opportunity and I thought you were decent." I said as he fold his arms.

"You went through my tablet? " he asked walking up to me.

"Why do you want me dead? " I asked and he just chuckles. "You are naive and that kind of naive intrigues me is that the reason why you ignored me? " I didn't reply because that wasn't the answer I was looking for.

"Quinn the text you saw was real but you had it misunderstood." he brings out a black card and hands It over to me I just stared at him lost. "This doesn't belong to me." I said as he chuckled again but took my right hand and puts it in and closes my palm shut.

"This card is an untraceable black card you can use it." he said, his hands were still on mine. "I don't understand." I shake my head.

"During the mission I have a someone who will take you away and fake your death, your identity is already taken care of you'll get to live a normal life without being chased around." he said while I looked back at the card. "Wait, you want to fake my death and give me a new identity? You could get into trouble with Seth I can't.." I wanted to give him back the card but he refused.

"I know and I can, Quinn we're not good people, every force of the law in the country is after us we hide and do dirty things you can't imagine I don't want you getting involved if you ever got hurt because of one of us I'll never forgive myself because you are a good person." he said.

"That means I won't see my family again? " I asked.

"It's the only way living a normal life without being in this mess, maybe you'll see them after the Cunningham's forget you." he said while I looked back at him.

I wanted to escape but why does it feel I don't want to anymore.

"Don't you want this ?" he asks but before I could reply Haven comes back telling us that we needed to get in the car, we both left the room and to the car, I silently thought to myself the entire ride before we got to the club and made up my mind to go with Darren's plan.

A guy in tuxedo knocked on the glass door of the car he was going to escort me in the club.

Darren already gave me my ear piece to communicate with me during the mission and also for me to tell him when I'm ready to fake my death and escape.

I got down from the car, the man escorted me to the club and left me when I was in, the club was bigger than I expected while some strippers were giving some men lap dances.

All eyes were on me, man or woman and I loved the attention a bit, I went over to the drinks making eye contact with a few men who lustfully looked at me.
"Quinn, the Mansoz's are at your left you know what to do." I gulped now narrowing my eyes at the eldest son who was next to his father.

I dropped my glass strutting towards them until a hand gripped on to me and whispered slowly in my ears. "How much for a private dance..." I froze, my heart raced I slowly turned to meet the eyes of the man before me, I didn't reply him the confidence I had was gone and I felt like I was going to die.

"Quinn, Quinn can you hear me.." I heard Darren's voice through the ear piece which broke the harsh spark of reality of seeing him again, it was really him.

In a whisper I breathe "Terry...."

To be continued

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