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Only You - Chapter Eight


Only You - Chapter Eight

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"We'll do our best to bring Quinn back to both of you." the chief of the police officer stated with her head bent. "Thank you Chief at least someone is doing something, why would they take my baby girl? " mom sobbed loudly all I could do was console her.

"We don't actually know, but Quinn is smart and trained she'll use her brains to to endure but we'll be strict on security." Chief said, she came with Mandy who had her head bent still not convinced Quinn was abducted and Zoe who I recall was Quinn's mate in the force.

Zoe pulled out her notepad asking for permission to ask questions which was granted.

"Miss Steign, your husband is died a few weeks ago right, how did Quinn feel during that week." she asked tapping her notepad with her pen. "She was down and furious but she had the comfort of us so she was okay." Mom sobbed.
"What was the last conversation you had with her face to face ?" she pestered.

"I told her I didn't want her in the force anymore, I wanted her to start working for her aunt, she didn't like it but she still went with it." Mom recalled painfully.

"Excuse me, what does this have to do with Quin, my best friend is missing we are supposed to track the gangsters that took her away not question her relatives." Mandy stood up furious mostly glaring at Zoe.

Zoe didn't care she ignored Mandy's stare and scoffed. "You are a matron you're only here because she was your friend and chief wanted you here, my job is to question everyone for answers, don't be foolish and question me on how to do my job Mandy, do I make myself clear? " Zoe voiced while Mandy just hissed at her.
"So miss detective what did you find from all the clues you got now? What's your lead? Huh? " Mandy fired back infuriated.

"Maybe Quinn was frustrated or hopeless and went back to her rebound ex, she was furious attending to her cousin she could be using the gangster as an excuse to go back to him." Zoe mocked and Mandy got up and smacked down her notepad.

"You have no right to talk that way about my best friend, she's been through a lot and you're just being a pussy to know that." she said as Chief got up.

"Zoe I'm disappointed in you, you had no right to say that about Quinn, now leave before I lose my temper on you." Chief said as Zoe nodded. "I'm sorry ma'am I don't know what came over me, I apologize to all of you." she said and left.

Chief looked back at mom one last time.

"We'll report to you when we find anything." she said and left leaving Mandy and mom with me in the room.

"Why did they take her, can't they free her, she's been through too much, I just got her back." Mandy sobbed trying to hold back her tears but it was impossible.

"What if they didn't take her? What if Zoe is right? Maybe she left." I said as both of them looked at me strangely.

"Why would she leave? " Mom asked, then a image of me kissing her flashed my mind.

"Ignore what I said, I'm over thinking." I said as they both went back to being quiet.

She didn't really leave because I kissed her right??

I'm freezing and I'm cold and I'm lost, there are loud horns making a fuss from every vehicle and eyes focused on me while I walked down the pavement of the street.
My dress didn't do me any favors at all I was freezing and with the looks I got, I probably looked like a homeless person right now.

I got tired and leaned my back against the glass window of a shop, I heard a loud thud against the glass I turned to see an angry butcher with a knife in his grasp, I backed up in fear and left the window displaying his slaughter of red meat.

I looked down at the floor to see my legs rough and blistered, I quickly took off my heels exhausted from walking all day and kept walking with my bare feet and heels in my hands.

I took another turn but got tired and decided to squat to save my energy, I had my head bent I felt someone tap me I looked up to see an elderly woman.

"What are you doing here outside in the cold cinderella." she smiled, I looked down on my blue dress and my rough figure.

"I'm sorry is it illegal to stay here? " I asked, she shake her head. "Not at all but why don't you follow me to my shop let me make hot tea for you." I was almost hesitant to say yes.

"I'm sorry but I have to refuse your offer, I need to get back home I'm not from around here." I declined and she nodded.

"I understand, why don't you come to my shop and stay somewhere warm not out here in the cold, then I'll take you to a bus and maybe they'll take you to your destination." she insisted and I just nodded, something in her smile made me feel welcomed.

I got up and followed her to her shop, it was a tea shop she unlock the door and let's me in.

"Are you sure you don't want that hot tea? " she asked and I nodded.
She still went and made tea for the both of us, I sat down at a table thinking of how to get to Portland.
"Do you have a phone, I want to tell my mom I'm okay." I asked.
She nodded her head sideways and sat my cup of tea in front of me, the cup had a whitish cream at the side it looked drugged.

I picked up the cup having a sniff and pretending to drink.

"How's your tea? " she asked which made me alert, I still held the cup high so she wouldn't know I didn't drink it.

"It's okay, do you have a phone? " I asked and she nodded and got up turning her back behind me, I quickly switched our cups and drank hers quickly.

She went behind the counter and came back, I put my cup in the air showing I drank it all which she smiled at, then I purposely jerked the table and fell the cup with my tea.

I quickly got up to go clean it but she did not let me. "You must be tired by now, you need your strength to go back home." she said staring intently at me waiting for something to happen. "No, I want to.." then it hit me, maybe she drugged it and expected me to feel sleepy.

"What's up with you dear? " she asked hiding the excitement in her voice.

I faked a yawn and made my eyes heavy, even though I was actually tired from walking all day.

"I feel tired all of a sudden, I need to sleep." she smiled and escort me behind her counter to a room, there was a mat and a bag of tea, there was also another door too but I ignored it.

"Sleep tight." she said watching me sleep on the mat, I faked sleeping waiting for her to expose her plan or do something but she didn't I waited for more an 45 minutes, she was busy cleaning her shop.
I gave up waiting and slept off, I woke up again hearing mumurs, my vision was blurred but I overheard the voice of the elderly lady.

"$2000 take it or leave it I have her." I heard another voice but it was a female.

I quietly got up and peeked to see a young woman probably my age bickering with the old lady, I quietly stepped back and turned thinking of how to escape.

They weren't Darren or Seth and could do much worse.

On turning I accidentally creaked on a step.

"She's awake." the old woman muttered I quickly reached to the only door in the room which led to the outskirts of an alley.
On my bare feet I ran down the Alley with my heart thumping and climbing to my throat.

I heard a gunshot and to my thrill it missed me and hit a trashcan, a woman in black pant suit pointed her gun at me.

"Quinn Fields you're mine." she said with authority. "For your information I'm straight." I yelled as she scoffed. "The Cunningham's are offering big money to anyone who brings you to them alive, just come with me and I promise not to make you bleed." she threatened.

She walked closer to me with a smirk, she was just a few inches away from me, I kicked her to her stomach and held to the butt of her gun but she over powered me and tossed me to the floor and pointed the gun at me.

"You made a big mistake." she said about to shoot me but something knocked her down, I got up to see Erwin and Seth.

Seth helped me up as they both looked at the girl, they had their nose masks on.

"Nice to see you again Hallow.."
 Erwin cocked bringing out a dagger.

"I saw her first AXE-L." she mumbled putting her face up as blood crawl down her forehead.
"Then you have to get through me to get to her." Erwin said tilting his neck as they made a loud crack.
"With pleasure." she said as Seth took me by the hand and lead me out of there.

"What about Erwin? " I asked.

"He'll be fine, you should be worried about her." Seth muttered back as we ran some miles until we went into an Alley and hid in the dark.

After a few minutes of catching our breaths he turns to look at me.
 "Why are you so naive, what made you so dull that you followed someone you don't know, you made it easy for others to target you." he said looking out for any person that followed us.

"I wouldn't be here if you didn't kidnap me, it's your fault." I yelled.

"I'm not the only one out to get you, the Cunningham wants you for some reason and we are not the only people they sent to get you at least act like your life is in danger." he sighed and then turned away.

I just kept quiet trapped in confusion, what does the Cunningham's want with me?
Seth turns to look at me, he looked down at my neck and places his hands at the side of my neck, I shrink back.

"Stand still I want to check if they put a tracking device on you without your knowledge." he said I just nodded and let him, he braced the side of my neck, I avoided eye contact with him until his palm reaches up to my ear, he pushes a hair back with his thumb as the rest of his fingers massaged and dug to the hems of my hair.

A chill spiral down my spine, I went mute and suddenly my heart raced.

"You don't have it.." he whispered under his breath, he leaned a bit until we heard a familiar voice.

Seth let go of me and pulled out his gun as he came out of the darkness to see Haven.

"Erwin is done with Hallow, where is she? " he asked as I came out.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, you said I'm free if I left, I did I'm not going back." I stated.

Haven walked up to me taking down his nose mask. "You don't have a choice, we can't let you go others will find you and take you to the Cunningham's."

"And how's that your business? " I asked.

"It's not, but you've seen Seth's identity and ours too, no one is supposed to know our identity, we can't let you go the chances of the Cunningham's finally taking you and spilling our identity is a risk we can't take." Haven said putting back his mask.

"Then I won't tell, just take me back home I can report this case to my chief back home, they'll protect me." I argue.

"They can't protect not when every gangster or hitman is out to get you, you are most wanted by the Cunningham's the most corrupt mafia family in the country if they can't get you they'll lure you out by taking out those you love." he said and my heart dropped when I thought about my mom and Calvin.

"And you won't let me go... " I sigh.

"As long as you know our identity, we can't give you to the Cunningham's or let you go either, so you have two choices it's either you come back with us or we end your life."

I stared at him emotionlessly. "Kill me, I want to die."

I said as he pointed the gun over my head.

To be continued.

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