Life In Roody Woods - Final


Life In Roody Woods - Final

Theme: (A bloody adventure) 

By Authoress Ti Fe

     After a week
I laid on my couch in the living room using a duvet to cover my body. I was thinking about all that happened in Roody woods. The death of my friends and my new lover.
It was on the news that the treasure were finally found by Trained military personnel. I cursed the day we all decided to embark on that money just because of greed.
We were all blinded by the sound adventure and the thought of money. We should have just left it to the experienced people.
Tho I don't regret one thing from that adventure and that is Ray. He was so brave and romantic, I couldn't get his death off my mind.
I was on the couch feeling so weird. I have been so weak nowadays, I puke almost everyday, I ate less and am growing really fat.
I stood up and ran to the Toilet, i threw up in the water closet feeling very weak.
I rinsed my mouth and walked out of the toilet to the living room. There was a knock on the door and I dragged my feet to open up.
I opened the door and I saw Henry at the door. What is he doing here? For the past 4 months he hasn't visited.
"Hi." I said.
"What do you want?" I asked coldly.
"Betty I am sorry, I messed up big time and I know that very well. Please give us one more chance." He said going on his kneels.
"One more chance? If not for you I wouldn't have gone on that deadly trip! I wouldn't have met a new lover who at the end died. And now you are asking for a chance?" I rapped angrily.
"Betty please, I was stupid. I didn't know what I wanted but now I know we are meant to be." He said sadly.
"Sorry Henry, I can never date you. My heart is with some else now, and I don't mind if he is dead or not!" I yelled slamming the door at his face.
"Betty!" He called
"Go home! I don't need you!" I yelled back laying on the couch again.
I picked up my cellphone and started to brush through my gallery looking at the pictures of Tessy, Steven, Jay and I the first day we met in this town.
Tears rolled down my eye as I looked at their smiling faces in the picture. I cleaned my eyes and swapped the pictures to the one that Ray was.
I snapped him will we walked behind him, so when we get out of the woods I will show him. But it has ended up in tears.
Now the pictures are to remind me of them after they had been killed brutally.
"I love you and i will miss you all." I said weeping as I kissed the pictures.
I placed my phone beside me and closed my eyes to take a nap.

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