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Life In Roody Woods - Episode 6


Life In Roody Woods - Episode 6

Theme: (A bloody adventure) 

By Authoress Ti Fe


We kept walking and walking and it seemed we won't get to our destination. The map kept getting very confusing as each minute passed.
"I don't seem to understand this anymore." Betty said sounding very tired.
"Yes, we have been walking for 5 hours now, yet we haven't gotten to somewhere reasonable." Tessy said.
"I don't get this map anymore, can someone take a look at it for me?" I asked looking back. They all looked very sweaty under the scorching sun.
"Let me see that." Steven said taking the map from me.
They all gathered to check it, while I sat under a tree to relax. My legs were beginning to hurt badly.
"I am so f**king confused. This isn't leading anywhere!" Steven yelled throwing the map away.
"I think it is beat to go back." Tessy said and Betty nodded in agreement.
"Don't you guys see we are tapped here? We can't even go back. Not now that the map is confusing as ever." I said sighing heavily.
"God! I don't want to die." Betty said falling to the ground in tears.
"Betty don't think like that. Nothing will happen to us." I said as they all sat on the floor.
"I am so hungry." Tessy said as we heard her stomach grumble.
"We haven't eaten for more than 8 hours now." Steven said looking at me.
I stood up looking around to see if we would have any fruit to eat. I sighted some grapes on the tree where I sat under.
I stood up and jumped on the branch climbing up. I started to pluck as much as possible.
I threw then down and they kept picking them up and eating them. I plucked the ones close to me and climbed up to get more.
I got up the tree and looked down to see some smoke oozing from faraway.
"Guys I see something." I yelled still looking at the smoke.
"What this time!" Steven yelled back.
"I think someone is living here." I said moving down.
"Living here? How possible is that?" Betty asked as I jumped on the ground.
"I don't know, let's check it out." I said carrying my bag.
"I pray someone is really living there." Tessy said as they all carried their bags.
We all moved to the direction where I saw the smoke hoping people are really around.
"Here have some." Betty said to me bringing out some grapes.
"Thanks." I replied collecting it with a smile on my face.
"You are brave and I admire that." She said shyly.
"Thank you." I mumbled with some grapes in my mouth.
"Are you scared of anything at all?" She asked looking at me.
"Of course." I replied nodding.
"Wow, never thought you would. What is that if you don't mind." She said grinning.
"Love." I replied sadly.
"What? Love? Why are you scared of love?" She asked staring at me.
"I don't know, I am just scared. Maybe because of the way ladies treats me." I replied trying to smile.
"I am sorry about that." She said sadly.
"Its okay, you are not at fault." I replied looking at her.
We got closer to where the smoke was and i stood behind a tree peeping to look at where the smoke was coming from.
They all stood behind me waiting for my instruction. I looked around and I could see a hut in the middle of trees.
"Someone is truly here." I said walking out from behind the tree. I waved to them and they all followed me.
I got closer to the hut looking around and fully prepared for any wild attack but it seemed calm.
"Who would ever think of living here?" Tessy asked in shock.
We saw the smoke coming from a burning wood.
"Hello!" Betty yelled as we moved closer.
We heard no response from the house, so I decided to go into the door which was slightly opened.
"Ray be careful." Betty said fearfully.
I nodded as I held one of the sharpened sticks from my bag holding it firmly as I opened the door.
I moved the sharpened edge of the stick first, before sticking my head into the hut to look inside it.
It was kinda dark, but the sun light was still reflecting in the living room. I moved in trying not to make any noise.
I saw the living room was empty so I waved to them to come in. They walked in carefully looking around the living room.
There was a kitchen also attached to the living room tho it was a traditional setting.
"Where did the person go?" Tessy asked.
"I don't know, let me check the rooms." I said walking to the first room door.
I opened the door and I saw a wooden bed in the room with a lamp close to it. It was also empty.
I left the door open and moved to the other room, I opened it and a foul smell met my nose immediately.
"F**k!" I said covering my nose. They all rushed to me and when they got closer they perceived the odour, they covered their noses immediately.
I moved in slowly and I saw a young man laying on the floor in his own pool of cloated blood. The blood was black making us know it has been there for sometimes.
I walked in putting on my torchlight. I asked all of them to wait at the door while I check the body.
I bent in front of the body, pointing the light to him. His eyes were wide opened and I saw a deep cut on his neck, like that of a beast's teeth.
The looked around and I saw the blood stained claws of the animal move to the window.
"I walked out and shut the door behind me.
"He was killed by a wild beast." I said and that all shut their eyes in sympathy. 

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