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Life In Roody Woods - Episode 3


Life In Roody Woods - Episode 3

Theme: (A bloody adventure) 

By Authoress Ti Fe
                BETTY'S POV

We walked up to the hill in silence. I was still very shocked about what happened to Jay.

He should have just come out, Now we have lost him. It is so horrifying, I can't seem to forget about it.

"Hey." The guy that lead us from the river said close to me.

"Hi" I replied cleaning my tears.

"Am sorry about your friend." He said and I nodded trying not to let another tear out.

I looked back and I saw Tessy crying profusely in Steven's hand.

"I guess we have to work together now, I am Ray." He said stretching his hand to me.

"Betty." I replied receiving it.

"Nice name." He replied smiling.

"Thanks." I said trying to smile a little.

"When did you get here?" He asked as we lead the way, Tessy, Steven and another guy that came with Ray trialed behind us.

"Today, and this happened." I said frustratingly.

"Am sorry about that. Actually, I have been in the woods for three days now and like jay, three of them are dead. Living Den and I." He said sadly.

"Am sorry about that. I never knew this wood is this dangerous." I said shivering.

"It really is, you just need to be courageous and we all need to stick together. No playing around, strictly business." He said smiling.

"Yeah I understand. I am just so scared, I can't wait to be down here." I said rubbing my arms with my palm.

"It will be fine, just stay brave. But can I ask you a question?" He asked narrowing his eyes.

"Sure go ahead." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Why are you here after the news that it is dangerous." He said.

"Actually, I am not really here for the Treasure." I said sighing.

"So what are you here for?" He asked looking puzzled.

"I came here to forget all about my Ex. He was getting to me so much so I thought of going on an adventure to forget about him." I said rolling my eyes.

"Oh I am so sorry Betty." He said sadly.

"Its nothing." I said looking up to the skies.

"Its running late, we need to look for a place to overnight." He said bringing our his torchlight and putting it on the map.

"Guys I think I found a place to lay our heads for the night!" He said loudly so the people behind us could hear.

"Yes please, I need to rest. I feel like I am going to collapse soon, this is so hard to bear." Tessy said sobbing in Steven's arms.

I looked at her and I understood exactly how she felt.

"Please pull yourself together Tessy." I said trying to smile, and she nodded sadly.
We walked some meters till we got to an open space. It was a sea shore, it was dark already.

Everyone and I brought out our torchlight to help us see. We had tents in our backpacks.

We got to a spot and placed our bags on the ground.

"We need to make a fire to keep us warm. I will be back." Ray said and we all nodded.

We started making our tents, and in no time we were done. We had four tents altogether.

One for Tessy and Steven, one for Den, one for me and one for Ray. Den made Ray's tent close to him.

He was silent throughout we made the tent. My tent was at right side of Ray's tent while Den's was at the left.

We all sat in front of our tents waiting for Ray to come with the firewood. I checked my bag for my phone, then I remembered we had bread in our bag.

"Tessy, Steven, eat up." I said showing them the bread in my hand. They nodded and I faced my phone.

"There can't be network." Den said coldly.

"Yeah, just saw it." I said sighing. I looked at him and I saw him stare at the waters.

"I am Betty." I said smiling.

"Den." He replied still staring at the sea.

"You want some?" I asked stretching my bread to him.

"Yes, I haven't eaten since last night." He said sadly and I felt pity for him.

That means Ray is yet to eat too, I will have to keep some for him.

"Thank you?" He said cutting part of the bread. I reached for my bag and brought out my bottle water.

"Here." I said stretching it to him.

"Thank you." He mumbled as he devoured the bread.

I nodded and took a bite of my bread chewing it slowly. I sat on the ground hugging my legs to my body.

The sea breeze kept blowing her hair around, covering my face with it. I wasn't really affected with the breeze because I had my fur coat on.

Soon I heard footsteps walking towards us. I quickly lighted my touch in fear, and I saw Ray carrying some woods on his shoulders.

He threw them on the floor, and squatted to start preparing the fire. I watched him with my torch on and I saw a snake tattoo on his arm close to his shoulders.

It looked very beautiful and black. The fire was on in no time and we all moved to sit around it.

He sat staring into the fire, while I moved close to him sitting near him.
"Here, eat this." I said giving him the bread.

"Thanks, was starving already." He said biting the bread slowly. I moved my water to him and he looked at me smiling.

Everywhere became so quiet, i could hear the sound of the waves of the sea and that of animals.

Tessy was in Steven arms and Den was just speechlessly staring at the fire. Ray chewed his bread silently, while I closed my eyes remembering home.


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