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Life In Roody Woods Episode 1


Life In Roody Woods - Episode 1 

Theme: (A bloody adventure) 

By Authoress Ti Fe

I  sat in the speed boat rubbing my hands together to create more heat than the first coat I wore on my life Jacket.

"Should i give you a hug to make you warm?" Jay said giggling.

"You sort yourself first." Tessy said making me laugh.

"Tessy what is wrong with you and I? Must you always annoy me?" He said angrily.

"Whatever." She replied rolling her eyes.

"I can't just wait to get that treasure." Steven mumbled.

"Watch me get it before you." Jay said laughing.

We four have been friends right from college days. We are Jay, Tessy, Steven and i Betty.

We parted ways after our college education for some few years but I never knew we were in the same country until of recent.

We met coincidentally due to a news we heard about some expensive treasure in Roody Woods.

And now we are on our way to the wood, I have all necessary things with me in my back pack.

I took my toothbrush and paste, sponge, cream, some sweater and many more.

The news about these treasures have gone viral in Los Angeles, and it was made know that it is a deadly trip.

But I really don't fear anything, and this is a medium to forget about Henry my ex.

"Here we are!" The Sailor said as we landed on the shore.

"Yipi!!!" Roody treasures here I come!" Tessy yelled happily while we all laughed.

We came down from the boat and we removed our life jackets dropping them in the boat.
We waved the sailor goodbye and stood staring into the woods.

"I am actually a little scared about this." I said sighing.

"I can never be scared when it comes to money." Jay said leading the way.

I backed my bag properly and we all followed Jay into the wood because he had the map with him.

Tessy walked up to me smiling and I knew she wanted to say something.

"I know you want to say something so I am all ears." I said giggling.

"You haven't told me about Henry yet. For God's sake you guys were so sweet back at school." She said.

"Yea, I thought that too not until we left school and he started misbehaving." I said rolling my eyes. I hung my hand on the rope on my bag as I kept moving up the hill.

"What was his offense, I really want to know." She said pouting her mouth.

"He cheated." I said sadly.

"Wow, I am so sorry. I never knew Henry is such a jerk." She said angrily.

"I am fine now forget about that. Let's talk about you and Steven, you guys are really amazing. You kept your relationship since school days, that is a wow." I said smiling.

"Yes, Steven has been so awesome. I am happy to have him." She said happily.

"Nice, part of the reason I am here on this trip is to forget about Henry." I added.

"That is the best idea babe. Here alone with your best friends." She said hugging me from my side.

We kept on moving up the hill under the scorching sun. The sun was penetrating my scalp so I removed my fancy hat from my bag and wore it to protect my scalp.

Tessy slowed down so Steven could catch up with her while I walked to meet Jay in front.

"How many days do you think we are going to use here?" I asked looking at him.

"Approximately 3 days by the direction of the map." He replied looking into it.

"3 days I pray it is. I am still worried about the news." I said sighing.

"Betty that news is trash, nothing can happen put your mind at rest." He said patting my head.

I nodded removing my bag pack. I brought out my bottle water and drove a little out of it.

"You care for?" I asked him.

"Yeah thank you." He said collecting it from me while I held the map.

"Guys! Check this out." I heard Steven yell from behind us.

We halted and looked back to see them looking down the hill. How come I didn't even notice it.

We ran to where they stood and i saw there was a river down there and truly the sight was beautiful.

"Who wants to go swimming?" Tessy asked happily.

"No Tessy, let's just focus on the mission." I said shaking my head.

"This will be fun Betty!" Jay yelled happily.

"Guys I think..." And before I could finish my statement Tessy and Steven removed they clothes and they were left in undies.

And before I knew it they jumped down the hill into the water screaming happily.

"Tessy!!" I yelled as they landed in the water.

"I am fine come on!!!" She yelled swimming.

"Let's do this." Jay said also removing his clothes. Soon he jumped into the river too laughing very loud.

"Betty your turn!!" They all yelled.

"I don't think I want to!" I yelled back in fear.

"Aren't you here to forget about Henry, come babe don't dull yourself!" Tessy yelled.

"Fine!" I said sighing as I began to remove my clothes.

"One!! Two!! Three!!!" They yelled and I jumped down the hill screaming loudly.


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