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Katzy - Episode Six


Katzy - Episode Six

By Amah's Heart

My Dad and brother had their say over my new job.

Jon said

"You mean you are going to be taking care of a rich cribbled guy. Feeding him and reading some stories to him... to save him from boredom... just like a child?? Hahahaha... that's one hell of a Job. Is no more scrubbing the floor and doing dishes for the rich...is now nursing a wealthy dude and getting paid... when you are not a therapist or a reboot?? This people have a way of wasting money...

Jon has a long list of things why the job is the most ridiculous job he has ever heard of.

My Dad was always supportive, all he had to say was for me to be careful

I resumed at the Desmonds over the weekend and Mrs Desmond showed me round, mostly places of interest which includes my own private quarter.

She took me to where her husband was, he was looking out into the big field from a big upstairs view.

His mind was obviously occupied.
He appears to be in his late forties. A strand of white beard can be obviously seen among his beard. He had a full bushy hair and a rough bears. He was wearing a pjamas and a long blue robe.
Despite how rough he looks, it couldn't cover the fact that he was a good looking young man who looks way older than his age.

I have seen his pictures hanging on the sitting room walls, he was indeed a fine man but totally transformed into unrecognizable person.

"Honey... this is Kay-se Lukas. She is the newest staff whom I specially employed for you"
There was silent, he didn't say anything at first as his wife introduced me to him.

His eyes was focused on the field, he did not even bother to turn his head or look in our direction.
"Why... what for?

He suddenly asked her.

"I want her to be able to take care of you in the absence of doctor Silas. I mean reading to you, feeding you until you are able to make good use of your hands again and also keeping you company.

He turned and looked at his wife and said.

"Is she some toys or do I ever mentioned to that I will be needing someone. I don't need her or doctor Silas. Yes, I need a therapist but definitely not Silas... get me another therapist. I don't need the new staff either... You are my wife, you should be able to keep me company with your presence if you love me enough. I don't need anyone to read to me, feed me like some kid or keep me entertained. That's a total bullshit.
The wife showed sign of discomfort as she moved closer to her husband.

"You know I love you. What is wrong honey. Why do you suddenly dislike Silas service. He has a good record of great work to his patients and also great reputation. Silas is the best that was why I bought his service. All I want is the best for you. Is high time you start appreciating my efforts instead of whining and complaining like a child. I do want my husband back on his feet and back to his old self. You are begining to feel comfortable with your present condition. Kay-se will attend to your needs. I don't care if you like her or not... she stays regardless.

She started walking away and I followed behind.

She turned and said with a commanding tone.

"Where are you following me to? He is the reason why I employed you and if you do your work well you will get your pay in time except you don't want this job. Your work starts from this moment Kay-se.

She walked away and I was left standing in the big room with the man on wheel who obviously doesn't like me or needs my presence.

He was an unhappy man.
something was eating deeply into him and I doubt if is only the wheelchair.

I don't know where to start, so I decided to ask.

"Is a beautiful day out there, will you like me to take you to the field for a clear sight seeing?

He didn't response.

I made attempt to take him anyway but he shun me immediately.

"My wife asked you to stay... and if you must stay then keep your distance from me. Leave me the hell alone.

I nodded with an apology.

My first two weeks was very disheartening due to Mr Desmonds difficulty in corporating. Whenever doctor Silas is around I stay off while he attends to him.

I watch in silence without words
"He doesn't like me or want me around? I have tried to make him but everyday seems more difficult.
I was explaining to Mrs Desmond after she asked me if the husband was begining to respond to me.

"There's no excuse in the Job Kay-se. Except you don't want it. Do everything within your power to make him corporate.

Well, I continued to try. I even read for many hours without any response.

I massage his legs and he sometimes kicks me off while some other time he let me do it.
Doctor Silas asked me to be patient with him.

I have enough patience because I don't have another job to go to even if I happen to get a Job it won't pay so well like this one.

I kept my distance from Natasha but one day as I was folding clothes meant for Mr Desmond in the laundry she came to meet me.
"How's the Job with Mr Desmonds going"

"Is moving on fine" I replied without looking up at her.

I could have poured out all my stored up emotions but not to somebody like Natasha

", You are not a good liar Kay-se. I hope I got your name right because that's what I heard madam calling you. I bet you that your job with Mr Desmond is tedious. But there's a lot more beneath the eyes. If you keep your head down and your mind open you will understand that man. I'm not your enemy... I'm rather your friend and we can be gossip partners. According to what I gathered, Madam used to be a hot model before she got married to him. Her real name is Erin Thomson, She loves him because he's a wealthy man which was why she agreed to marry him. They don't have any child due to madam hates children...more because they're very messy. Another thing I heard is that she...
I didn't allow her to continue her petty gossip.

She was only jealous of Mrs Desmond and wish she was in her shoes.

I packed my clothes and Left without saying anything to her. I will rather be alone than to be seen gossiping with Natasha.
It was very obvious that madam loves her husband and want him to get back on his feet.

I don't know where Natasha gathered her own lies but I won't be a partaker of it.

Silas was becoming very friendly with me. Mr Desmonds is gradually coming around. He no longer use harsh voice on me. But he sometimes want to be left alone of which I give him his own time.

I received my second cheque today. I will be sending some money home to my Dad and brother just like I usually do and I will be saving some.

I'm still hoping that with time everything about this job will take shape.

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