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Katzy - Episode Four


Katzy - Episode Four

By Amah's Heart

I couldn't decide immediately on which of the job offers I wanted to go to.

What if after canceling the GSA job offer and decided to attend the interview with the Desmonds and I end up not getting the job?

What will become of me?

I know I have to be positive minded but I was in a state of dilemma.

As the usual saying goes "use a stone to kill two birds" that is what I intend doing even though I don't know how that will work out.

I came up with a lie and called the hospitality industry the following day to inform them that I will be resuming on Tuesday because I wasn't feeling so strong and won't be effective in my duties due to my state of health.

"Is unacceptable.... totally unaceptable. How can you start giving excuses on your first day of resumption...on a new job that many people wish to have? which means the period you will be working with us will be filled with excuses. We really sympathetize with you over your ill health but i will suggest you report to work first or come to the company's hospital for clearification. If not then forget about the job...alot of other people will gladly fill-in your space. Goodbye!.

The call ended and all I could do was to clap my two palms together without knowing what to do next.

It only means one thing. I have to risk it all and go to the Desmonds.
And that was what I did.

I dressed up on Monday morning and went to the Desmonds.

I was ushered into the main building which was breath taking.

I sat down waiting to be called upon.

Mrs Desmond came downstairs and I stood and greeted her.

She was very young, not the kind of woman I pictured on my mind.

She was a beautiful young lady who could pass out for a super model.

"You are welcome Kay-se Lukas. You look quiet elegant...your voice sound different over the phone. I like you already. Please sit and wait for me. Let me round up with what I'm doing upstairs and we'll have our chat. I will like you to tell me who exactly ordered you to leave without my knowledge. You will tell me everything when I return. What will you like to drink while you wait.

I told her that I was fine and won't be needing anything.

"You can't just sit here without taking anything Kay-se. I will send somebody to serve you drink.
Mrs Desmond was mixing up my name of which I don't mind.
I love the way she calls it.

She left and I couldn't help but admire her fine body stature and beauty.

What if she used to be a model, which means she will have many contact and will connect me with one of the famous brand. It will be a dream come true for me.

I was still thinking to myself when I saw a lady carrying a tray of drink.

I recognized her immediately as she approached me.

When she saw me she had shock written all over her.

"Natasha...we meet again!
I said with a mockery tone.

Out of shock, she almost dropped the tray of drink on the floor.
"What in hell are you doing here? Wait a minute... are you the visitor that madam asked me to come and serve? I was thinking is an important person. I thought I told you on that interview day that your presence is no longer needed. There's no space for you... are you here to beg her for an employment? You will only be wasting your time.

She was more distraughted than angry.

She looked at me with a disdainful eyes and jealousy was written all over her.

I gave her a smirking smile before saying.

"Well, I'm glad to see you too Natasha. Mrs Desmond invited me over for two reasons. One, is to tell her who asked me to leave on the interview day when she never gave such orders and second is to have a friendly chat with her about something very important which I can't disclose to you.

She quietly dropped the drink on a table right in front of me. Her demeanor changed. She looked more scared after hearing the reason for my visit.

She turned to me and said.

"Should I pour the drink for you?
"Yes Natasha. Isn't it what Mrs Desmond asked you to do....to serve me? Serve me properly because I'm your Madam's guest. She may pick offence if I complain over your inability to officiate your duty correctly.

She gently began to pour the drink into a glass cup after which she handed it to me but I asked her to leave it on the tray of which she did.

She turned to leave but suddenly pause.

"Are you going to tell Mrs Desmond that I was the person that sent you all away? I know you will but please can you not do that. I beg of you...I really need this job. My only sister recently had an accident and she has been in the hospital for sometime now and her hospital bills keep increasing by the day. I'm the only one she got after our parents passed. If Mrs Desmond fires me... my only sister may probably die and I don't know how I will ever forgive myself if that happens. Please, for the sake of my dying sister can you not tell her...

"Natasha... you must have mistaken me for a fool. First it was your dying grandma and now is your sister. Don't you ever get tired of cooking up such expensive lies with your none existing family members. I have searched for reasons why you did what you did to me and to others that walked away that day feeling downtrodden. I still don't understand why but is not important all that I'm after is to tell Mrs Desmond the truth because I can't lie to a woman like that. I'm not much of a liar like you..

I said with a harsh but quiet voice.
She looked beaten as if she was going to cry. she turned to me and say.

" Looking at you that day, you were a strong competition for me. I know if you go in there just one look at you and Mrs Desmond may pick interest in you. She likes smart and pretty looking ladies and you got it all. I may not have a chance if you have gone in before me which was why I have to do that. I know I lied about my grandma but I'm not lying about my sister. I only got her and she only got me. Our parents are late... and I can't afford to loose her. I'm sorry. Please don't tell Mrs Desmond that i was the one...it will be a huge favor which I won't fail to repay back anytime possible. if you can do this for me I will be indebted to you and will really appreciate it.

I didn't respond as she stood waiting for me to assure her.
Just then I heard Mrs Desmond coming.

Natasha quickly left and I was left with one thing on my mind. What am going to say to Mrs Desmond if she ask who sent me away.

I felt pity for Natasha, she is probably saying the truth this time.

She can't possibly be lying over the death of her parents and a dying sister.

I adjusted and flashed a smile towards Mrs Desmond as she approached gracefully but suddenly my smile turned into a confused face, I saw a man who was been wheeled on a wheelchair by a young man in a green uniform. Who is either a doctor, nurse or a physiotherapist

They entered into the East wing of the building and a big fansy cotton was drawn to close it up, preventing people from seeing what was going on in there.

Mrs Desmond sat opposite me and crossed her legs. She had a big smile plastered on her face as she said.

"Kay-se... let's start our chat with who did you say that sent you away on the interview day? After which I will show you the new available job...if you can do it or not because not everyone will accept such demanding offer. So let's start with my first question...

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