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Katzy - Episode Five


Katzy - Episode Five

By Amah's Heart

I opened my mouth to talk but no reasonable words came out of it.

I really do not want to turn Natasha in but I can't think of anything else to say to Mrs Desmond as she await my answer.

I don't want Natasha to be fired because her sister totally depends on her, according to what she said.
Her parents are dead and it will be very difficult coping through.

My both parents are alive but separated. I know how devasting it was when my Mom left us and remarried. Her husband doesn't want to have anything to do with us. They have a daughter together and are happy with each other.
My Dad have been struggling to take care of us for over thirteen years, ever since my Mom left.

I don't totally blame her, it used to be everyday quarrel with my Dad over minor issue. It appeared to be a loveless marriage. Mom was never happy and sometime transfer aggression and anger on me and Jon.

Dad tried to make her stay but her mind was made up.

She divorced my Dad, found love with another man, walked away without looking back.

I tried locating her but her new husband was not willing to accommodate me.

Mom said Dad hurts her greatly of which I don't know what his offence might be. She said staying with him will make her a bitter woman and she may end up hurting us too which was why she decided to walk away and she is happy with her new man.

Having just my Dad around us is not something I'm proud of but at least I'm happy to have my both parents alive even though they are separated.

It must be very heartbreaking for Natasha to lose her parents and I don't want to add to her pain or mak....

"Miss Lukas...are you still with me? You haven't answered my question?

Mrs Desmond startled me back to reality.

She was about saying something else when her phone rang.

She excused herself to receive the call.

As she walked away, I heard a rushing feet behind me.

I turned and it was Natasha. She was in a haste.

"Hope you did not tell Mrs Desmond the truth? Please don't make me loose my job... this is very Important to me. Lying to Mrs Desmond won't do you any harm. What did you tell her....
answer me fast before she returns....

And just then Mrs Desmond was through with her call and was walking back to me.

Natasha quickly disappeared to another direction.

"I thought I saw Natasha...the staff that I asked to serve you drink? Did you know her before now? Oh wait...is she the person that asked you to leave on that day? Because I can remember she was the last person that I interviewed and when she was leaving I personally asked her to tell the next person to come in but she informed me that she was the last person and wasn't sure there was any other person waiting. Could she be the one that sent the rest of you away? oh heaven... Natasha is so fired...

Mrs Desmond immediately called another workers to fetch Natasha but I quickly stopped her.

"Mrs Desmond... please. I recently realized that she only did what she did because she felt threatened by my presence and she needed this job to care for her ill sister who is in the hospital. Her parents are late and she really need this job... please don't fire her. I'm pleading. I will do anything that is worth her punishment on her behalf. Please let her stay...

I pleaded with every thing in me. It appears Mrs Desmond was already crossed and was ready to take her harsh decision on Natasha.

She gasped out before saying.
"Did you say Natasha's parents are dead? Since when? On the interview day she pleaded right here on her knees that she needed this job to take care of her mother who suffered from stroke after her father died of car accident. She has two sisters and a brother and they are all counting on her. She was willing to do any kind of work. I don't usually let people's tears or predicament get to me but I was really touched by her sad story which was why I decided to consider her and place her as a household staff even though I don't really need one. The main vacancy I needed to fill up remain vacant because none of the people I interviewed was worth the job and the payment that comes with it. So, when did Natasha's parents died because that wasn't what she told me...?

I breathed in and then out because at this point I lack words to defend Natasha.

"Well...I probably mix-up her words ma'am. I didn't hear clearly when she said her mom is on stroke and her Dad is late. My bad and I'm deeply sorry. Please don't fire her because she really needs this job.

Mrs Desmond was quiet but after sometime she spoke.

"You really got a good heart Kay-se. That girl doesn't deserve to work here but I will reconsider her for your sake. Follow me, I want to show you something.

I followed her and she led me to the east wing of the large building where the man on wheel was being attended to.

I couldn't see his face as he was backing us. His doctor smile towards Mrs Desmond.

"How is he... any improvement?
She asked him.

"None yet. Is really going to take time madam. I'm trying my very best for him"

Replied the doctor.

Mrs Desmond turned to me.

"Let's go. This is what I wanted to show you.

I followed her out and we returned back to the fancy sitting room.

", That was my husband on the wheel chair. He had a terrible accident which left him on that wheel chair. He can't make use of some parts of his body and his therapist has been working none stop to at least help his state of mind but he isn't getting any better. But we are all hopeful for some sort of miracle. And... that is where the main vacancy lies. In the absence of his therapist I need a smart and intelligent lady to look after him. Like feeding him, taking him round the compound on his wheelchair whenever he is bored. reading stories for him and massaging his limb feet. This is where you come in Kay-se. Without wasting time are you capable of such task?

She asked me. It sounds simple but it will be one of the most hideous Job for me.

", Does your husband speaks?

I asked her because Mr Desmonds head was bent like a man on stroke.

"Yes, my husband speaks fine but he hardly say anything to anyone. He recently stop talking much even to me. He's in pain and it hurt him that he's reclined to a wheel chair. Which is why I need somebody to distract him and take his mind away from his present predicament. I want my husband to be active again and I want you to assure me if you can do this Job or not.

I accepted the job offer not just because I don't really have much choice but mainly because i needed Mrs Desmond in my life for the sake of my dreams. She also appeared as a nice person who really wants her husband to get better.

She mentioned the pay and it was double of what the Cole's where paying me.

I have to live in the house and be at his watch at all times.

She asked me to resume by weekend.

My modeling dream was still on my mind and time will present itself and I will be able to tell her of my biggest wish but right now all I care about is how to start my strange Job.

On my way out of the house, I heard someone running after me.
And it was Natasha.

"I guess you told her? You are a wicked soul. After I took time to explain to you about my only sister that is still in the hospital who's Life depends on me...I told you about my late parents. After telling you all this... you were still heartless and went ahead to tell her the truth so that she can fire me and make you her favorite...

I quickly interrupted her from speaking.

"I did not tell her. Mrs Desmond is not stupid. She figured out the whole thing but I pleaded on your behalf so that you can still have your job. By the way Mrs Desmond said that you had other siblings and your Mom had stroke after your Dad had accident...well that was the lies you told her and she bought into it. Natasha...I really don't know when you are saying the truth or what exactly to believe...

"Believe anything you wish to believe. Is none of my business. You better humble yourself around here and stop acting like Madam's PA. I know you will be starting work here, good for you just make sure you stay off my ways. Do your work and don't put eyes in mine...in that way we won't get on each other's throats.

She quickly ran back to the house. I shaked my head pathetically before walking away.

We will meet at the Desmonds by weekend and I will get to know the real truth about Natasha.

Let me focus on my new task which is "Mr Desmond".

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