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Katzy - Episode Eight


Katzy - Episode Eight

By Amah's Heart

Mr Desmonds wanted to know what took me so long, I explained to him how i went to another supermarket to buy the crackers since the one close by doesn't have.

I skipped the part where I saw his wife and Silas.

I really do not know what exactly I was looking for or what pushed me to follow Mrs Desmond.
It was a great risk I wasn't ready to take ever again.

With what I just discovered what am I suppose to do with the information?

The only good thing is that I will be vigilant now than ever.
I will put a close eye on doctor Silas to know what exact drugs he is administering to Mr Desmond.
What if Mr Desmond knows about his wife and his therapist but can't do anything due to the wheelchair?

I have so many questions on my mind which is left unanswered.
As days went by, I began to observe Mrs Desmond and Silas closely.

The way they look at their selves and act around each other so that no one will suspect.

Natasha met me in the laundry again and start talking.

"I have not had the courage to tell madam about my musical dreams. Can you help me speak to her on that? She likes you and may want to listen what you got to say. She may turn me down or even sack me if I dare speak to her concerning that. I love this job and I'm really saving for my future since my parents can't help me. My Dad is out there flexing with other women while my Mom doesn't give a damn. She is living her own life too...well, I have to live mine. Can you imagine that my Dad called me the other day asking me for money...my hard earned money that he never contributed to...

I smile and said.

",Wow, your dead parents returned back to life and started living their best life?. So, even the dead run out of money and calls you to send some cash to the spirit world? This is pretty serious Natasha?

She frowned at me and said.

"I know I told you that my parents are dead but they are not. Even though they are not really useful to me being alive. Will you speak to madam on my behalf before you start judging me. Please talk to madam concerning my musical career, she has all the connection I need ..

,"Natasha I have my own problem to worry about. Just as this job is important to you... is also important to me. I'm not promising to tell madam anything but whenever the opportunity presents itself I will "try" and do so.

She took a peep outside the door before moving closer to where I stood folding clothes.

"Kay-se, Mr Desmond, seems to be irritating everyone with his actions lately... especially his wife and doctor. How do you cope with him? I don't have such patient... despite how attractive the salary is, I would have gathered whatever I lay my hands on and move on with my life. Some troubles aren't worth it. How do you even cope with this people?
"By minding my business Natasha. Try and do the same and you will see how happy you will be.

She made a funny face at me.

"Minding my wretched business doesn't pay the bill, other people's business especially the rich and famous Desmond pays well enough. I'm your friend...is high time you drop this over serious high shoulder thing and embrace life. Don't forget to speak to madam concerning my musical proposal. If I become a star tomorrow, I will give you a free ticket to my musical show. Try and loosen up a bit... stop being hard on yourself over some nasty rich people who doesn't care if you exist or not. Kay-se... try not to mind your business all the time.

She walked away, leaving me to continue my laundry in peace.
I was going to look for a way to make Mrs Desmond get another therapist for her husband.

I don't know how but I have to do something.

I took a day off and visited home.
I spoke to Julie if she knows any special doctor since she has been working for the Philips for many years.

She does which was very relieving.

I collected the orthopedist doctor's number.

Julie said that he was good and his name is doctor Lan.

Another thing on my mind was to talk doctor Silas into asking me out again so that I can get into his mind and know what exactly is his plans with Mr Desmonds.
But if I happen to go on a date with Silas that may anger Erin.
She might think I'm having something personal to do with her man.

I have to look for other means, I don't want to get fired.
Mr Desmond was begining to enjoy my company.

I talked him into shaving off his bears and having a haircut.
He was looking different in a better way.

I wheeled him out for some fresh air every evening.

We move round the field and stay within the compound talking about nature.

He was smiling one day as he talked about his wife.

I asked him to talk about something he loves so much and Erin became a topic for him
"The first day I set my eyes on her... she was breath taking. So beautiful and free with life. I have been invited to this famous fashion show, davci was unveiling his latest customize wear. He used only top models and Erin was among. As she walked on the runaway... she was a beauty to behold. We hooked up after the show and she didn't hide the fact that she likes me too. She had a special place in my heart and I knew I wanted her to be mine but I was afraid she will say no due to her beautiful life which she seems to be enjoying. I was ready for anything when I asked her to marry me. Surprisingly she said yes. We got married after two years and immediately she became my wife everything changed. She was a sweet soul, she agreed to quit modelling but at a price of which I paid. I love Erin so very much and we wanted to enjoy each other before having kids. She wasn't really into children and I wasn't ready either. We were good, living, loving and having fun until the accident that changed everything happened. Before the accident, we usually argue over different things but settles because I'm a peace maker and hate to see her sad. When the doctor told me that I may not walk again it was as if my heart was pierced. But two other doctor said with a good therapist i can still regain my body and take over my mind. Since I don't have access to my phone due to my upper arm that kept malfunctioning, Erin is in charge of everything. i asked her to get me a good physiotherapist and she brought Silas. I have had series of other doctors coming to check me, and I also had few care givers like you but they couldn't stay more than two months because I was a pain in their necks. I don't like doctor Silas for many reasons and I begged my wife to change him but she won't oblige. She will keep giving me reason why Silas is the best doctor I need but I will spend the rest of my life on wheel chair if Silas continues with me. That man enjoys seeing me miserable. He act as if he is truly doing some great job but in the actual sense he isn't doing anything. I know how difficult I can be but you will never understand my situation until you are walking in my shoes. I love my wife... she is the reason I really do want to get out of this wheelchair. I know is hard for her seeing me like this. I want my life and my wife fully back...

I listened to him talk and it was obvious that Desmond really do love his wife.

She means everything to him and it appears he probably doesn't know that Mrs Desmond is having affair with Silas.

I don't know how I'm going to get him to see doctor Lan or get the doctor to come see him but I won't give up until I succed.

I know I supposed to be minding my business and doing the work I was employed to do but Desmond will remain in that chair if nothing is done quick.

He is part of my business now and I will look for means to help him.
A week later, doctor Silas came to me and said.

"I spoke to Erin about your modeling dream and she agreed to help you.

I smile because I don't know how to react to the news.

"You are supposed to be jumping on me right now and thanking me for what I did...not looking lose and confuse.

"I'm sorry doctor, I was jus... just surprised that you will do that for me. Thank you. I'm really excited. Is what I have always wanted and I'm glad is finally going to take shape.

He smiled cheerfully.

"Let me take you out so that we can celebrate. You can't be wasting so much of your time babysiting Mr Desmond. Try to unwind... have some fun Kay.

I gave a deep breath.

"I enjoy baby sitting him. He's a helpless man and needs all the care he can get. As for the outing...I don't think is a good idea because Mrs Desmond may not like it...I mean she may not like the fact I leave my duty post for a date with her husband's doctor. It doesn't seem like something she will like.

He pause for sometime and later said.

"You have a point but we will find a way to do it anyway. I really do want to take you out. I will talk to Erin about it.

I nodded absent minded.

I don't know how is going to work out but I will dance to any rhythm just to save Mr Desmond.

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