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Just A Dream - Episode 5


Just A Dream - Episode 5

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.


We were done with lectures and it was time to head home. I packed my notebooks in my bed and arranged my textbooks, ready to carry them in my hands.

Fernando also did the same. He packed his books into his bag, trust me, the bag looked expensive. He seems rich.

"So you coming to school early?" He asked backing his bag.

"Sure I will. Mother hates late coming." I replied giggling.

"Okay then, let's walk to the gate together." He said holding my hands.

"Okay." I replied nodding as we walked out of the already scanty classroom.

We got outside and I could feel eyes on us. The ladies stared at me like they will murder me very soon but I didn't actually give a f**k.

Not when I am close to my Prince Charming. We walked to the gate and I stopped looking at him.

"I will take my leave now, where is the way to your house?" I asked looking at the street.

"This way." He replied pointing to the opposite direction from mine.

"Oh I am going this way. See you tomorrow." I said smiling.

"Okay see you." He said staring at me too.

He kept looking at me and I couldn't take my eyes off him too. Suddenly he brought his face closer to mine and pecked me on the cheeks.

"Stay safe." He said and I nodded blushing really hard.

"Bye." I replied smiling widely. I walked away from where he was briskly and headed to my own street.

I began to jump happily remembering how he kissed me.

I got home and I couldn't stop jumping and dancing. Mother was outside and she watched me perform in awe.

"Did you win a scholarship?" She asked as soon as I got closer.

"More than a scholarship mom." I said pecking her cheek.

"Wow I am eager to hear it." She said walking into the house.

"Mother guess what?" I asked happily.

"Rosslyn you know how much I hate guessing. Spit it already." She said grinning.

"Okay. You know the dream I had this morning?" I asked.

"No I don't, you didn't tell me about it." She replied.

"Oh Sorry mom. I was running late that is why. I will quickly narrate it now."

"I was in a Royal apparel in the midst of a royal garden. I looked so beautiful in it and the flowers couldn't stop to amaze me.

"I was still admiring them when I heard some noise in the bushes. I was about screaming when I saw a very handsome found Prince in front of me smelling the flowers too."

"He looked so handsome when he smiled at me."

'I was about looking away when he spoke up and walked up to me saying he was Fernando. We got close instantly and we began to play around the garden."

"Okay so what happened in school?" Mother asked anxiously.

"I ran into a guy in school today and mother he looked so much like Fernando. I was so shocked and I called him Fernando, mother can you believe he is really Fernando." I answered happily and I saw my mother look away sadly.

"Mother what is wrong?" I asked looking at her.

"You need to stay away from him. It is dangerous when you are close to him." She replied coldly.

"What? You don't even know him mother. Let me make this clear, I know you think he is a Royal blood and it may be dangerous."

"But that is totally wrong mother, he is just a normal boy like everyone else in school. He isn't any Royal blood." I replied smiling.

"Rosslyn listen to me! Stay away from the boy! If you know you love your life and this families stay away from him!" She yelled walking into her room leaving me dazed.

"Mother!" I yelled walking to her room, I banged her door but she didn't respond.

"Mother I just met him and for the very first time someone likes me in that school. I can't stay away from him!" I yelled running to my room in tears.

"What is wrong with mother? She is supposed to be happy for me but this is the direct opposite."

"What isn't she telling me." Oh God this is bad.

I laid on my bed thinking about what to do. I really love his company.

We were even grouped together, that would be so much fun but now mother is saying this I need to be careful.

Maybe I just ask him where is he from? Or what kind of person he is? Or just some random personal questions will do.


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