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Just A Dream - Episode 4


Just A Dream - Episode 4

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.


The Biology Lecturer came in and we all paid rapt attention to what he was saying. We all introduced ourselves and to him and he did too.

"So we will be having a group assignment and you will be grouped into two's. You and your seat mate." He said and I felt Rosslyn look at me.

I looked at her and my lips curved into a smile. She looked very beautiful, though all Rosslyn's are beautiful.

"You will be drawing the human skeleton and will give it a complete label. You will be graded on how neat and clear your drawings are." He added and we all nodded.

"Call Representative, get me the list of the groups before the end of today." He said.

"Okay Sir." A Guy replied.

"The assignment is to be summited by next week. Class Dismissed." He said walking out and instantly the class started getting noisy.

"So we are partners now." Rosslyn said staring at me.

"Oh yes. And that is great." I said looking around the class to see some ladies staring at us.

"Can you draw?" She asked.

"Yes quite well." I replied grinning.

"Great! Perfect! You draw, I label. Since I have a better handwriting." She said giggling.

"Exactly what I was thinking. This will be great."

"But where do we get to see the drawing?" I asked.

"We will go to the library, borrow the Biology textbook and return as soon as we are done." She said.

"Great idea! So when do we have time to do it? I mean we can't do it in the school premises, there will be distractions." I added sighing.

"Okay. We can do it in the library." She said and I nodded thinking about what she said.

"Okay then." I replied smiling.

"Tomorrow?" She asked stretching her hand to me.

"Done deal." I replied shaking her hands sweetly.

We both stared at each other speechlessly, I didn't want to let go of her hands and neither did she.

I rubbed the back of her fresh palm with my thumb and I could see she was lost staring into my eyes.

"Hum hum." We heard someone cough slightly beside us making us look away from each other.

"Rosslyn." He called smiling.

"Hey Jackie." She replied smiling.

"Hi newbie." He said again shaking hands with me.

"Hey dude." I replied receiving his hand.

"That atmosphere was intense mehn!" He said sitting close to me and I saw Rosslyn look away shyly.

I smiled not knowing exactly what to reply him with.

"Go for her, she is beautiful." He whispered in my ear making me cough unexpectedly.

"C'mon Dude." I said grinning as he bursted into laughter.

"That is Jackie for you, seem to like you both." He said smiling.

"Finally made two friends in a day." I said giving him a high five.

"Hey Baby girl. Be free around him okay?" He said and I saw her blush slightly.
"Stop been so playful Jackie." I said rolling my eyes.

"Okay.. Okay.. Catch you guys later." He said hitting my chest slightly before walking away.

"He seems nice." I said looking at Rosslyn.

"I guess so. Don't really relate to any of them." She replied sighing.

"Then why me? I mean, we are meeting for the very first time." I said facing her properly.

"First time to you. But second time to me." She replied looking at me.

"Really? Where?" I asked anxiously.

"I doesn't matter, you won't believe me anyway." She said looking away.

"C'mon, tell me." I said pouting my mouth.

"In my dream." She said and I almost bursted into laughter.

"Now that is unbelievable, is that how you got to know my name?" I asked.

"Yes." She nodded feeling stupid.

"Okay, I won't take telling me that for granted okay." I said holding her hand.

She nodded as she smiled at me.

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