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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 38


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 38

Theme : The village Girl


"So you mean, she asked for a divorce? ".

"Yeah". I replied lowly.

Rotimi took a deep breathe. "This is more serious than we think".

"She's getting married and I don't know what to do".

"She has forgiven you, right? ".


"Then sign the paper and let her go".

"What are you saying? ".

"Exactly what you heard. Let her marry the one, she loves".

"No way, I won't sign the paper. Never"..

"And why is that? ".

"Because I don't lose her. I want her by my side. She's mine".

"Yours, really?. Havent you inflicted enough pain in her life? Let her marry the one she loves. Free her, man! ".

"Rotimi, why are you saying this? What about my feelings? ".

"Right from start. You've always been selfish". I watch him with mouth agape..
"Yeah, you are!! It always about you. How about her own feelings? For once, care about her. She never wanted to marry you too.

It was a forcible wedlock. Yet, she never stood up for herself. You did not just made her life hell. You caused her pains, so free her. Sign the fucking paper!! ". He yelled.
"Rotimi. Am sorry. I regret everything, I swear. All I want now is to make things right between us, please".

"What do you want me to do now? Because I warned you but you never listen to my advices.It always Lewis and now take a look at it, Lewis is doomed too".

I took a deep breathe. "Rotimi, I know you always find a solution. Please, am sorry for not listening all this while, please".

He looked away. "Listen, me helping you is because of my wife. She loves Tiwa alot".

"Thanks, thank you".

"Do you have any of her relative's number? Someone that can talk to her will be better. Wait... Like her brother, the one that works in the company? ".

I shook my head. "No".

"Geez!! Just look at you, Alex. You're unbelievable". I look down in shame. "Okay let me tell my cousin sister to send his number. They hang out alot".

He took his phone, dialed a number then place it on the table after putting it in loudspeaker.
"Ella love".

"Hi cousin bro".

"Can you please send ehmm... Justin's number? ".

"Who said I have his number? ".

"Silly girl. After leaving me that day and left with him at Judy's place. You guys have been hanging around. Everyone knows that too".

She chuckled. "Yeah, he's my boyfriend... Wait why do you need his number? ".

"Someone needs it".

"A lady? ".

"Common Ella, it a guy".
"Okay, right away then". The call disconnected..
"Don't worry, she'll send it right away".

Immediately his phone buzzed. He took it. "She has".

I pressed the toothpaste with all the strength in me. I don't have any money on me. I brushed my teeth and move to the small kitchen. No food.

Eating in this house is not easy at all. I thought Alfred was rich not knowing it all lies. The house he do take me to was his boss's. He's just a driver in the house.

His boss trust him that much that why he entrust his house and cars to Alfred because he wanna travel out of the country and spend years there. Not untill last two weeks which he got back.

My whole life, I've never been this broke. The only money I brought from Alex place was one million and I gave it to Alfred. Said he wanted to use it for our passports to travel abroad but I don't know what happened to the money till today.

Basil is so lean and Alfred said he doesn't have any money to pay his hospital bills again. He has even been enroll in a public school.I can't even go back to his biological father, not after the stunt I pulled the last time.

I can't even go back to Alex. Atleast I was feeding well and he get to pay Basil's hospital bills even if he has to borrow it. I regret ever quitting from the my workplace...

And am even stuck with Alfred because am carrying his child. There is no way I can go back to Alex or my parent again. I've disappointed everybody.

A knock came on the parlor's door and I went for it. The house is a two bedroom flat, a face me I slap you house. I turned the knob. The door opened and Alfred walked in carrying two big suitcases with him.

"Whose luggage is this? ". I asked and Alfred motioned me to look at the doorstep. And I did. A pregnant lady stood there.

"Come in, Yemi". Alfred said and the lady entered the house. I lock the door and turn to Alfred. I need and answers to the questions in my head. Am so curious.

"Who is she, Alfred? ". I asked looking at the lady from head to toe.

"Oh... Her name is Yemi and she's your junior".

"Junior as how? ". Am so confused.
"As you can see, she's pregnant and the child in her is mine. The reason i said she's your junior is because you moved in first".

"What the hell are you talking about? ". I yelled.

"Exactly what you heard me say. Henceforth she'll be living with us. Move to the second room. If you can't stay then LEAVE!!! ". With that he left the sitting room.

A sly smile crept on the lady's face before leaving the parlor.

The second room is not even tiled, just a concrete floor. No way.. But where will I go?

The whole thing looks like a drama. It not possible. Maybe am in a dream.I pinched myself but I realise I wasn't dreaming. It reality. But wait..... What happened just now has happened before. OMG.... Karma!!!!!!

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