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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 34


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 34

Theme : The village Girl


I came out of the bathroom with a towel around my chest. It Sunday and I have a date with Samuel today.

I glance at the wall clock and it just 4:00pm. Gosh... It still far. What will I be doing before then? Justin barely stay at home this days. Always hanging out with Ella. I think he likes her though. Well who knows. He's a player.
My phone buzz and I walk to the drawer. "World best ". I smiled. I aborted the call and call her back.
"Hello, sweet mom".

"Tiwalade mi".

I smiled. "Yes mom".

"How are you doing? ".

"Am fine mom".

"How is Olamide and everybody? ".
"Mom, we're all fine".

"Thats good to know".

"How is everybody at home too and your business? ".

"We thank God o".

"I called Feyi yesterday but she did not pick up and haven't call back till now".

"Oh yeah, she put to bed yesterday"

I beamed with smile. "Wow, am so happy for her".

"Will you come for the naming ceremony? ".

I chuckled. "No ma. You don't expect me to come all the way to the village because of that.
She took a deep breathe.
"Tiwalade". She called softly.

I put it the call in loudspeaker and place it on my dressing table then sat on the stool. I dried my body with towel before applying my lotion.

"Tiwalade, are you there? ".

"Mo gbo yin, Miami(Mom,am listening)

"Am sorry for everything that happened in the pas......

"Mom, I told you it bygone already. Stop talking about it. You're taking it personal".

"Please dont punish me this way".
 She sniffed. "It been five years since I saw you last".

"Mom, I told you. Am coming in December. I never said am not coming. I will but that will be December. Atleast Olamide still came to the village few weeks ago".

"I miss you Tiwa......... And I love you".

"Mom, I love you too very much. You're irreplaceable in my life. I swear on my life, I don't have any grudge on you. Yes I can't deny the fact that I was mad at you for how you turn your back on me few years ago bit it bygone now".

"You'll come in December, right? ".
"Yes mom, I promise".

"Hmmmm. Alright take care of yourself".

"yes mom. You too. Bye".

"Ma? ".

"What of your husband? How is he now? ".

"He's fine".

"I heard he can talk now".
"Yes mom".

"Dont worry. He'll still walk. I believe strongly in that. I never stop praying for both of you "

"Mom, am getting a divorce? "
"What?!! ".

"Yeah. Am just waiting for the right time".

"But Tiwa. What do you think people will say? ".

"Say what? Who cares? Nobody was there when I was being maltreated. If it about the factory. Am planning to resign soon. To prove, am not a gold digger or anything.

I'll just go get a new job else where and relocate too. You know am not a gold digger and i'll never be. Am not the type that relay on people's wealth. No. ".

"Is that what you want?. ".

"yes mommy".

"I give you my full support. I won't repeat the same mistake again".

"Thanks mom, regards to everyone. Bye".

Am getting a divorce and thats it. I move ti my closet. "What should I wear now o". Okay.

I settled for a Black and white trouser and a black top with a red handkerchief and a channel purse.

Just as I finish dressing up. My phone rang and I reached for it. Mr Philips.

"Hello sir".

"Laura. Please check on Alex. He's sick....

"Right away, sir".

"Is she not here yet? ". I asked one of my maid.

"Not yet sir".

"You can go". I said sadly.

I told my mum to plan with Dad so they can trick Tiwa here, saying am sick. And I have been waiting.
Maybe she won't come. Am so sad.
 But wait... Seriously. Whats wrong with me?

The door bell rang breaking into my thought. It might be Tiwa.

The maid reached for it.

Just like I predicted. It was her. Clad in a black top, a handkerchief around her neck and wait. A trouser!.

Have never seen her in trouser and I must say she look good in it. It bring out her curves, she's endowed.Just a light makeup, her hair was packed in ponytail.

"Hey... Dad said you were sick".

"Ummm sick? I was not, am okay.. Why will he say that? ".

"Okay. Right then. How are you doing?".

"Am fine, you? ".

"Yeah am good".

My maid came and bowed. "Have set the table".

"Wow that's great. If you dont mind......... ". I said to Tiwa. Praying hard she agrees.

"Sure no problem".

Perfect.I almost screamed in joy. I push my wheel chair slowly towards the dinning.

She came to me. "Dont worry, i'll help you with that".

"Huh? Thank you". She push the wheel chair gently toward the dinning room.

The table was full of delectable meals and drinks. Just like I instructed the maids.

"Hope you like it? ". I asked.
"Huh? Me? Yeah yeah".

I watch her eat and I find myself admiring her. After the meal, I told her I needed fresh air so we went out of the house to the big compound. She push my wheel chair slowly.

What could be going on her mind?
"Alex? ".


"Do you know you can still walk? ".
"The doctor said so when I went for checkup, the last time".

"It will only come to pass, if you make a move".

"I don't believe in that".

"Common Alex, I believe you will".

"Is that a yes? ".

"A yes as how? ".

"I want to help you".

"How? ".

"You try to stand and you'll be doing that everyday".

"I can't Tiwa, I don't believe".
"Common Alex, please".

I shrugged. "Okay".

"Thank you.. Let me call one of your maid". "Juliet!!!! ".

Soon the maid came out. We went over to my deck where a large tree was in the middle.

And Together with Tiwa, they made me stand. Tiwa was by my left and the maid by my right.
"A step at a time, dont worry. We're holding you". Tiwa said.
We continued doing that, even though I was stressed out. I couldn't say we should stop. Seeing Tiwa holding me, makes me happy.

"Let's see maybe we can do it together alone". I said hopefully to Tiwa, maybe she'll agree.

"Okay". Thank God. The maid left. Making it, just Tiwa and I.

"Okay... One... Two.. Ready.. Yeap". Immediately Tiwa held me up and Boom!. We both fell beside eachother.

Our face was just inches apart. Staring at eachother's eyes. She's so beautiful. Why haven't I notice all this while. Why? She looked away and cleared her throat.

She sat up and help me sit too. "I think that will be okay for today. I'm going somewhere. Make sure you always practice everyday".

"I can always practice with you".
"I'll be traveling to New York tomorrow. Your Dad wants me too".

I suddenly felt very sad. "When will you be back? ". I asked before I could stop myself.

She stared at me for a while. "It just a week stuff and i'll be back".
"Oh okay".

"Promise you'll always practice".
"I promise".

She smiled at me and I returned the smile. Why the fuck did Dad have to send her to New York now.
Why? Why? Why? Geez..... But why am I feeling this way? Whats this feeling?.

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