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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 33


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 33

Theme : The village Girl


Samuel and i have been hanging out. We spend evenings together. He's very sweet. I had called him that we should go out but said he's busy.

Alex's mom called me and told me to rush to Alex's place since my place is closer to his. Actually his Dad gave Justin and I, a new apartment though the house is in Justin's name.

Alex's mom said she received a text from Alex saying Nora has left him and Basil is not his. And couldnt take it again, he's on wheelchair and dumb too. So he decides to end his life. I had to rush to his house immediately.

I sat on the bed with his mom while Alex sat on his wheelchair narrating everything about How Nora gave him a son that is not his and tried to kill him too. Including how the test result made him had the accident.

Mrs Philips took a deep breathe. "Your dad and I warned you....
"Where is my dad? Is he still mad at me? Thats why he did not bother to check on me? ".

"Don't sat that, Alex. Your dad was there throughout your stay in the hospital". I said.

"And why is he not here now?!! ". He half yelled.

"Alex calm down, please. He's been busy".

"Busy to check up on his only child? ".

I took a deep breathe. "Alex, focus on your health now. Please".

"Thank you so much Tiwalade.
You're a good wife". His mom said and I tried not to scoff. Wife indeed.

I pick my phone and dialed Sam's number.

"Hello.... Yeah... Yeah.. Okay.. Alright". I disconnected the call and face Alex and his mom who were staring closely at me. Whats up with the look?

"Umm..... Ma. I have to go now".
"But you just got here". Alex whined. Why is he acting this way?

"Umm. I was actually going somewhere when mom called".
"Yeah no problem dear. Thanks so much". Alex mom said and I hugged her, waved at Alex then left his house.

I couldn't get Tiwa off my mind. I wanna ask her and confirm whether she's really getting married. But does she realise we still married. Wait. Whats wrong with me? That's what I always wanted.

"Alex ". My mom called breaking into my thought. "Do you love Tiwa? ".

I was stunned for a while. "Love? ". I chuckled. "No, mom. You know I don't".

She sighed. "You've been in thought since she left. She's a hood girl, you know. Despite everything, she still stayed with you".
"Mom... ".

"Yes son".

"Is it true that Tiwa is getting married? ".

"Huh? Married ke? Where did you hear that from? ".

"Is it necessary, mom?. I just want the truth".

"I don't know, son".

"But mom, can she marry someone else when we're still legally married? ".

She shook her head. "No,she can't.Unless she divorce you".

"Divorce me?Mom, do you think she'll divorce me? ".

"Alex.hmmmm. Am your mother. Don't hide anything from me, you love her? ".

I huffed. "Mom... Sincerely I dont know. I just feel like...... Never mind.. Can you do me a favour? ".
"What favour? ".

"I need you and dad to do something for me, please".
"And whats that? ".

I crosscheck the files on my desk, making sure there's no error. It 6pm already and am still at work.
 I've been covering up for all the time I spent in the hospital.

I pick my phone and dialed Justin's number. Placing it on my ear. First ring, second ring, third ring and fourth.

"You always ruin nice moments. What is its this time, huh?. What the hell is this boy doing that is making him sound and breath this way?.

"Am done. Just called for you to come and pick me up".

"Am sorry but I dont think I can come. Am busy".

"Why can't you come? You were the one that made me leave my car at home".

"Am sorry about that, Big sis".

"What do you want me to do now? ".

"I dont know. Maybe a designated driver or something".

"Justin, wait. Where are you? ".

"At Ella's". Wow. Now I understand. Ella left very early today, after complaining she has fever. So this is the fever.

They've been hanging out lately. Justin is just after her body, thats all. "Are you there, Laura? ".

"Oh yeah yeah".

"What do you wanna do now? ".

"It you, I want. Please me".

"Seriously, I can't come. Am in the middle of something. It because of the love I have for you. That why I answered the call. If it were someone else. I won't pick".

"Am not gonna tell you that, it my.......

"Justin, what's keeping you? Am gonna leave the bathroom o! ". I heard Ella say from the other end interrupting Justin.

"So thats it, Justin...
"Love you sis, bye". He cut me off and aborted the call.

"Umm.. Who do I call now? Sam? Yeah sam. But he might be busy".
I stroll to his number and dialed it.
"Hey sam".

"Hi Tiwa".

"Can you please come over to my workplace".

"Sure babe. I was planning to take you for a date tonight".

"Wow, right then. I'll be waiting".

"Yeah......I.... L...Okay...I'll be with you shortly". With that he aborted the call and I smiled blushing at my phone.

Wait... Whats this feeling?.

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