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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 30


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 30

Theme : The village Girl


I woke up to the deafing sound coming from my phone. I searched the bed with my hand, not opening my eyes. For God sake. I just have the chance to sleep properly after weeks in the hospital and this person is disturbing me.

Alex was discharged four days ago and I took a leave from work. Sleeping the hell out of myself.
My hand finally touch my phone and I place it on my ear without checking the caller.

"Hello.... ".

"Hey beautiful ".

I smirked. "I knew it. If it not you then who will it be, Jerk".
"For God sake, Laura. You always complain".

"And why won't I complain? I finally got to sleep after weeks in hospital and here you are ruining my sleep, Asshole".

"Do you realise it past 2?".

I open my eyes, sat up and glance at the wall clock which reads 2:30."So? It doesn't matter, okay? Why did you call anyways? ".

"Arent that the first thing, you should've asked? ".

"I know you're a jerk that why I never bother".

"Laura!!...... Anyways did you got the delivery? ".

"What delivery? ".

"you see, you've been sleeping yourself out".

"Why dont you just talk? ".

"I got you a dress, am taking you out tonight".

"Me? And your chicks?? ".

"Common. It because you've been in the hospital lately. Thats why I wanna take you out and give you a treat".

"Alright, what time? ".

"Umm... Let's settle for 11pm".

"Jesus! Justin!! 11pm? For what?? ".

"Calm down, am going somewhere before then".

"11pm is too late. I need to rest, you know that. Let's settle for 9pm".

"Umm 9pm..... Okay no problem".
"Alright love you plenty, Big sis. Muah Muah".

"Mtcheew.. That stinking mouth, get out!! ".

With that I disconnected the call and proceeded to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and brought out a box of Milk. I took a glass and poured huge amount in it.

I settled on the stool and place the glass on the breakfast bar.

My maid walk in. "Good day, Ma".
I gulp my milk. "Did any delivery came in? ".
"Yes ma. An hour ago, ma".
"You're so clumsy. What if I did not ask you? ".
"Am sorry ma, you were sleeping when the delivery came and you've warned me not to disturb you and..........

"You talk too much Chidinma". I cut her off.

"Sorry ma, i'll be right back". She bowed and storm out of the kitchen.

I took my glass and took a gulp.
"Ma, here it is". I look up to see her with a box.

"Open it, lemme see".

She tore the cellotape and opened the box. She brought out a black short gown.
"Wow, Justin has good eyes. What do you think, Chi? ".
"Yes ma. It beautiful. There's still something in the box". She said and brought out a silver colour heels. "Wow, it so beautiful, Ma".
"Oh oh. I have this exact type. I brought it a month ago even though I haven't wore it. Thats why Justin doesn't know. Umm do you like it? ".

She was surprised as her eyes grew wide. "Ma? ".

"I mean do you like the shoe? ".

"Ye... Yea.. Yes ma. It beautiful".
"Then just keep it".

"Oh my God". She exclaimed jumping up. "Thank you so much, ma. May God keep blessing you".
"Amen dear, thanks".

"Umm.. Basil? ". I called softly.
"Yes mommy". He answered engrossed in what he was doing. Playing with his toy car.

"We'll be traveling out of Nigeria soon".

He stood up immediately and left what he was doing. He came to me. "Wow mommy, i'll get to travel? ".

"Yeah baby". I smiled at him.
"Wow finally, am so happy. With daddy, right? ".

I frowned but quickly covered it with a fake smile. "Yeah with daddy but not the daddy you know".

"Another daddy? ".

"Yes my prince".

He frowned. "But why mommy? ".
"Because the daddy here wants to kill us. He doesn't love you at all. He's the one that made the doctor inject you, so you'll be falling sick everytime. He's a very bad person".

"No mommy. My daddy loves me alot".

"Shut up, am your mother and I tell you what to do. So get it into your head now".

"Mommy please i dont want to leave my daddy, he loves me.....
I slapped him hard across the face and he fell down holding his cheek with tears in his eyes.
 "Mommy". He cried.

I left him and went to Alex room. His nanny just finish bathing him, he sat on his wheel chair.

"Mr Albert, can you excuse us for a while. I need to talk to him".
"Sure ma". He said bowed and left the room.

I approached Alex who stared at me with a murderous look. Ever since the day that Stupid Tiwa confronted me. I couldn't near Alex ward again.

Am scared she might beat me off and Alex has been sending me out of his room since he was discharged too. But today, I must talk to him.

I laughed out loud. "Haha haha... Stop looking at me that way. There's nothing you can do. You can't stand again and you can't even talk forever!!!! ". I burst into another laugh.

He groaned in anger. "Mmmmmhmm".

"You caused all this for yourself. You shouldn't have got Basil tested. Maybe you wouldn't have had an accident. Wait do you think I ever love you?". I scoffed. "I never love you not even for once in my life.

All I was after, is your Money. That why I stick to you and moreover you're a great sex mate. You're good in that aspect too. But now, you dont have any again. Both money and your d**k.

You're doomed. No family again. The girl you pushed away is now back. She has stole everything from you. Do you know the funniest part? She wanna divorce you and marry someone else". I lied and Alex gasped.

"Cover your mouth. Her wedding is in a month time. To cut the story short, am leaving with my son. I don't have any reason to stay with someone like you. Basil's father has made it big time. We'll be living in Luxury.

Wait do you even know his real dad? ". I chuckled. "The same guy, you saw years back at my house few years ago. That I lied he was my cousin. I actually told him, I can't give him the baby cos he's not rich enough and you were. That why he left angrily. But now everything is okay.

Wait... One more thing. I think you owe Tiwa. She saved your life. I prepared a poisoned food for you and brought it but she saved you. Now i dont have any reason to kill you again. It good to see you on the wheel chair, thats where you gonna die. You're dying bit by bit. Just so you know.

Because you have nobody!! You're doomed, Alex. You're doo....... ".

I was cut off with a loud thud as I fell down. I turn to see who pushed me.

"How dare you?!!!!! ".

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