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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 29


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 29

Theme : The village Girl


I woke up to the pungent smell of hospital disinfect, invading my nose. Everywhere is silent apart from my heavy breathing and the beep beep sound coming from the heart monitor that reads to indicate whether someone is alive.

I slowly opened my eyes, squinting in attempt to sharpen the blurred images before me. I felt a mask on my nose and I took my hands slowly to it and removed it. I glance around and took in the colour of hospital room.

How long has it been? I close my eyes slowly. What exactly happened? Wait... I was driving then a vehicle came out of nowhere. Geez.... Am still Alive. I did not die. But who brought me here?. My hand travel to my face and I press the throbbing area of my forehead. I flinched immediately because I felt a scar there.

I tried to sit but fell back on the bed. My body aches alot. I lay back waiting for the pain to go away or atleast reduce. Glancing around, I tried talking so I can at least call someone but I couldn't. How long have I been here?

I walked out of the bathroom then proceeded to where Alex is. It been 2 weeks since Alex had accident and is in Coma.

My whole body aches. I did not have a proper sleep throughout the night. I dont even go to work again. I stay here in the hospital with Alex and bath here too.

Actually his mom has been sleeping in the hospital. So after 4 days, I decide we should be taking shifts not untill last week. I started sleeping in the hospital.

I really pity his parent especially his mom. And Nora. I dont know the type of human she is. Ever since Alex was admitted, she came twice. The day he had the accident and the following day when she brought their son.

I dont know why am doing this though. Thinking of everything that had happened in the last. Am doing this because am human too and because of his signature. Yes, his signature nothing else.

I was almost at the door when a text came into my phone. Wow it from my immediate brother.

"Hey Big sis. Hope you had a nice night? How is your hubby? Sorry dear. I know you so worried about him but dont worry, He'll be fine. I assure you. I'll check on you later after work. Just text me incase there is anything you need. Love you. *kisses*

From your cute charming brother. Justin
I smiled and decide to text him back. I was so engrossed in what I was doing and I accidentally bumped into someone. And the warmer she was holding fell making the content spill.

"Am so sorry". I said immediately. Just as I was about to bend and help her up, she spoke up.

"Are you blind? ". She grumbled. Wait. I know that voice.

"You?!! ". We both said and smirked. I wanted to help her before. But not again. So I maintain my standing position.

"What have you done, Witch? ". She looks very angry.

"Arent you ashamed? Just coming after how many days? ". I smirked.
"Why are you flaring up over food? You and I know you dont know how to cook".

She raised her hand up to hit me and I held her hand immediately. Shock was written all over her face. She really think am still the old Tiwa.

"Dont dare Ugly Duckling. Cos I might cut off your hand if you do". A sly smile crept on my face.

She yanked her hand off and bent to take care of the mess on the tiled floor. She stood up again.
"And why are you still standing? You're suppose to clean this up".

I scoffed. "Really? ".I asked arching an eyebrow. "You expect me to stoop low and do this? Do you realise, Am Laura T Alex? The only wife of Alex Philips. Am not his mistress".

She chuckled. "Hahahahaa...... Can't stop laughing. He dont consider you as his wife. He watch me maltreat you. The whole world knows am the only one, he loves. He's my romeo and am his Juliet according to him.

I see you've grown wings. Really. You're nothing but a greedy human. Am gonna tell the whole world, what you've done. You charmed Alex parents, you made them turn their back on him and stole them. You became the CEO of Brights Foods.

I'll tell them, how you're planning to make your brother, the CEO of P-Links. You wanna take everything from him and that why you tried to kill him. You sent people to cut his brakes off, yo...........

I lost control and slapped her hard across the face. "How dare you?!!! ".

She held her cheeks with wide eyes. She raise her hand to slap me and i got hold of it immediately and gave her another slap. But a double round, this time around.

It a VIP ward, people hardly make use of here. But i dont give a fuck even if people are.

She curled her hand into a fist and aimed for me. Sorry Girl, I learn taekwondo in England. I block her punch and gave her a double kick.
 Making her fall.

"Come on get up. Get up and say more trash, you whore! ". I half yelled.

She whimpered in pain, my five fingers showed on her face.

I bent a bit, my face was just inches apart from hers. "Sorry Girl. We're in the hospital. That why I gave you the tip of an iceberg of what I brought from England for you. I'll advice you not to show up close to me else!!! ". I chuckled.

"You know what I mean. Deal with it". I winked then spat on her face.
 With that I entered Alex room.

I dropped my stuffs on the drawer. I heard a sound and I turn. He's awake. Oh my God. I rush to him and held his hand.
"Hey, you're awake". I smiled at him. He open his mouth but words did not come out. "Alex...... You can't talk for now".

He narrowed his eyes. I nodded and he look sober. "You dont have to worry. You'll be fine".

I heard the door squeak and I turn to see Nora looking at me. If looks could kill. I'll just die straight away. I chuckled at the design I made on her face. She came closer, towards Alex.

"Mmmmmhn". Alex groaned on the bed and I turn to him. He was glaring at Nora. He kept waving her off, a sign like she should leave.

Whats going on? She got to him and tried to touch him and he yanked her hands off. He faced me shaking his head vigorously. Whats going on? I dont understand. I look at him then to Nora and back at him again.

"Go away, Nora. He doesn't want to see you". I said to Nora and smirked.

"You liar, what have you done to my Alex". She half yelled.

Alex groaned shaking on the bed and the beep sound increased. I grab Nora's hand and drag her out of the room. Immediately we got out. I turn to her.

"Oh oh Juliet, what have you done? Your Romeo dont wanna see you". I let out a laugh and stuck my tongue at her then went back inside.

I move to Alex and he smiled at me. "I know what you wanna say, you wanna thank me, right? ".

He nodded and I held his hand. "Dont worry Alex. I won't allow her come near you, if you dont. Okay? ".

He nodded. "Let me go call the doctor, I need to inform him that you're awake and your parent, they're so worried. Will tell them to bring something for you to eat. Take care of yourself, okay?".

He nodded and I smiled at him before leaving the room. It so good to see him alive again. I was fucking scared.

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