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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 28


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 28

Theme : The village Girl


I move to the fridge, opened it to reveal different drinks. All from our factory. I pick a carton of Milky Mango drink and a straw. Closed the fridge then walk back to my desk. I opened the carton, put my straw and sip.

My phone buzzed and I glance to see the caller. AY .Our lastborn.
"Sweetheart, how you doing? ".

"am fine, big sis"

"I heard you guys are through with the semester exam yesterday, how was it? ".

"it was fine ma, i'll be going to the village tomorrow".

"Thats Great".

"you'll be coming, right? ".

"No till maybe December".
"what?! Are you trying to say youwon't come to the village till December and it even under probability?! ".

" well, you just repeated what I said".

" But why, Big sis?"

"Dont worry, Olamide is coming".

"I've miss you alot".

I chuckled. "Do you remember what you said years ago? 'Anty Tiwa, please marry the man. I want to go to university too' Remember? Yeah you're there now. You studying law in one of the best universities in Nigeria".
"Big sis, I was young when I said that. We've talked about this and I told you, am so sorry, please".

"Well I also told you, it bygone".

"Can I come over, then? ".

"No, just go to the village. I'll send you money. I mean, that's what you want".

I heard him sigh. "Am sorry".

"how many girlfriends, do you have? ".

"Huh? "

"You heard me clearly".

"why do you ask? ".

"Just wanna be sure on how many flirt we have in the family".

"I have seven girlfriends".

"Jesus!!! AY!! Seven?!! ".

"Yeah, whats wrong? ".

"you're joking, right? ".

"Nope I have seven girlfriends and one girl lover".

I chuckled. "You're crazy, you know, right? ".

He chuckled. "You said girlfriends. FRIEND. Not lover".

I smile and glance at my watch. "I have to go now. I'll send you 200k now, I need you to give 150 to Feyi and you can keep the rest for yourself".

I disconnected the call without giving him a chance to talk. I made the transactions and I was debited. A call came in from AY. I ignore and sipped my drink.

Come to think of it. I haven't eat lunch. Oh God, am so hungry now.
 I should go grab something to eat in the resturant.I'll just go with Ella. I stood up from the chair, move to the venetian blind and
whined it down.

I admired my office, it so beautiful. I can't still believe this me. The once maltreated village girl in her own office. A CEO...... I know quite well Mr Philips is waiting for Alex to come back to his sense so he can make him the CEO of his company.

Talking of Alex. He's grown more handsome though. I scoffed.

I move back to my desk and picked up an envelope then brought out the paper in it. Our divorce paper. All I need now is for Alex to sign.

The landline broke into my thought and I pick it and place it on my ear.

"Hello, this is Ella Leslie EL. Send a coffee in my office right now".

I was gobsmacked for a second. "You serious? ".

"Dont you understand, Moron? ".
"Do you know whom you're speaking with? ".

"Of course it Grace Jackson. GK".
I chuckled. This girl is crazy. "It the CEO Laura T Alex. LTA"
"what?! Do you know whom you're talking to? ".

What game is she playing. "No".
"Thank God! ".

With that, she disconnects the call.
"Ella!!!!! ". I screamed and the door flung open.

"Umm ma'am. Sorry I never knew, it was you. Really. I dont".

I sighed placing a finger on my
forehead. "Two grave mistakes in a day. Sure, i'll be able to cope with you, now? ".

"Ma? Sorry... I swear it was a mistake. Am so sorry please..... ". She pleaded putting her palms together.

I don't know why but I like this girl though she's clumsy.
"I won't spare you next time, just go".

"Thank you ma". She bowed and left. My phone rang out and I pick it up. Dad.

"Hello Dad, how you? "

"Alex had an accident". He cried into the phone.

"What?! Whe.... When... Where are you? ".

"Glitters Hospital".

I hung up immediately. I was trembling seriously. I pick my bag and threw my phone inside then hurried out of the office.

"Are you okay, ma'am? ". Ella asked immediately I stepped out.
"Take care of the office". Was all I said as I ran downstairs and took the elevator. In a flash I was in the hospital.

Straight to the emergency ward. I move to the reception, I know locating where they are, will be easy. Everyone knows Mr Philips.
"Ummm excuse me please, which floor is Mr Philips son admitted?.
"Which Mr Philips? Dont he have a name? ". One of the nurse replied rudely. I dont have time for shits.

"Mr Philips, the owner of Bright foods and P-Links please. Alex Philips is the patient name".

"oh yeah, third floor ma. VIP emergency ward". Am now ma, just because they heard Mr Philips name. I rushed into the elevator. Third floor direct.

In a jiffy, I was in the third floor. I sighted Mr Philips and his wife pacing around and a lady too. Her face came in view. Nora. I smirked. She saw me and her eyes roamed my body. She looked at me with daggers in her eyes.
Bastard. Am not here for you.

"Laura". Mrs Philips rushed to me crying. "My son must not die". She cried

I hugged her tight. "Alex will not die".

We pace around praying hard. Nora kept sending daggers with her eyes. We sighted a doctor coming out and we rush to him.
"Good day, doctor". Mr Philips greeted.
"Good day, sir".

"Please, we're looking for Alex Philips, we were informed that he was admitted here".

"Oh yeah, thats correct. Mr Philips, right? ".

"Yes, we are his parent". Mrs Philips said.

"He was involved in a ghastly accident".

I fell down on the floor. No No. Nothing must happen to him. It was as if, I was thrown in ice water. The way I was started shivering.

"Yeeee!!! My enemies are at it o..... My only child". Mrs Philips shouted and started wailing. She move to Nora. "What did you do to my son?!!! ".

"Madam, please this is a hospital ma". The doctor said then Mrs Philips left Nora but not without pushing her and she fell close to me.

"Why dont you follow me to my office, Mr Philips. Where we can talk". The doctor said.

Everywhere was getting blur, my eyelids was getting heavy and before I could say a word.Everywhere went blank.
Mr Philips

"Please have a seat". The doctor said gesturing me to one of the two office chair in front of his desk.

I took the seat. "Doctor, go straight to point. That boy is my only child".

"Well sir, he survived the accident but there is something else....... ".
"And what is that? ".
"Ummm. He will have to be in wheelchair. I doubt if he can walk again. He might but only by miracle".
"No...... No this is not happening to my son. I'll just fly him out"
"Sir it not advisable to fly him out, at least for now. Because of his health. One more thing Mr Philips. His voice...... Ummm he can't speak".

"What?!!!!!!!!!! ".

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