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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 27


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 27

Theme : The village Girl


"Miss Ella, I won't take it next time you do such".

"Am so sorry Ma, I really am.... I never knew he was Mr Philips son".

"Does that matter? Do you have to be rude to anybody? ".

"Am sorry Ma, it won't repeat itself".

"Better not allow it repeat itself".

"I promise Ma".

"You may take your leave".

"Thank you ma". She stood up and
went out and Olamide entered.
"Oh My God! Beautiful Sis... Who is that girl? See her shape... Remember that Baddo song, waist tiny like London road Backer big like Dubai road. Damn that babe is fucking hot". He said naughtily as he settled in the chair, Alex sat a while ago.

I rolled my eyes and focus on my system."it too early to early to flirt, Olamide".

"Common, who wouldn't look twice at that girl. She's gat all in the right place and mind you, It Justin not Olamide".

"You just grew up to be a jerk".
"Oh common please. Am not a jerk. Am only appreciating thy lord's work".

"Why are you here, Justin? ". I asked not sparing him a glance, just focus on my system.

"Oh yeah, it lunch time so I came to pick you up".

I checked my time and it really Lunch time. I chuckled. "Looks like you've not gotten any chick. This one you came all the way from P-Links to this place".

"Can't I be a caring brother again? You should know quite well, girls are the one rushing me. Three ladies ask me out for lunch, that why I escaped and came to you".

"They're not beautiful, I guess".
"Exactly, they're not fine at all. To my standards. But fortunately, luckily and thankfully, I've caught a big fish. And I swear, I won't give up till she's mine".

"And who is that big fish? ".

"The lady that just left here, of course".

"Olamide or whatever your name is, dont flirt with my secretary".
"Wow. She's your secretary? Thank Goodness. You see how God works in a miraculous way, right? ".
"Olamide!!! ".
"Yes Lau...... ". I look up at him and he grinned. "Sister Laura". He corrected.

"Why are you being like this? We're in the office na. Can't we just skip this sister laura of a thing?! Stop acting like a village girl ".

"Oh please please, am still a village girl".

"Oh Pelee..... Village Queen".
I shook my head. "Olamide,Can you just go? First of all, you've spent 10 minutes driving from the company to this place. Secondly, you've spent almost 30 minutes disturbing me. Your lunch time will soon be over".

"I almost forgot. Mrs Laura, I met your husband in the elevator, he dont even recognize me at all. So I just ignored too".

"Point of correction. My ex husband".

"You're still married to him".
"Olamide, can't you just stop, please". I said shutting my laptop off.

"I will stop after asking you few questions and you'll answer sincerely. Deal? ".

God. What sort of brother is this. "Okay sir, go ahead".

"Yeah thats right". He rubbed his hands together and leaned forward. "First of all, why was your husband here? ".

"He came to say Hi".

"Wow that so romantic. Love in Tokyo. Did you guys kissed? ".

"But why? For how long are you going to keep this grudge? ".

I frowned. "Olamide, I seriously dont like where this is going".

"Okay am sorry. So sorry. One last question. Please".

"Go ahead".

"Do you love him cos I remember, you did not date anybody in England despite all the guys coming for you".

I took a deep breathe. "I dont love him. Why should I love someone who made my life hell? And just so you know, I did not date anybody because am still married to him".

"But you can always cheat on him, if at all you dont love him. Am I wrong? Cos I remember he cheated on you too and had a child".

"You can go now please".

"Okay, I won't argue further. Mind me taking your secretary out for lunch? ". He winked.

"Dont flirt with my secretary".

"Duhhh..... I love you big sis.
Byeee". With that he blew me a kiss and left.

Such a naughty boy. My lips curve in a smile. I love him so much.

I kept my hand in the steering wheel. Lots on my mind. First, I couldn't still believe Tiwa could do this to me. It baffled me alot. Secondly, I kept stealing glance at the envelope laying on the chair beside me. It contain Basil test result.

Am so scared to open it. What if Basil is not my son? It bothers me alot. Am a man, am not suppose to be scared, Right?.

I kept one hand on the steering and use the other to pick the paper up. I brought it out of the envelope and kept it on the steering wheel and opened it.

My eyes grew wide. What?!! Basil is SS. How come? I made a sharp turn into a lonely road, my eyes stroll through the paper. What??!! My blood doesn't match with his. Basil is not mine. I crushed the paper.

I slammed my hands on the steering wheel angrily. I was driving very fast. The car maintained 180km\hr but I dont give a fuck. My grip on the steering wheel became tighter and I hit my hand occasionally on it.
Damn it.......


How could you?!!!!...


What have I done?!!!!

How could you!!!!!

Tears started ti gush out of my eyes and I couldnt hold it in, so I just allow it to fall freely.

I heard the sound of car. It came out of nowhere. And before I could stop myself. I lost control of my car and our cars crashed.

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