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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 26


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 26

Theme : The village Girl


I entered the factory. Wow. It been five good, i mean bad years since I stepped in here but here I am.

"Wow, who do we have here? If not Alex Philips. The only child of Mr Philips himself". I turn to see Fiona. Lewis ex wife coming towards me.

"Hi Fiona". I smiled at her.

"Will you ever get old? ".
"Oh Fiona, please dont whine me".
"Seriously am not, you're looking handsome as ever".

"Thank you so much Fiona ".

"Heading to the factory office? ".
"Ummm yeah".

"Okay, am also heading there".
With that, we both walk together going to the office.

"Here to see your ex wife, I guess".
"Tiwa is not my ex wife, we're still married".

"Oh please Alex, you never wanted to be called that. So why now? Because she's now educated and classic? ".

"Trust me, I regretted everything that happened between us, that why I want to go and ask for her forgiveness".

"Oh really.... Didnt you realize when you were hurting and maltreating her, huh? ".

Fiona is not gonna stop now. Gosh. "Tell me Fiona, how is you and Lewis? ".

"That your whore of friend. Imagine him threatening me,that he'll take me to court to claim his son. He must be crazy".

We entered the factory's office.
"Common Fiona, you caused it. Am not taking sides here but trust me 50% is your fault. You keep restricting him from seeing his son".

"Oh really, 50% was my fault, right? I caught Lewis times without number sleeping with ladies on our matrimonial bed. He impregnated my maid, though the girl aborted it but it doesn't still change the fact that he slept and impregnated her. I dont want my son to take that from him.
Moreover I dont blame you though. I dont expect you to support me. You're bird of the same feathers. Only Rotimi is different".

"Did Nora ever told you I cheated on her? ".

"She's not your wife. You have Nora maltreat Tiwa times without number and.....

"Please Fiona. Just stop please". With that, i left her and proceeded upstairs where the CEO's is located.

My heart kept beating fast and I wondered why. It still the same Tiwa.

"Good Afternoon". I greeted the secretary who was chewing gum loudly. She look up then face the system back. What the hell! I bet she's new here. How could she be so rude to me! I dont blame her though, Lots of new employees have been employed.

"Sorry Umm... Am here to see the CEO". I added.

"Do you have an appointment with her? ". She asked not sparing me a glance.

"No.. I don't...

"Then why are you here? ". That was rude. How dare her cut me off that way?!!.

"Do you know who I am?! How dare you speak rudely to me?!! ".
"Oh sorry. Mr somebody. Of course I recognize you. You're one of the men on N1000 note". My eyes grew wide. I was so shocked. What sort of insult is this.

"Listen, I won't watch you speak to me that way". I yelled angrily.
"Don't you dare yell at me! Who are you to just enter here and start barking like a dog. Because you manage to borrow a second hand trouser and shirt.

You think you can just walk in here and start blabbering. I dont blame you, I blame the securities who allowed a dog in. You must be very stupid to yell at me".

"What". I was gobsmacked.
The door of the CEO's office opened and someone walked out. Wow. What the..... It Tiwa. My wife. She's looking so beautiful and classic in a short handless gown revealing her shape. She had a golden bangle on her wrist and a golden colour necklace.
She's on a golden colour heels. She look so beautiful in them. Right from time, she has sense of fashion. A very good taste. Her beautiful shoulder length curly hair is so attractive, she has light makeup and a lip gloss on her lips. It made her lips look so tempting. She had a ring on her nose too. Wait is this the village girl, I got married to?.

"What's going on here? ". She ask looking at her secretary before looking at me. She looked away from me back to her secretary.

"It this man here, he just entered the office and started blabbering".
The secretary replied glaring at me.

"Do you realise you're talking to Mr Philips only child? ". Tiwa said sternly. The secretary had a shock look all over her.

I walk pass Tiwa and entered the office. I settled in one of the two chairs in front of her desk.

She walk in, picked the AC remote and changed the temperature, then she settled in the CEO's chair.
"That girl need to be fired! She spoke rudely to me and......

"Please, I dont like it when people yell around me. I so much dislike it. And mind you, you don't have any right to dictate what I should do".

I freezed and stared at her with wide eyes. Her accent is so strong and her voice is bossy.
"Okay sorry about that Tiwalade
"It Laura". She corrected.

"Sorry Laura, I......
"Mrs Laura".

Wow she still knows we're married.

"Sorry Mrs Laura, I just got the information few days ago that you're back. I mean it five years, how have you been? You just left and kept me worrying. I was so scared and.........

"As you can see, am fine". She cut me off again.

"Yeah you're perfectly fine and it good to see you again Tiwa......
"Mr Alex, keep it formal".

"Sorry Mrs Laura, you know am not use to this".

She took a deep breathe. "Mr Alex, can you make it quick? I dont have time for chitchats. Just so you know. I just resumed, I have alot to do".

"That's true, I just wanna tell you that am so sorry about every......

"Why are you being sorry? ".

"Huh? Because of everything that happe........

"It bygone ".

"Yeah but I still felt I should apologize for eve......

"Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick...... ". She cut me off pointing at the wall clock.

"Sorry for wasting your time. If you dont mind. Can we go out tonight? I mean like eat out? I mean no harm".

"First of all Mr Alex, if you wanna have chitchats with me then it shouldn't be work hours and secondly..... You're a married man. You have a wife and a kid, so why should we eat out together? ".


"Mr Alex, do you take corrections at all? I just told you to keep it formal. Were you a dullard at school? How come you finish from oxford? ".

I gulped. "You're my wife".

She chuckled. "I use to be, Point of correction".

"Tiwa... Sorry Laura. I mean Mrs Laura.....

"Thanks for the time wasted but you can now take your leave". She gestured pointing at the door.

"Tiw.... Lau.... Mrs... Mrs Laura ". I stuttered.

"Respect yourself please. I dont think you'll like me to call securities on you".

I stood up in shame, I couldn't even look at her.

"Make sure, you lock the door please".

I walk out of the office slowly. My whole life, I've never felt shame like this. Am so ashamed. I almost tripped on the stairs but I was quick enough.

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