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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 25


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 25

Theme : The village Girl


Ladies and gentlemens. You all have been asking who is Laura? Who is she? Where is Tiwa? I can't read the story if Tiwa is not there again o. Well first of all. Mr Philips has only one child and thats Alex. First puzzle solved.

Ladies and gentlemens. Am happy to tell you this, Our Tiwa has been here with us since episode 22. Laura is Tiwa Christian Name and Justin is Olamide Christian Name.
Someone can nor play with you guys small ni . If I say unknown POV you'll all know the person. So I hope you enjoy this little trick of mine. Authoress Khalee

Rotimi and I exchanged looks. "Who is Laura? ".

"Your wife. Tiwalade. She's back. I was there but she doesnt seem to recognize Fiona and i".

I leaned forward immediately. "What do you mean Tiwalade is back and she's the new CEO? ".

"That's what I saw".

"Does that mean, my Dad knew where she was the whole time? ".

"Exactly Alex.You need to see her looking very hot".

"Wait, are you kidding right now? ".

"Of course not. I saw her myself, I swear. You need to see her looking very classic, even her accent has changed. According to the rumors,she studied in England and not just that, she had one year experience in the company your Dad has shares with. Whats the name again ooo..... Royal Company".

I was suddenly sweating. Tiwa is alive. Tiwa is alive. My phone buzzed and I glance to see Basil's Mom. Yes she's not LOML again. Have changed it.

Hello, Basil has started again o.

You heard me clearly, be fast and bring money. So I can take him to the hospital
Okay, i'll be with you.

"Whats up? ". Rotimi asked immediately Nora disconnected the call.

"It Basil again".

"Are you sure that boy is not a sickler". Lewis asked. For Christ sake, that boy can't be a sickler. Nora is As and am AA.

"Thats what I just told him, you need to get a test done".

I nodded, pick my car key and left the bar without saying bye to my friends. I had lots on my mind.How come Tiwa is back as the CEO and Basil, could it be true? Thats he's not my son. I feel like my head is gonna explode, I need answers.

"Laura, won't you go and say hi to Alex? ". Justin asked chewing a gum busy on his phone. Probably flirting with girls again..
"Why do you have to bring that up now? "..
"Am just saying.....

"Then you should stop saying".

"Laura, you know quite well. His parent sent us to school and took us like their kids. You can....

"Then we're their children".

"We are not. Our parents is in the Village"..

"Olamide, can't you just stop".
"It Justin please"
I rolled my eyes. "We're not in England again".

"Don't call me that, We're not in England. Am your elder sister, three years older than you. Behave yourself".

"Seriously...... Is this because I talked about Alex? But you can't run away from the fact that you're still married to him".

"Get out of my room, Olamide.... ". I said pointing at the door. "It was a mistake opening the door for you in the first place".

"E don reach like that? ". He asked in pidgin.

I maintained my angry face. "Get the hell out of my room".

"Okay okay, sorry ". With that he stood up and tried to carry the French fries.

"And what the hell, do you think you're doing, huh? ".

"Shuuuu.... I was the one that brought it na. Why can't I carry it again".

"I dont care".

"Okay o, please eat everything including the bowl. Mind you, am going to the villa this weekend". I ignored him and he left the room.
I locked the door behind then move to the full length mirror, where I stripped. I stared at my naked body. I touched a burn on my stomach. I can never forget it, I got it on the day I mistakenly scorch Nora's dress and she use the iron to burn me.

I move to the wardrobe where I brought my towel out. I tied it around me then move to the door. I opened to look out whether i'll see any maid.

"Hey". I called out to a maid going downstairs.

She turned and came to me. "Madam Laura". She bowed.
"Are you doing anything right now? ".

"No madam".

"Okay, I need you to help prepare my bath water".

"Sure Ma, right away". With that I entered the room and she followed suite. I sat on the bed while she went into the bathroom.
Soon she came out. "Am done, Ma".

"Oh right, thank you so much".

"Anything you want me to help with, Ma? ".

"Ummm, not at all... Okay just go tell Dad, I'll be with him shortly.

He had told me to give feedback on my first day at work.

The maid left the room and i locked the door. Ever since the incidents between Nora and I, that she always barge in. I always make sure to lock my door.

I entered the bathroom, placed my towel on the basin, covered my hair with net and got in the bathtub soaking myself.

Lots has happened over the years. It been five good years since I ran from Alex's house. It was Mr Philips plan. He told me to leave the house and I lodged in a hotel because Alex might come to their place.

I was surprised when I saw Mrs Philips with him. She asked for my forgiveness again and I told her, I have forgiven her already. Then they took me to the village.

I was shocked when they made the reason why they made me escape known. They wanted me to continue my education. I was so happy and same with my family. Since my immediate brother was through with secondary school.
They sent both of us abroad and took us like their own children. We never lacked anything. And here we are today, all thanks to Mr Philips and his wife. He won't stop amazing me. Imagine him, making me the CEO of his Factory.

I stood by the dressing mirror and adjusted my shirt. Am putting on a neat well ironed white and a blue jean trouser. I had my hair barb the previous day. I made sure I sprayed a fine perfume on my shirt and trouser.

I dont know why am doing this, all because am going to see Tiwa but I find myself doing it.I feel so nervous. Today is the D-day, am going to Basil test result and check my wife in the factory. Yes she's my wife. Only her. We're legally married..

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