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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 24


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 24

Theme : The village Girl


The bodyguards opened the door for Justin and I. And we step out with Dad who was in another car.

I removed my black eye glass and place it inside my handbag which one of the guards collected. Am dress in a short sleeveless black gown, which I had a light black jacket on.

Dad held my hand and we entered the elevator together. Soon we landed on the third floor and we came out.

"Good morning sir, welcome sir, welcome ma'am". Were the greetings we received.

My stiletto kept making click clack sounds as I catwalked after Dad upstairs. Justin came to my side. He's dressed in suit and fine brogues. He look so decent and charming.

"You did not enter the elevator with us". Dad said.

"Yeah I was checking ou........
"Babes". I cut him off.

"Laura, whats up with you and this babes everytime. I'll soon start talking about yours now". He whined.

I rolled my eyes. "You know quite well, am not a flirt".

"But am not a flirt too, can't I admire girls in peace again? ".
"Only when you dont have Joyce".
"Listen, I can't cheat on Joyce".

"Alright kids, Are you ready? ".
 Dad intercept checking his wristwatch.

"Yes Dad". Justin said. "But let me adjust my tie a bit".

"Dad, he can't adjust any tie, I know Justin. He's just trying to open one of his button so girls can drool over him".

"For Christ sake, Laura". Justin said looking at me.

"Am not lying, remember we're in Nigeria. You can't open your shirt anyhow at work
Get that into your head". I said sternly.

"Yeah she's right, Justin. Put yourself together and dont flirt around. I have lots of pretty employees here but mostly at the factory". Dad added.

"Wow.... Dad, can I join the Factory? I dont wanna work here in the company, please"

"Justin, the last time I checked, you studied business. Why do you wanna go to the factory now? ". I asked as we climb another stairs going up. Wait Dad just said "Are we ready? ". As if we're close. This company is so big.

"We can always switch. Since you studied Food science ". He replied.

Dad kept looking at his watch
He had scheduled the meeting at 9am and it already 8:56am. For Christ sake, he's the owner of the company.

"Am not gonna switch with you".

"Then you should go ahead and eat that".

"Listen, I did not force you to read business in school, so don't go nagging at me".

"Dad, arent we close yet? ". Justin asked.

"Almost, We'll soon be there". He replied.

"After the introduction, am following you to the factory". Justin winked at me.

"Just shut the fuck up".

"Here we are, kids". Dad said and one of the guards opened the door.

It actually a big office. With plenty chairs like 20 around a big table. It was round. I brushed my curly wig to one side. It actually covered half of my face.

"Good morning sir". Everyone greeted standing up.

"Morning to you all". Dad replied and settled in a reserved seat which I guess it the CEO's.

I found a vacant seat beside a lady. Only to see Justin opposite me.
 Grinning at me while I just smirked.

"Once again, Good morning ladies and gentlemen, This meeting involve both Bright Foods and P Links that why you all are here. I'll be introducing the new members after a brief discussion with you".

Dad went on discussing about some stuffs concerning his factory and the company. Two people kept stealing glance at me. They look familiar. I try to remember where I knew them from but I dont seem to have any clue.

I looked opposite me and saw Justin flirting with a girl. Oh God.. He won't change. Someone nudge me by the arm and I turn to see the person. It was the lady beside me. She motioned me to look at Dad direction and I did. He gestured me to stand and I did. Justin was already standing.

"So like I said, Justin will be joining in the marketing department of P Links and Laura here is the new CEO of Bright Foods. Oh My God!

Everyone applauded and we soon finish with the meeting.

Rotimi and I sat at a corner in the bar. Lewis had called for us to meet.

"Why do you think, Nora is cheating on you". Rotimi asked pouring himself a glass of wine.

"Lots of things has changed between us".

"Right from time, I warned you about Nora but you were blinded by stupid love".

I sighed. "I really wish I could change everything now. This not the type of home, I prayed for. My house is always on fire everyday. I've done lots of shits to Tiwa. I really wanna see her. I need her forgiveness".

"Uptill now, No news about her? ".
"Nothing at all, No news. I dont know.... Umm...I need your help, Rotimi".

"My help? In what way? ".

"Am seriously broke. I need money, Basil is sick again". I said with drooping shoulders.
"Common Man, we're friends. How much are we talking about here? ".


Rotimi eyes grew wide. "What?!! N30,000? God..... I can't believe this Alex. A whole you..... Mr Philips Only Child. N30,000 is not even up to my maid's salary. Has it gotten to this.... Nora has sucked you.... For God sake... I warned you.. I told you....

"Rotimi please please. Am not here for you to make jest of me. Are you helping me or not? ". I cut him off angrily.

"Sorry Man, I seriously mean no harm. I'll give it to you. I'll make the transfer right away".

"Thanks Rotimi, I really appreciate".

"It nothing, we're friends. Umm Alex, there is something bothering me. Don't you think Basil is a sickler? ".

"Common Rotimi. It not Possible. Am AA and Nora is AS. So it not possible".

"Have you ever take him to hospital for test? ".

"Huh? No.... Not at all. It always Nora that take him. She never allows me to".

"Take him to hospital, trust me".

"Do you think Basil is my son, for real? ". I asked with trembling voice.

"No No No... Thats the last thing, you wanna hear. Not at all, am just saying you should get him teste.......

"Whats up Niggas". Lewis interuppted. We shook hands and he took a seat.

"Why did you call for this emergency meeting? you know Taiwo is sick". Rotimi asked.

"Sorry about that Bro. I shouldn't have call you, if only you weren't absent from work today". Lewis said.

"So what happened today? ".

"I have two news, good and bad. Which one should I say first? ".

"Good". I replied

"Bright Food now has a new CEO".

"What?!! ".

"That's not the problem here. The problem is Laura is the new CEO".

"What?!!!!!!!!! ".

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