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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 23


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 23

Theme : The village Girl


"Basil, how do you feel now? ". I asked covering him with blanket.
"Am getting better, Just the cold". He said in his little voice.

"It okay son, you'll be fine".

"Daddy, I hope mom won't complain when she comes back? ".

"Not at all, she understand you're sick and want to rest here".

"Alright Daddy".

I huffed and held his hand."Basil? ".

"Yes Daddy".

"Can you stop getting sick, please for my sake".

"Am sorry daddy, I dont like to get sick too". He said with tears welled up in his eyes.

"Hey come on Basil, boys dont cry". I said and cleaned the tears that fell on his cheek.

"So tell me Basil, how was yesterday's exam? ".

"It was fine daddy. I made sure I answered all the questions".
I smiled. "Thats my boy".

"But daddy, Charles finished before me". He said sadly.

"Listen Basil, it doesn't matter who submits first. The most important thing is that you should make sure, you answer all your questions before submitting even if you're gonna be the last".

"Verily, Daddy? ".

"Yes son, it doesn't matter.
Moreover I trust you son. You always make sure you top the class".

"Daddy, where will I spend my holiday?".

"Your holiday? "..

He nodded. "Yes daddy, my uncle in school said, we'll be writing an essay on how we spent our holiday".

"Oh that! You dont have to travel to write that. You can always write it if you dont travel. Moreover, he doesn't expect a five year old boy to write essay".

"No Daddy, I want to travel then".
"Listen Basil. You know the state of your health. You can't be travelling around. You can get sick again".

He whimpered and burst into tears. I quickly sat on the bed and carried him on my lap.

"What happened Basil? Why are you crying all of a sudden? ".

"Dad, is it true am a sickler? ".

I was stunned by that. "Why will you say such, Basil? ".

"My friends say am a sickler and that why am getting sick everytime".

"Of course not, you're not a stickler. You're perfectly okay".

"No Daddy, am not fine. Am a stickler. You dont just want to say it".

"Let me go get you milk". I drop him on the bed and left the room.
I dont know how else to convince him. Basil is just too stubborn".


I stepped out of the car majestically. I adjusted my sun glasses. Wow Home sweet Home. My Nigeria.My smile was as big as a sun

It just to good to be back in Nigeria.

Justin came out of the car too. He's looking very hot. He had three of the button of his shirt opened revealing his broad chest.

He has fine abs. More of the reason girls drool over him. But all through our stay in England.
He has only one girlfriend, Joyce. Who he loves dearly.He's so committed to her untill recent.
He's always flirting with girls now.

"Wow, my kids are back!! ". Mom exclaimed as she came out of the house. She rushed to me and threw me in a big hug. Dad came out too and hugged Justin.

"I've missed you so much laura". Mom said and pecked me.
"I miss you so much too, Mom". I returned the smile.

Dad switched with Mom."My princess, it so good to have you in Nigeria".

We sat in the dinning room eating. The table was full of different delicacies and drinks.

"Justin, tell me, how is England". Mom smiled at Justin.

"Yeah yeah. England is fine".

"Laura, how was your stay there? School and work? ".

"It was fun, mom. Schooling in England is just the vest. I really enjoyed my stay there and my one year experience at Royal company". I said and munched my chicken lap. It so delicious.

"Yeah trust me, that one year was fun. We were treated like royal people. Anyways, I guess it because Dad is a shareholder there. I dont still understand why he had to work our transfer back". Justin said with a frown.

"Common Son. I have Factory and Company here too. That I want you guys to manage. Though you can always GI back to Royal Co. thats if Alex come back to his senses". Dad said and drank water from his glass.

"Talking about older brother, Alex. How is he? His wife and son? ". Justin said chewing something in his mouth.

"Well, he should be fine. I guess. And mind you, tiwa is the only wife he has". Dad said while I just focus on my meal enjoyinevery bit of it".

"Tiwa is the only wife, yet he dont give a fuck about her. He doesn't even know whether she's alive or dead. I only pity the poor girl".

"So tell me more about life in England". Mom changed the topic.
"Oh yeah.. I made lots of friends. It so fun". Justin grinned.

"Dont forget to add Joyce". I said and sipped my mango drink.
Justin rolled his eyes. Mom smiled. "Who is Joyce? ".

"His girlfriend ". I grinned at Justin who glare at me.

"Wow, is she a white girl? ". Dad asked.

"Of course not. She's a black girl. From Guinea".

"Just stop Laura, I can talk". Justin said and drank from his glass.

"Oh yeah, you can. But you wanted to hide it". I said and stuck my tongue at her.

"Am not hiding it. I dont have any reason to hide Joyce".

"So kids, tomorrow is Monday. You'll be resuming work". Dad said.

"No way, Dad. We just got back". Justin whined.

"It doesn't matter, you can rest all day but you're resuming tomorrow". Dad added.

"Laura, mom... Say something for Christ sake. We just got back from a long journey. A week is not too much to rest please".

I shrugged. "I dont see anything wrong in it. Why dont you just say the real reason, you dont want to resume".

"Laura stop, the only reason is because of the journey. Thats all".
"Of course not, you wanna go flirt with girls"

"Laura.... Stop being a dic........ ". He paused immediately he realised what he almost said. I stick out my tongue at him while he glare. Dad and Mom just laughed.

"Enough Tom and Jerry, let cheer". Mom said.

"Yeah that's right". Justin said and reached for the bottle of Grape wine on the table. He opened it making it make a pop sound bad few gas came out of it. He filled our classes and we raised it up.

"To love and unity". Justin said.

We made the toast and drink from our glass. Justin winked at me and I smirked.

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