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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 22


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 22

Theme : The village Girl


Five years later......


It been five years since Tiwa went missing. Nobody knows her whereabout.

It has cause a big problem between me and my family. My Dad cut all ties with me.

And since I lost my job years back,Am so broke. If not for my Mom that do help me fiancially at times and i cant even ask her everytime for money, because of shame.Things isnt fine between Nora and I. She has made my life hell. Is always trouble here and there
I dont even like her again talkless of love. All the maids has resigned because of how she made their life miserable. There is no single bodyguard again because my dad withdrew all of them. I regret everything so much right now. All I wish and pray for right now is to see Tiwa again and ask for forgiveness but nobody knows whether she's still alive or not.

Over the years, Basil is always sick. He's so lean. But I must always provide money for Nora to take care of him. She has never allow me to take him to the hospital for once.

"Hey.... I need money to fix my hair". Nora said walking towards me with a towel around her.

"Nora, you know I dont have any money on me right now. So please, just leave".

"See how miserable your life has become over the years. Imagine you a whole Mr Philips Only Child.
 Broke like this.. Gosh! You irritate me so much". She said and spat on the floor.

"Listen Nora, dont talk to me that way. I lost my job and family because of you...

"Oh just shut up! Shut the fuck up! I lost my job and family because of you". She mimicked. "Did I beg you to?! Didnt I warn you years back when you made that stupid decision? Huh. The only thing that pains me right now is my job that I quit. Stop using me as excuse for your misfortune! ". She yelled cutting me off.

"Nora, what happened between us? You just changed over the years, why? ".

"You never told me, you'll ever go broke like this. I mean wretched".
"But it all because of you and Basil". I yelled angrily.

"Stop yelling at me. How is it because of Basil and I?Huh? ".

"You keep spending lavishly and your son sickness keep sucking too".

"See the trash, you're saying from that gutter of yours, that you call mouth. How could you be so stupid to waste everything your Dad gave you? You got fired even though the company belongs to you".

"Nora, it happened because of you! ".

"Shut the crap! I've warned you to stop using me as an excuse". With that she stormed out of the room.
Ever since I lost my Job years ago, she sent me out of the room because according to her, am a bad luck.

So I moved back to my matrimonial bedroom which I once shared with Tiwa. I wish she's still here with me. Am so sorry, Tiwa. For everything.

Minutes later........

I entered the kitchen praying hard, that I should get something to eat. I opened each pot and finally found jollof rice in one. It look very hot with the steam coming out. Even though the aroma is nothing to write home about. Nora is the worst cook have ever seen.

I dished the food in a plate and move to the dinning room where Nora sat with Basil eating.

I sat on a chair and placed my food on the dinning table. I took a spoon, it was so dirty. Gosh. I cleaned with a serviette. I took it into the rice and it carried some amount. Just as I was about to put it in my mouth.

"Dont you have any shame at all?".
"Nora please, for God sake". I pleaded and took the spoon, just close to my lips.

"You dont have any shame at all, Alex".

I clenched my teeth. I ignored her and took the spoon into my mouth. I spat it back in my plate immediately. "What the hell is this, Nora?! ".

"Meaning?! ".

"You know what am talking about, this food is too salty, Nora".
"I knew it! You're an ungrateful animal! I left a portion for you and you still have the guts to complain, huh? ". She scoffed.

"I will never complain, If at all there's nothing wrong with the food. You've been feeding me with nonsense for years now!!. Either it too salty, pepperish or too much of seasonings!! ". Why is my life so messed up. God.....

"Basil darling, how is the food? ". Nora turned to Basil.

"It delicious Mommy, I love it". He smiled while I just shook my head.

"Why won't it be delicious in your mouth. When your mom has been feeding you with this rubbish! She call food for years!".

"It not your fault, Alex. Kill me if I cook for you in this house again". She said angrily.

"You know what, Nora.... I think y.......

"Daddy,Cold is catching me". Basil interrupted shivering.

Not again. The boy is sick again. I dont have any money on me.

I woke up to the sound of my phone. Geez.... Who is calling by this time. I reached for my phone and rubbed my eyes. I glance at the screen. "Dad".

"Hello Dad". I said into the phone and yawned.

"Hello sweetheart, were you sleeping? ".

"Yeah I was before your call woke me".

" Oh sorry princess.. Am sorry about that".

" yeah.. No problem. How is you and your wife ? ".

"We're both fine, how is work? ".

"Fine daddy, it fine".

"ummm.... I just work your transfer to Nigeria".

" But why Dad? Do you think is alright if I come home now? Alex doesn't even know about me. How is he gonna take it? ".

"Listen sweetie, you have nothing to worry about. He's not working with me again".

"But Dad.... I dont want him to see me like I stole everything from him".

" of course not dear, you did not steal anything from him. He's incompetent. So I see no wrong in my daughter taking over".

" Okay daddy... I'll think about it".
"No laura, you're not thinking about it. You have to come back next week atleast".

" Dad....... ".

"Yes Laura.... Please".

"Okay Dad.... I love you so much".
"Love you too,my princess".

"Alright daddy... Take care of yourself. Bye.. *kisses*

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