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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 20


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 20

Theme : The village Girl


"You mean you quit?! ". My friends chorused in shock.

"Yeah I did, Dad told me to choose between the company and I chose Nora and i'll do that. Over and over again.I'll show him, I can do without him. I made my choice and I dont regret it".

"What you did is totally wrong! You disrespected your father, because of a woman! ". Rotimi yelled in annoyance.

"Yeah, have always been in support but Sincerely, i'll tell you the truth. What you did is totally wrong". Lewis added and I gulped down my drink.

We sat in the VIP in a bar. Lewis had called to let us meet here when they discovered I did not come to work.

"You can say all you want but am not gonna heed to your advises". I said and sipped my wine. "How is your wife anyways? ".

"Oh yeah she's fine. Travelled to her hometown yesterday". Rotimi replied. "Am missing her and my little boy Ryan already".

Lewis and I chuckled at Rotimi as he stared at his wife and son's picture in his phone.

"You see Rotimi, I need you and Alex to write some tips for me. You've had experience with pregnant woman before. It not funny at home again". Lewis said and sighed.

We laughed. "Really man... ".

"Seriously Fiona wants to kill me with stress. Could you believe she woke me up around 1am two days ago, because she wants to eat Jollof Rice. I told her it late, I was just too tired. Maybe I can just cook noodles then she burst into tears".

Rotimi and I couldn't help but chuckle.

"We have lots of maids so it made it easier for me. But lots of time, I have to stay up and watch Nora sleep, gosh".

"I remember when Taiwo said was pregnant then. She said she wants to eat fried chicken. So I wanted to go get from resturant but she said No. That she wants home made.
I have never bought live chicken before, I only buy frozen chickens and I prefer it like that because it is less stressful but I had to go to the poultry that day.

My wife was with our maid when she slaughtered it and she came to me crying. That our maid just killed an innocent soul, I was like"it just a chicken" but No. She burst out crying the more. I was so surprised. But I was still able to calm her.

When the maid boiled and fryed it, she brought it to her and she was like she can't eat an innocent soul. I thought it was all joke untill she took a bite and vomited everything". Rotimi said and we laughed out.

My phone buzzed. It a message from Nora.

"Basil has develop fever".

"Guys, I think I have to go home now, Basil is sick". I said sadly.

"Sick again? He just recovered last week. How come again? ". Rotimi asked.

"Seriously guys I dont know, the boy is always sick. For God sake, he's too young".

"Dont worry bro. He'll be fine. It already 9pm, let's call it a day". Lewis said and we gulp down our drink, shook hands and left for our house.

"Whats wrong with you Basil? You're scaring Mom and Dad". I said to my baby boy clinging him in my arm.

I just got in minutes ago and met Nora cuddling him. I wonder why though because she hardly does that. She make the maids especially Tiwa do it.

"Where is Tiwa anyways, am not sure I saw her yesterday".

"Oh Tiwa, I dont know. The maids said she left the house with a bag yesterday".

"What?!! She did what?!". I fierce and stared at her with wide eyes and raised eyebrows.

"Yeah she left since yesterday morning". Nora shrugged.

"And you did not mention it to me".

"Why should I? It always something we wanted".

"It doesn't matter dear, you should've inform me at least. Where did she left to anyways?".
"How do you expect me to know when the maids does not? ".

I narrowed my eyes. "What?!! ". I dropped Basil who has slept on the bed and reached for my phone then place a call to my dad. Not like I care but I just want to know where she is.

"Why did you call? ". I heard him asked. We haven't talk since the last time.

"ummm... I just want to ask maybe Tiwa is with you or her parent. Dont get it wrong, I dont care at all. Just wanna be sure"

"What do you mean? ".

"she left since two days now".

"what?! And you're just calling. She's not here, hold on let me call her parents".

Seven minutes later.

"Tiwa is missing. She's not at home. They dont know where she is. Haaa Alex!! What did you do to her?!! ".

I gasped, my phone fell off and I place my palm over my mouth. No it not possible. No way....

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