Audio Boyfriend Prologue



Audio Boyfriend Prologue

By Rejoice Jeremiah. C

Park Sara is an unfortunate Designer who spends all her day working without her handwork
being purchased in the very way she wants.
She became so frustrated and just want to die!
Her father illness was taking all her savings and she had just little or nothing left.
The hospital is threatening to stop his treatment and get him out if payment isn't completed
in time.
Sara have no idea what to do. It seems like it's her destiny not to be successful in any way.
Life is strongly hard for her in a very ugly and mean way.

The story begins from Love Hospital where Sara's father is being treated with less attention.
Sara walks out of the hospital in tears and on her way, she bumped into someone, that
person turned out to be the very hot Jasmin Taylor, (the young business tycoon) who had
been away from South korea for fifteen years.
Well, Sara had no idea who the person she had bumped into was but she knew he would
certainly be very rich due to his dressing and the securities that followed behind him.
"Biàneyo," she apologized and walked away but a goung girl rushed over to her and
stretched a camera to her. The young girl had taken two pictures of the very moments when
she bumped into the hot Jasmin.
Those two pictures became a help and a trouble to Park Sara in this novel.

"It feel really silly, but I will do it, it's just for a little while and I'll be able to get so many
customers. I will make a lot of money in no time and pay father's hospital bill so those
doctors won't have the guts to talk so mannerless. Once I've done that, I will stop whatever it
is that I started," she assured herself, calmed her nerves with a chilled glass of water and
then got to work.
On her blog, her instagram page, her twitter page, her Youtube page and her Facebook
page, she proceeded to type.
Awwwwn... After fifteen years of missing my bestfriend, He's finally back not as
my best friend anymore but as my boyfriend. I missed you so much Jasmin. Thank you for

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