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Audio Boyfriend - Episode 5


Audio Boyfriend - Episode 5

By Rejoice Jeremiah. C 

[Previously on Audio Boyfriend]

"Hello," I said.
"hello, is this Park Sara?"
Immediately, I remembered the voice. It's Jasmin's.
I gasped and looked at Ha nah who looked curious.
"Ye yes it's Park Sara." I answered as my heart began beating.
"Are you free tomorrow?" he asked.
Uh? Why's he asking that?
"I..I'm -" I didn't know what to say.
"Do I need to ask you anyway, you caused this for me."
"I was supposed to have an interview alone tomorrow but now we are going to be two
because of what you did! This is crazy!!
Get ready tomorrow morning, someone would pick you up. You are going to the interview
with me,...as my girlfriend."
The phone fell off my hand.

[Teetee's shop, Thailand
Will you be free by 8 tonight?" he asked.
My heart flustered.
"Yes, I will." I said.
"I'm finally having free time tonight so what if we meet at a quiet restaurant?" he said.
I smiled. "Of course you have my yes."
Alright then. I will come by your shop by 8 to pick you up." he said.
"Alright. I'll be expecting you." I said.
The call dropped.
I smiled.
'He's finally going to ask me out., to be his girlfriend.'
I couldn't stop my smiling face.

[Love Hospital, Seoul]
Once I entered the hospital hallway, I wore the tinted eyeglass and lowered my head.
I hope no one notice that I'm Park Sara - the Thailand superstar so called girlfriend.
I finally made it to my dad's ward and entered.
I removed the glasses, walked over, squatted and took his hand.
"How are you doing dad?" I asked.
"You should hear this. There's a good news.. An angel paid half of your bill so all I need to
bring is the other half and once it's brought. You will be treated nicely and get up in no time."
I said.
"I promise to bring the half in no time, I promise dad. There's bad news also but don't worry
about it. I will solve it myself." I said then sighed. "Actually dad, tomorrow I'm going to be a
few hours actress. I don't have to detail everything to you. I will be fine acting it. I will."
I smiled and stood up. "Dad, I have to go see the doctor. I will be back okay.." I said and with
that, I walked out.
Soon, I got to the doctor's office and went in.
He looked up from his computer.
"Hello Park Sara, how are you doing?" he said with an unusual expression.
He seem rather happy to see me. Why?
Must be because half of the bill has been paid.
"Hello Doctor," I bowed.
"Please get a seat." he said.
Did he just say, 'please?
What's suddenly wrong?
Anyways, I sat down on the guest chair, facing him.
He smiled. "Have you seen your father?"
"Yes I have. I just came to plead with you to give me more time to bring the remaining half
bill. Also I want to plead with you, to begin a main treatment to my father. I promise to bring
the money by next week." I said.
He smiled. "You have no problem with that Park Sara. Your father will be taken care of from
onwards. You can complete the money anytime you feel like." he said.
I raised my brows in astonishment. "Why?"
He smiled. "Your boyfriend is Jasmin Taylor. That's the reason why."
"What?" I said.
"I can't believe you could be this lucky to be a superstar's girlfriend. You both were even
friends were you were young. Wonderful." he said.
I swallowed.
two hours later.
I got home, walked into my room and fell straight on the bed.
"Goodness.. What's happening to mee! I'm really going crazy! Is this really what it means to
be a girlfriend to a celebrity?"
I slapped my forehead.
"Arghhh it's not even like I'm a real girlfriend.. Fake, fake fake! I'm going nuts."
If I had shared that video then I wondered what that doctor would have told me instead.
And the interview tomorrow.
Arghhsh I wish tomorrow never comes!
What I'm I supposed to do!
I have to do this.
But wait! Why didn't he just share the record. Let me share the video and then I won't have
to be at the interview pretending to be his girlfriend.
Why did he decide to make me do that.
Argh.. I'm going nuts.

[A restaurant in Thailand
"He's handsome and amazing." he said.
"King you are talking like some lady." I said.
He smiled. "Yeah, you are the reason why I'm talking this way."
"What do you mean King?" I asked.
"You see Teetee, Jasmin loves you. He's the right man for you. Accept his love for you Tee
and you won't regret it."
"I can't love you like you want Tee. I take you as my sister. I'm not the right man for you.
Jasmin is the right man for you Tee."
I dropped my spoon and stood up, "excuse me King." I said and walked away to the
Once I got into one of the restrooms, I walked over to the sink, turned it on and washed my
"I could have threw up if he kept talking." I said, looking at the mirror.
"I can't believe he could say that to me. I'm going back to let him know that I don't Care if
he's the right man or not, that I want us to date. I don't want Jasmin!"
I wiped my hands with a tissue, threw the tissue in the trashbin and walked out.
I got to our table and King wasn't there anymore.
I saw a piece of paper on the table. I picked it and read.
Im sorry Tee, something came up. I have to leave. Take care of yourself💬
"Hello miss, you don't need to wait for him." A lady said behind me.
I turned and she was sitting alone on a table with cans of beers. She look drunk.
"Pardon?" I said.
She shook her head and gulped down a beer.
"Men are all the same.. Really. Once you left to the restroom, he left with a lady." she said.
My heart went cold as a sharp pain went through me.
"What, he left with a lady?" I asked.
"Yes. You don't need to worry about men. Being alone is better than managing those
scumbags. Men are all perverts." she said and gulped down another can of beer.
I grabbed my bag and stormed out of the restaurant, got into my car and bursted into tears.

Hours Later
(At Teetee's residence)
Sitting crossed legs on my bedroom floor with four empty cans of beer and three more to
drink and one already half drank in my hand.
I gulped down the remaining half and opened the next one.
“You see Teetee, Jasmin loves you. He's the right man for you. Accept his love for you Tee
and you won't regret it”
I recalled his words and a tear dropped down my eyes. I wiped it off and gulped down the
“I can't love you like you want Tee. I take you as my sister. I'm not the right man for you.
Jasmin is the right man for you Tee.”
I gulped down the beer, my eyes were getting heavy and my head was starting to spin.
“Hello miss, you don't need to wait for him. Men are all the same.. Really. Once you left to
the restroom, he left with a lady”
I wiped the next tear that dropped.
'I'm I going to give up on him? He doesn't love me. He doesn't.
“I can't love you like you want Tee. I take you as my sister. I'm not the right man for you.
Jasmin is the right man for you Tee.”
'Jasmin had loved me for years but I've ignored and refused his love for me while waiting for
King who doesn't even feel any single thing for me. And Jasmin, he still love me.
It's right.. King can't be the right man for me. Now I understand. Jasmin is.
I opened the next beer and gulped.
I picked my phone, my vision was blur but I was able to make a call to Jasmin.
He picked up at the second ring.
"Hello J, when are you coming back?" I said.
"Tee, why are you up this late? Are you okay?" he asked.
I sniffled. "I'm fine J.. Just tell me when you are coming back to Thailand."
"Your voice doesn't sound okay." he said.
"I suddenly had cold, I will be fine in no time." I lied.
oh, alright. Well it should be the next day after the Blacknight show. Are you missing me
this much huh?"
I smiled. "Yes I am."
"Uhm just bear it for few more days. You can right?"
"I think I can." I said.
"Alright. Then, can you go to sleep now?" he asked.
"I will." I said.
"Goodnight Tee," he said.
"Goodnight." I said and the call dropped. I dropped the phone and gulped the beer.
"He's amazing. King was right" I said.
[Written by Rejoice Jeremiah☑]

[Jasmin's residence, Seoul]
I got out of the bed and switched on the bedroom lights.
I slide into my flipflops and walked out..
I walked downstairs, turned on the lights and went to the kitchen, turned on the kitchen light
and walked to the refrigerator.
I opened it and took out a water jug and glass cup. I poured water into the glass and drank.
Dropped the glass in the sink and the jug back into the refrigerator, closed it and walked out
after turning off the lights.
I walked back upstairs and lay back on the bed after turning off the lights and leaving the
bedside lamp on.
'Teetee is the reason why Im going to do this.
To stop my love for her, I need to do something and that thing is trying to love someone else.
To make her see that I can live without her being my girlfriend. That I can date someone else
apart from her?
I'm going to try loving someone else and Park Sara is the person I'm going to try this with.
I've refused to tell Williams or T.A the reason why I'm making such decision.
Williams is still mad about it.
T. A is speechless.
This is like a secret and if I want anyone to know about it, then it should be my mom.
I would call her tomorrow after the interview.

(Next Day)
[Sara's residence]
The continuous ringing of the doorbell woke me up from sleep.
I rubbed my eyes and sat up from the bed.
"Argh I hope it's not those press. I have no strength to answer stupid questions this
morning." I grumbled, slide into my slippers and walked out to the door, I unlocked the door,
opened it and fear gripped me when I saw Mr Williams standing at the door.
"Goo..goodmorning Mr Williams," I bowed.
"Come with me please." he said.
"What? Where?" I asked then it hit me.
I was going to act some drama today. The interview with Jasmin.
Argh how could I forget after few hours of sleep but why so early?
"You have a work to do today. It's crazy. I wish I could stop this maniacality about to happen
but I painful as it is, I cant." he said.
"But... Isn't it too early?" I asked.
"The interview begins by 12:30pm but there are things that needs to be done on you and you
have to go through things necessary to say there. Do you even have to be tutored on that. A
con artist knows what to do in every place she finds herself." he said.
I inhaled.
'He calls me a con artist but Jasmin didn't.
"Can I at least change my pajamas and take my phone?" I asked.
"You can but waste no time." he said and walked back to the car. I closed the door and
walked back to my room to change my wears.
I put a call to Ha nah and she picked up.
"Hello Ha nah."
Sara. How are you doing?"
"I think I'm not going to be fine. That man is here to take me to Jasmin for the interview. Take
care of the shop OK." I said.
"Oh.. This is really scary. Please be careful Sara. I'm so worried about you." she said.
"I will try to be fine. I have to go now. Bye." I said and dropped the call, flung my phone to the
bed and opened my wardrobe.
"What cloth do I wear now? Am I not even going to take a bathe? What about brushing? And
What did he mean by there are things that needs to be done on me?"
I finally picked up a red gown and wore, pulled my feet into a flat shoes, picked up my phone
and walked out.
I locked my door and walked over to the car. I opened it and walked into the backseat.
I can't sit near this aggressive man.
He ignited the car and zoomed off.
"I didn't take my bathe nor brush either." I said. I couldn't hide such things.
"Don't worry about that. Everything you need is there for you." he said.
I exhaled.


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